Batman Beyond: The City of Scars is a super-hero action film and is a sequel to Batman Beyond and Batman Beyond: Rise of Red Hood. It servs as the final film in the trilogy


Terry McGinnis is now struggling to find a job, and still leads a life as the crime-fighting hero, Batman. But a new and stronger villain,The Phantasm, has come to Gotham to resurect Derek Powers/Blight. MeanWhile, the mastermind known as the Joker has returned to Gotham "to put a smile on it's face". Terry realizes that everything in the past leads to this.

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Paramount Pictures

DC Comics


Mila Kunis as Jennifer "Max" Gibbson.

Tom Hardy as The Phantasm.

Scott McClure as The Joker

Joeseph Gordan-Levitt as William Willie Watt


  • First film not to feature Legendary/Dreamworks
  • Note that this film,being the conclusion, is the most graphic,violent,disturbing, and emotional off all
  • 157 min.
  • The 3rd installment of the DC Cinematic Universe.
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