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Action, Adventure, Mystery

Batman is an action/mystery video-game. It is the first in a series and takes elements from story arcs like No Mans Land and War Crimes. Villains such as Zsasz, Joker, and Black Mask appear. The sequel, Batman 2: Blackgate Prison, includes new characters such as Riddler, Bane, Solomon Grundy, and more.

Plot Synopsis

In a gangwar between Joker and The Black Mask, Arkham is destroyed and all the patients run free through the city of Gotham. To keep them from escaping, electric fences and titanium gates are placed around the city keeping the patients inside the city. Batman goes to find out who did this, and interrogates Joker. Joker tells Batman that he didn't do it, and that Black Mask did. Batman finds Black Mask, who has already stolen the Man-Bat serum in order to deffend himself. Mask injects himself with the serum, and turns into a horrible beast. He battles Batman, and in the end is accidentally killed. Batman places Black Mask's mask in the Batcave to keep it safe, however it mysteriously disappears, hinting at a sequel.




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