Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is a superhero that has appeared in various media. In fanon media created by 900bv, he appears in the comic Objections! and the video games Batman: Altor's Demise and Batman VS.

Batman: Altor's Demise

In Batman: Altor's Demise he appears as the main playable character. He fights with The Force of Altor to defeat The Opposants and other villains in the city.

Batman VS

In Batman VS, Batman fights on the side of good.

Finishing Moves (KO)

  • Smokescreen: Batman throws a smoke pellet at the enemy, surrounding them in smoke, before entering detective vision, which is also displayed to the player. Batman then attacks the opponent, and knocks them out my slamming them into the ground.
  • Travelling Afar: Batman equips his line launcher and fires it into the distance, before speeding along on it and grabbing the opponent with his legs. The scene then fades to Batman holding the opponent above a very high fall, before dropping them.

Other Skins

  • Original Skin
  • Batman Beyond Skin
  • Batman Inc. Skin
  • Bruce Wayne Skin




  • TBA

Video Games

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