batman arkham at war is set 48 hours after joker dies and is an animated movie staring returning and new cast from previous batman things.


batman: kevin conroy

joker: steve bloom

two face: troy baker

alfred: martin jarvis

scarecrow: cillian murphy

black mask: nolan north

penguin: nolan north

hush: kevin conroy

manbat: liam neeson

killer moth: nolan north

firefly: steve bloom

pre-credit sequence

some thugs are seen talking while filling a building with oil when batman comes along and beats them up which signals the arrival of firefly who sets the building on fire causing batman to jump off it and fall into a hole which leads to the sewer system where he comes across the corpse of killer croc and discovers bullet holes then the scene skips ahead to batman going to check on bane to discover him gone and the killer moth seels the door shut and throws in several cucoon grenades which leads to the title sequence.

basic plot summary

batman is discovered by manbat and is taken back to man bats layer so manbat can eat him as his mutation is becoming more rapid which causes batman to find an antidote in his safe and inject him with it to turn him back into dr kirk langstrom mtba.

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