Ted Kord, also known as Blue Beetle, is a superhero that has appeared in various media. In fanon media created by 900bv, he appears in the comic Objections! and the video games Batman: Altor's Demise and Batman VS.

Batman: Altor's Demise

In Batman: Altor's Demise he appears as a downloadable playable character. He fights Clock King and also battles with KGBeast and Orca.

Batman VS

Blue Beetle
In Batman VS, Blue Beetle fights on the side of good.

Finishing Moves (KO)

  • Like a Rhino: Blue Beetle roundhouse kicks the opponent, sending them spinning backwards, then equips his BB gun and fires a high-powered compressed air blast at them, sending them flying.
  • Martial Law: Blue Beetle equips his BB gun and blinds his opponent with a flash of light, before performing a karate combo that knock the opponent out.




  • TBA

Video Games

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