Batman: Darkest Knight is the working title for an upcoming sequel to Batman: A New Beginning starring John Blake as the new Batman.


  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake/Batman
  • Gary Oldman as Commissioner James Gordon
  • Kristen Bell as Harleen Quinzell
  • David Anders as Edward Nashton/The Riddler
  • ??? as The Joker


A new insane mastermind rises in Gotham to stir trouble known as The Riddler. His methods are seen as being similar to that of the Joker,and thus when things are completely out of hand Batman and Gordon theorize they must turn to the help of that very old adversary in an attempt to capture him. A young up-and-coming psychiatrist named Harleen Quinzell seeking to make a name for herself signs up to the task to try and get information out of the Joker in order to help them.

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