Batman: Knights of of Gotham was a 2013 animated series based on the DC comic book hero Batman. The series is set in Gotham City and ran for three seasons. Its run ended in 2016. The series was animated by the anime company Production I.G.


KOG is based around the team of Batman and Robin, with help from other members of the Bat Family:


  • BATMAN (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) is the central character of the series. Throughout season one, Batman has to deal with the fact that he failed to save Jason Todd.
  • ROBIN (voiced by Troy Baker) is the alter ego of Tim Drake, who must prove that he is a worthy replacement to the deceased Jason Todd.
  • NIGHTWING (voiced by Rino Romano)  was Robin before Jason. He helped to train Tim, and harbors a deep hatred for Joker, who shot his girlfriend (Oracle).
  • ORACLE (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) was Batgirl before Joker shot her through the spine. She is still a valued member of the team though, and acts as Batman's information broker. Oracle is Nightwing's girlfriend.
  • ALFRED (voiced by Alastair Duncan)  is the loyal butler of Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman. He raised Wayne and keeps the Batcave in perfect running order.
  • THE RED HOOD (Jensen Ackles) is an old alter-ego of the man who would become the Joker. Jason Todd took up the mantle when he was revived by Ra's al Ghul, hoping that Todd would be the heir that Batman wouldn't.


  • JOKER (John DiMaggio)) is Batman's nemesis and the man who, among countless other atrocities, crippled Oracle and murdered Jason Todd. He delights in causing Batman pain, both physically and emotionally.
  • HARLEY QUINN (Arleen Sorkin) was once a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. When she met the Joker, he charmed her into letting him go free with her as his sidekick. She believes that she loves him, and that he reciprocates the feeling.
  • RA'S AL GHUL (Dee Bradley Baker) is the immortal leader of the League of Assassins. He believes Batman is the perfect heir to his throne, and wants the Dark Knight to lead the league upon his death.
  • THE PENGUIN (Nolan North) is a notorious gang leader and producer of illicit goods. He runs a weapons factory beneath his club, the Iceberg Lounge. Penguin uses a variety of trick umbrellas to fight his opponents.
  • THE RIDDLER (Robert Englund) is an old enemy of Batman who loves to leave clues and conundrums at the scenes of his crimes. Riddler kills his victims through elaborate traps that test their intellect.
  • SOLOMON GRUNDY (Corey Burton) was once a small time criminal named Cyrus Gold, who escaped from the law into a swamp area. He fell into a mud-filled lazarus pit, and was revived as an undead monster. Grundy cannot remember his past, only the rhyme "Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday".
  • SCARECROW (Dino Andrade) is the codename for Jonathan Crane's (the head psychoanalyst at Arkham Asylum) experiment into fear. He created a fear toxin that allows him to manipulate his victims through their nightmares. 
  • KILLER MOTH (Jeff Glen Bennett) dreams of inspiring the same instinctual fear as Batman or Killer Croc. Using his technical expertise, he built himself a flight suit. However, nobody considers him to be a serious threat.
  • FIREFLY (Mark Rolston) is a dangerous pyromaniac who was raised in the slums of Gotham City. He was often beaten up by local bullies, and dreams of burning the place where he grew up to the ground.
  • POISON IVY (Vanessa Marshall) was a genius botanist experimenting with a plant-based cure to her incurable disease. It cured her, but also converted her into a plant-like organism. Ivy has since begun a war on the "Meatsacks"
  • BANE (Steve Blum) was born in the Santa Prisca prison, where he was used as a lab-rat for the super-steroid VENOM. It gave Bane incredible strength and durability. He escaped, and joined the League of Assassins. Ra's al Ghul tasked him with defeating Batman, in return for making Bane his heir.
  • CATWOMAN (Katherine von Till) was once a poor girl, born in the slums. At a young age, she took to thievery and eventually became a professional cat burglar. Catwoman occasionally acts as an informant for Batman, and the two have a friendship of sorts.
  • DEADSHOT (Jim Meskimen) is a master marksman who never misses. He can hit anything from any range using any weapon. Deadshot also wields two arm-mounted machine guns and has a personal hatred for Batman, who is the only target he has ever missed.
  • MR FREEZE (Maurice LaMarche) is a genius scientist whose wife was dying of a terminal disease. While desperately trying to create a cure, Freeze was injured in a lab accident that caused him to be unable to survive above sub-zero temparatures.
  • HUSH (Bruce Greenwood) was once a friend of Bruce Wayne's, who attempted to kill his parents in order to control their fortune. When Bruce's father managed to save Hush's mother, Hush orchestrated the murder of Bruce's parents. He has returned to Gotham after a decade abroad in order to wreak vengeance on Bruce, who he knows to be Batman.

Minor Characters

  • Jim Gordon (David Kaye) is the chief of police in Gotham City. He becomes Commissioner in season 3. Jim Gordon is Oracle's father and has vowed to bring the Joker to justice for what he did to her.
  • Goons (Fred Tatasciore) are the henchmen of the major players in Gotham City.
  • Assassins (Tara Strong, Nolan North) are the men and women of the League of Assassins.

Character Designs


Season One:

Episode Number Episode Name
001 The Joke's on You (Part One)
Batman attempts to save Robin (Jason Todd) from the Joker, but ultimately fails. Will Batman finally kill his arch-enemy?
002 The Joke's on You (Part Two)
A new Robin, Tim Drake, saves Batman from the Joker, and tries to prove himself worthy of being the next Robin to the Dark Knight and Nightwing.
003 Head of the Demon

After a series of assassinations, Batman and Robin hunt down Ra's al Ghul, the Head of the Demon and master of the League of assassins.

004 Penguin Enterprises

When Batman and Robin storm one of the Penguins weapon factories, they are accosted by the Police. The Dynamic Duo must stop the Penguin while evading the Law.

005 Riddle Me This
A series of muders, through the use of elaborate traps and puzzles, are commited  with question marks left at the crime scenes. Then Batman recieves the call; "Riddle me this, Batman."
006 Born On a Monday
A group of Policemen try to arrest the pengin, but he stops them with an enormous monster that cannot die. When the Dynamic Duo investigate, they find a horror, long since dead.

Codename: Scarecrow

Jonathan Crane, head psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, is determined to discover the true nature of fear. He kidnaps Batman and infuses him with his fear toxin to study his effects of criminals. Robin and Nightwing must rescue their mentor.
008 Too Hot to Handle
Tired of being looked at like a constant joke, Killer Moth recruits the new guy to the town: Firefly. But as their partnership prgresses, Moth realises he may have picked up something that is too hot to handle.
009 Green Fingers
A mysterious plague is spreading through Gotham, only affecting the men. When Superman attacks Gotham, Batman, Robin and Nightwing must save him from Poison Ivy.
010 Bane (Part One)
A new criminal arrives in Gotham City: the mysterious Bane. He hunts down Batman and breaks his spine in front of the criminals of Blackgate. Can Batman defeat his powerful new foe? And just who is he working for?
011 Bane (Part Two)
Bane has defeated Batman and taken over Gotham. After several months of healing, Batman returns with a new Power Suit to defeat Bane, once and for all.


  • At the end of Head of the Demon, the mysterious figure Ra's talks to is Bane.
  • Harvey Dent was going to appear as an ally to Batman in this seaosn and would become Two-Face in season two, but was cut.
  • After the events of Codename: Scarecrow, Hugo Strange takes over as head psychiatrist of Arkham Asylum.
  • Bane is killed by the League of Assassins for failing to defeat Batman.

Season Two

Episode Number Episode Name
012 Kill the Cat
After the Penguin catches catwoman stealing from his vault, he places a bounty on her head. The master assassin Deadshot answers the call, and the Cat must go to the Bat for help.
013 Cold War
Blaming Batman for the death of his wife, Mr Freeze plants a tracking device on the Dark Knight during a fight. He disables the Batcaves defences and storms Batman's HQ.
014 Seeing Red

A new player in the Gotham criminal underworld appears: The Red Hood. Using skills that match those of Batman, the Red Hood hunts down the Joker and forces him to ask the Dynamic Duo for help.

015 The Demon Trials

Ra's al Ghul re-emerges from the woodwork and kidnaps Nightwing. He forces Batman to undertake the Demon Trials and join the League of Assassins.

016 Married on a Wednesday
Solomon Grundy returns from the grave and kidnaps Oracle, planning on making her his bride. Nightwing asks Batman and Robin for help rescuing her.
017 Light it Up
Buildings in Gotham are mysteriously burning down. Recognising the MO of Firefly, Batman and Robin hunt down the crazed Pyromaniac before he can hurt anyone else.


Having been imprisoned in Arkham Asylum after his last encounter with Batman and Robin, the Scarecrow is released by one of the Warders. He escapes into the sewers and plans to poison the Gotham water supply with his fear toxin.
019 Gotham Sirens
Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy band together to commit crimes. Are Batman, Robin and Nightwing a match for them?
020 Silence is Golden (Part One)
Doctor Thomas Elliott, an old friend of Bruce Wayne's, returns to Gotham after decades abroad. Suddenly, Batman's rogues gallery organises into a fighting force with a mysterious leader.
021 Silence is Golden (Part Two)
As the crime rate rises with the Criminal's new leader, the Red Hood reveals himself to Batman, and Bruce discovers death is never truly the end. The leader of the Rogue's Gallery is revealed, which forces the Dark Knight to decide whether he can truly trust anyone.
022 Silence is Golden (Part Three)
The entire Bat Family has to confront Hush's army of Arkham inmates in his fortress on Arkham Island. Batman recruits the Red Hood and Catwoman to help, and the Dark Knight must face his toughest challenge yet.


  • Hugo Strange was originally going to be the anatagonist of the season finale. Ultimately, he was replaced by Hush. The season finale would have been the story of Arkham City.
  • Huntress was going to make her first appearance in this season, along with Two-Face. However, I couldn't find a way to convincingly write her into the storyline.

Season Three

Episode Number Episode Name
023 Metamorphisis
After being exposed to a powerful mutagen, Killer Moth is transformed into an enormous, carnivorous Moth-Creature. Batman is forced to team up with Firefly to defeat him.
024 That was the End of Solomon Grundy
Penguin recaptures his old pet, Solomon Grundy. Batman is reluctant to help, but Oracle convinces Nightwing and Robin to engage Penguin Enterprises to make sure the tragic zombie gets to rest in peace.
025 Heart of Ice

Mr Freeze, having learned of the Lazarus Pits, plans to use them to revive his dead wife. He begs the Dynamic Duo to recover a sample of the fluid from Ra's al Ghul.

026 Geurilla Warfare (Part One)

While on a visit to the Gotham Botanical Gardens, Poison Ivy takes over the plants there and traps Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake and Dick Grayson inside. With no Oracle, no gadgets or access to their suits, they are forced to survive on their wits alone.

027 Geurilla Warfare (Part Two)
With Dick Grayson poisoned and the team surrounded by infected gardeners, it is only the surprising arrival of the Red Hood (at the request of Oracle) that saves them.
028 Rats
After a series of mysterious robberies are performed in the slums of Gotham, Batman finds evidence of rats everywhere. Following the trail into the sewers, Batman finds an army waiting to strike.

The Man Who Would Be the Bat

Trying to cure his deafness, Dr Kirk Langstrom becomes the monstrous ManBat. When he first strikes, the Police believe he is Batman and the Dark Knight must prove his innocence and catch the fiend.
030 Hush Little Baby
Hush is revealed to have survived his encounter with Batman, and kidnaps Nightwing and Oracle's child in order to raise him as an heir to fight Batman. Furious, Nightwing and Oracle enlist the help of the Dynamic Duo to stop him.
031 The Last Laugh (Part One)
After learning he is dying, the Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum with a plan to set up his final battle with Batman. He begins picking off members of the Family and kills Harley Quinn so he and Batman can have their battle undisturbed. The Red Hood and Robin survive his onslaught, and help Batman track down the Harlequin of Hate.
032 The Last Laugh (Part Two)

Batman, Robin and the Red Hood hunt down the Joker, who is planning to detonate a series of bombs placed above fault lines in the vicinity of Gotham. As their final showdown approaches, will Batman finally end his battle with the Joker?


  • This season marks the final appearances of Mr Freeze, Solomon Grundy and Killer Moth as villains. Freeze retires with his wife (who is revived at the end of Heart of Ice), Grundy finally dies and Killer Moth is killed by Firefly)
  • Both Batman and the Joker are killed at the end of The Last Laugh part two (Batman tackles the Joker off of the roof of WayneTech).
  • The Epilogue to The Last Laugh shows Tim becoming Batman, Nightwing retiring to raise his son and the fates of most of Batman's rogues gallery.
Episode Number Title
N/A (Feature Film) Enter Justice League
Enter Justice Leauge is a feature film set between seasons two and three. It is about the forming of the Justice League to defend Earth against Brainiac.
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