Batman:Wrath of the Bat is scheduled for release on Janurary 1st,2013. This will mark the first time that Batman is not portrayed by Christian Bale.


Kevin Spacey as Batman-The caped crusader. He is nearly killed by the Joker while trying to stop one of his crimes. He is nursed back to health by Lucius Fox

Keith David as Lucius Fox- Batman's closest confidante. He nurses him back to health. He is also held hostage by the Joker but he kicks the Joker in the groin and makes his escape.

Costys Mandylor as the Joker- Real name is Jack Napier. He was once a hired gun for Edmund Gung but was thrown into a vat of chemical acids after outliving his usefulness thus making him the clown prince of crime.

Maggie Ma as Ramona Feng- A drug trafficker for the triads and Joker's loyal henchwoman. She is a chinese version of Harley Quinn. She gets into a fight with Batman and is present when Joker and his goons storm Arkham Asylum.

Steve Harvey as Joker's muay thai goon-A goon who is dressed up in typical Muay Thai Gear. he first apears when the Joker storms Arkham Asylum and helps him release Jervis Tetch.

Tom Felton as Jervis Tetch- The mad hatter AKA Jervis Tetch he attempts to use his mind controlled hats to make batman his soldier but eventually Batman breaks through his mind control and convinces him to turn straight. He is nearly killed by Ramona Feng for his betrayal.

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