a new film series seperate to the other ones this one introduces joker and penguin into this series of films


batman/bruse wayne: cristian bale

comisioner gordan: tommy lee jones

joker: kieth ledger

edward nashton: jonny dep

harvey dent; aaron eckhart

penguin:nolan north

jonathan crane: cillian murphy

robert langstrom: liam neeson


it starts at the wayne enterprises science center where all the high rankng members of wayne enterprises meet the most notable being bruce wayne, edward nashton (starting to think about becoming riddler), jonathan crane ( soon to be scarecrow) and robert langstrom (currently bruce waynes assisstant and soon to be man-bat) where batman is called off after 5 mins of the meeting to go and stop a terrorist attack ( later to be revealed as caused by ra's al ghul) at the ace chemicals building where he sends 2 men into comas and (in a virtual copy of the scene from batman) is caused to be thrown into a vat of acid and becomes joker.

meanwhile at the iceberg lounge 3 people gambling: victor zsasz (not yet a murderer) oswald cobblepot (penguin) and frank fries (victor fries' brother). after cobblepot wins they start a barfight ending in zsasz getting a crave for murder after impalling frank with a broken bar stool and cobblepot loosing his eye and heavily damaging his back and throat resulting in his nickname the penguin becoming his official name.

the screen cuts to joker ploting the demise of batman and planning the death of harvey dent.

the remaining hour is building the story of the soon to be villans and establishing harvey dent. then batman is called out to the gotham mueseum where he has finnaly tracked down penguin but after a long a fight with penguin and his number two man king snake the joker has been following batman and in an attempt to murder him kills king snake and penguin during a court case jokers men crash through the windows then the screen goes freeze frame shows you the chaos then the end credits roll.

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