Air Date

October 18, 2015


Bruce Wayne was a young billionaire, all was well until his parents death. Next thing he knows he fell into a well. After training all of his life he decides to take the name of his most feared, Batman. Now as Arkham Asylum destroyed villains have escaped and it's up to the caped cruiser.......and his new sidekick Robin.


Coming 2015!


  • Ryan Gossling-Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Logan Lerman-Dick Grayson/Robin
  • Joesph Gordon Levitt-Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Daniel Radcliff- Jason Todd/Robin ||
  • Emma Stone-Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
  • Brittany Murphey-Batwoman
  • Kate Beckinsale-Catwoman
  • Jensen Ackles-Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Johnny Depp-The Joker
  • Helena Bonham Carter-Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  • Brad Pitt-Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  • Bradley Cooper-The Flash/Barry Allen
  • Viggo Mortenson-Ra's al Ghul
  • Ron Pearlman-Mr. Freeze
  • Will Smith-Lucius Fox
  • Angelina Jolie-Talia 'Al Ghul
  • Dwayne Johson-Bane
  • Amy Adams-Poison Ivy
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman-The Penguin
  • Deadshot-Colin Farrell
  • Vin Diesel-Firefly
  • Kevin Grevioux-Killer Croc
  • Harrison Ford-David Kane
  • Guy Pearce-The Riddler
  • Edward Norton-Victor Zsasz
  • Matt Damon-The Mad Hatter
  • Zachary Gordon-Young Bruce
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