Batman: Last Arkham is a film idea based off the comics by DC. A sequel, Superman one, The Flash one and a video-game based of the movie are all in the works. Originally, villains like Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Penguin and Mr. Freeze were being considered for the role of main villain. Joker and Killer Croc are in consideration for the sequel.

Original Version

In original plans, Edawrd Nashton was a worker at Wayne Tech, until he was fired for working on a project without permission. At home, he continued the test, and made a helmet. He kidnapped a cop and used the helmet on him, and captured his brain waves, sealing them into the helmet forever, which also killed the cop. He put on the helmet, and the brainwaves went into him. He continued stealing brainwaves and became a genius, and continued stealing cops as a villain named The Riddler. He got stopped by Batman and ever since wanted to outsmart him. Later, he goes on trial to see whether or not he belongs in Arkham. He splashed acid in Harvey Dents face, causing Harvey to become Two-Face in the sequel. Also, Johnathan Crane was in it, and tortured criminals in Arkham as a "test." He tortured Jervis Tetch, who wanted revenge, making Mad Hatter also appear in the sequel. Johnathan was foiled by Batman, and escaped Arkham, disguised as The Scarecrow. Scarecrow freed Riddler and the two sent out to kill Batman. Batman arrived to see a riot in Arkham. He knocked out some patients such as Victor Zsasz, Rupert Thornes former thug, Arnold Wesker, a former ventriloquist gone mad, and Jervis Tetch, the Scarecrows favorite victim. The rest escaped, and Batman went to fight Riddler and Scarecrow at the Gotham Docks, and everything went horribly: Scarecrow broke his leg and fell through the floor to land on a burning furnace and die, and Riddlers machine was reversed, making all of Riddlers brainwaves get sucked into the machine, only leaving his own brainwaves.

New Version


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