Batman: Live in Fear is a video game designed by George Alder, developed by NINE100 Gotham and published by NINE100 Studios. It is set in The Sinkhole, which has been greatly expanded following the events of Batman: Infinity Reigns. It is the second game in the Altor video game series.







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Batman [1] Red Hood [2] Volk Franklin
Leslie Thompkins The Voice
  1. Playable Character
  2. Playable DLC Character

Mentioned Through Riddles

Orpheus Watchmen
V Zorro


Abattoir [1] Grace Kelly Ruckus [1]
The Admin Martha Wayne Scarecrow
Andromeda Mrs. Violence Scaremonger
Cosmico [2] Nyssa al Ghul Sgt. Buzzsaw
Firefly Ratcatcher Solomon Grundy
Fleshgraft [1] Riddler Thomas Wayne
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Red Hood DLC
  2. Playable Character

Mentioned Through Riddles

Able Crown Doctor Jolly King Kraken
Alfred Stryker Doodlebug Moonstalker
Anarky Harley Quinn Professor Pyg
Bloodbat Joe Chill Sal Maroni
Calendar Man The Joker
Deadshot Killer Croc II


A.P.T. Basenthal A.P.T. Leland Hefton Maizie Bowler
A.P.T. Greg Hilton A.P.T. Yusef Kozen Dr. Balthazaar Malik
A.P.T. Hagen Gunther Bellows Dr. Yohan Harrison

Side Missions

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Scarecrow's Scenarios


Downloadable Content

Special Editions

Batman: The Insitution - Heroic Edition

Batman: Live in Fear - Heroic Edition is a special version of the game which comes with various hero bonuses. It includes an exclusive Batman steel case, early access to the Red Hood Scarecrow's Scenarios pack, a replica Altor City mayoral deed and a statuette of the Cryptographic Sequencer.

Batman: The Insitution - Villainous Edition

Batman: Live in Fear - Villainous Edition is a special version of the game which comes with various villain bonuses. It includes an Scarecrow and Scaremonger steel case, early access to the Cosmico Scarecrows Scenario's pack, a replica of Scarecrow's mask and a statuette of Scaremonger's needle.

Batman: Live in Fear - The Soundtrack

Batman: Live in Fear
No image available
Vital statistics
Artist Various
Genre Classical, Heavy Metal, Electronic etc.
Tracks 10 (Regular)
15 (Hero Edition)
Total Length Unknown
Dark Knight Edition
No image available

Batman: Live in Fear - The Soundtrack is a compilation album featuring music inspired by the game. It features genres such as electronic, classical, rock and heavy metal. There is also a Dark Knight Edition avaliable, which features 5 exclusive songs, an online download code, the exclusive Grotesk Batman Skin and the exclusive combat scenario map Fight Cage.

Track Listing


Dark Knight Edition Bonus Tracks


Bonus Content

  • Grotesk Skin
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