Batman: Arkham Apocalypse is a fictional sequel to Arkham City. The game's story is loosely based on Batman: Cataclysm and No-Man's Land.


Arkham Apocalypse plays very similarly to its predecessor. It combines the use of silent takedowns and gadgets to defeat armed assailants and hand-to-hand combat. Batman is armed with a variety of gadgets. To start out, he has  the Batarang, Grappel Gun, Explosive Gel and REC. However, by completing side missions and leveling up, Batman can earn new gadgets and upgrades. Batman can also learn new attacks as the game progresses by gaining XP through fighting, using combo attacks, completing steath sections, etc.

Along the way, Batman will encounter enemies from his rogues gallery. Some appear in side missions and others are bosses in the main story. Each boss must be defeated in a different way, such as Firefly can only be defeated by using the Grapnel Boost takedown, Killer Croc must be administered electric shocks to stun him enough to attack, or  Bane must be crushed to weaken him before attacking.

Batman must also solve crimes using Detective Mode to track down villains, gather evidence, find weaknesses in his enemies and take them down.



Arkham Apocalypse has a variety of Dowloadable content;

Robin Bundle Pack

The Robin pack provides the player with Robin as a playable character for the Riddler Traps and a story mode which is intertwined with that of the main campaign. Robin comes with several seperate skins to wear as well; the Red Robin costume, the Animated costume, and the 1970's costume. (Parts in italics in the plot section are the Robin Missions).

Batman Bundle Pack

The Batman pack provides the Player with several alternate skins; The Red Son Batsuit, the 1970's Batsuit, the the Animated Series Batsuit, the Owlsuit, the Batman Beyond Batsuit, the Dark Knight Returns Batsuit, the Nolanverse Batsuit and the Wrathsuit.

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