Batman Beyond:Rise of Red Hood is a super-hero action film and a sequel to Batman Beyond. Andrew Garfield returns as Terry McGinnis


Terry McGinnis is living his life as Batman, and now has the girl of his dreams, Dana Tan. But a new villain named Red Hood comes to Gotham to wreak havok. Leading to Terry's past, Terry must go Under the Hood to see who this mastermind is.

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Legendary Pictures

Dreamworks Pictures

DC Comics


James Marsden as Tim Powers/Red Hood. A friend of Terry's. He wants revenge on Batman for killing his father, Derek Powers/Blight.

Matt Lanter as Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow. A former friend of Terry who brought Terry to a life of crime.

Emma Stone as Melanie Walker/Ten. A shy Teenager whos develops a crush on Terry. She is also known as Ten, part of the latest incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang.


  • Sequel to Batman Beyond.
  • Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone both appeared in the 2012 reboot, The Amazing Spider man
  • 154 min.
  • The 2nd installment of the DC Cinematic Universe.
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