"everyone brakes their rules the only obsticle to this is time"

taking place 1 month after the events of arkham city the game starts with bruse wayne sufering from flashbacks of joker during the events of arkham city. you hear word that polce forces transfering criminals from arkham city to the new arkham asylum. you investigate and are attacked by a mysterious man. after giving you an arosole you suffer from delusions of joker murdering everyone in gotham. you then escape and discover ra's al ghul is alive and has been killing the police officers. the remaining time of the game involves taking down multiple major villans being captured and finnaly taking down ra's al ghul and then actualing murdering him but only because you know it will end in your death. you survive but are slowly dying and clayface has been resurected by an explosion of the lazarus pit batman caused to kill him and ra's al ghul. you sacrifice yourself to kill the final gotham villan not in custody. the creditss are robin watching over the electrified cells at the new arkham asylum.


  • its highly possible that the mysterious man is scarecrow due to his clothing and he has a phsyce by his side.
  • its odd how the only character thats voice actor thats changed is jim gordans who is now voiced by tommy lee jones
  • its highly hinted that jim gordan realises that his daughter is oracle.
  • man-bat is often displayed as being the opposite of batman.
  • its been hinted a dlc involving the mystery man and robin will occur very soon
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