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Batman vs. Owlman

Directed by

Sam Liu

Produced by

Bruce Timm

Story by

Bruce Timm


Kevin Conroy
Liev Schreiber
James Spader
Loren Lester
Kaley Cucco
Dylan Minnette
Gildart Jackson
Sterling K. Brown
Ron Pearlman

Music by

John Paesano

Edited by

Christopher D. Lozinski


Warner Bros. Animation
DC Entertainment

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Release date(s)

November 2018

Running time

85 mintues


United States




Batman vs Owlman or (The Otherworld Saga Chapter 1: Batman vs Owlman) is a 2018 American superhero animated film based on the DC character, Batman. Directed by Sam Liu and written by Bruce Timm. The film is the first part of a series entitled, The Otherworld Saga, where the Otherworld is loosely based off Earth-3. The film features veterans Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester reprising their Batman: The Animated Series roles, Batman and Nightwing respectively. And also featuring Liev Schreiber, James Spader, Kaley Cuoco, Dylan Minnette, Gildart Jackson, Sterling K. Brown, and Ron Pearlman filling out the rest of the main voice cast.

In the film, Bruce is disturbed to learn the arrival of a mysterious man claiming to be his brother. But when the man tries to take everything from Bruce's life even masquerading as a Batman-like vigilante named Owlman, Bruce is determined to find the truth. The film will be released theaters on November 2018 in 2D and IMAX 3D.


After successfully stopping a robbery attempt alongside Nightwing, Robin, and Oracle, Batman doubts about his future after almost making a miscalculation that nearly ended in disaster. Trying to understand what to do, he tries to focus as Bruce Wayne as he deals with a important project Wayne Enterprises is planning. However everything changes when the sudden arrival of a man is claiming to be Thomas Wayne Jr. Not believing he has any siblings, Bruce investigates only to discover the man is really his brother. TJ seeks to claim the family legacy as the rightful heir even masquerading as a Batman-like figure, going by Owlman. However, Bruce is deeply disturbed and tries to understand where did TJ really came from. As Bruce investigates, the more answers will leave him shocked. And now the truth of Owlman will be revealed forcing Batman to do battle against his own brother, in a fight that could destroy the Wayne legacy in the process.

Voice Cast


Will be added soon


The music is composed by John Paesano. The music will pay homage to Timm's 1990 animated series and as well Danny Elfman's score.



There will be a sequel with a unnamed title. It will currently go by Batman: The Otherworld Saga Chapter 2. The sequel's story will have drastic consequences dealing with the aftermath of the first film as new threats from the Otherworld (Earth-3) will endanger the lives of Batman, his allies, and those around Gotham. Catwoman is confirmed to appear in the film with rumored actress Emilia Clarke possibly nabbing the role; and Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to voice the sequel's villain. The sequel is scheduled to come out Summer 2020.

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