Batman beyond is an upcoming 2027 superhero film directed by TBA and produced by Geoff Johns and a standalone installment of Warner Bros. initial Batman film series, based on the animated series of the same name, released after Batman Escapes and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and is produced as part of the DC Extended Universe, starring TBA as an Terry McGinnis / Batman, Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, Jack Nicholson as Jack Naiper / The Joker, and TBA as Derek Powers / Blight.

Tim Burton serves as executive producer.

It will be followed by the by the final Batman installment Batman Ends.


  • Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne
  • TBA as Terry McGinnis/Batman
  • Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier/Joker
  • TBA as Derek Powers/Blight


  • The film ends with a preview of Batman Ends, released the following year.
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