Season One of Bruce Wayne is the first season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and years before he becomes Batman.


Bruce Wayne is your typical teenage son of a billionaire who comes to turn of tragic love and tragic loss. In the reinterpretation of the Batman saga, we see Bruce struggling with the loss of his parents while having flashbacks of their death. During this season, he has feelings for Evelyn Dent and Julie Madison, who opens a new coffee shop and keeps a few secrets of her own. Ethan joins the school newspaper and meets Vicki Vale where they work together for a scoop. Harvey Dent go up against his own father, William Dent. Speaking of William he has his own surprises: tracking a crystal, reviving a old project presumed to be dead, while avoiding an agent of the FBI with some type of vendetta against him. Also, two masked vigilantes known as Steel and Bart Allen arrive in Gotham. The first season takes place during Bruce, Ethan, Julie, Vicki, Evelyn , Harvey, and their classmates' sophomore year (Grade 10) at Hamilton Hill High.



  • Ian Somerhalder as Bruce Wayne
  • Kevin Conroy as William Dent
  • Michael Rosenbaum as Harvey Dent
  • James Marsden as James Gordon
  • Rachel Leigh Cook as Evelyn Dent
  • Adrian Holmes as Arnold Bennett
  • Anthony Head as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Sarah Mason as Julie Madison
  • Lee Thompson Young as Ethan Bennett


  • Michael Ironside as Carmine Falcone
  • Courtney B. Vance as Lucius Fox
  • Lena Headey as Sarah Essen
  • Famke Jansen as Martha Wayne (Flashbacks)
  • Tate Donovan as Thomas Wayne (Flashbacks)
  • Mike Vogel as Bart Allen / The Flash  
  • Morris Chestnut as John Irons / Steel 
  • Vivica A. Fox as FBI Special Agent Alexandra Davis/The Dark Avenger 
  • Eric Roberts as Salvatore 'Sal' Maroni 
  • Michael Tomlinson as Commissioner Jack Forbes  

Confirmed Plot Points

  • Bruce will be in conflict with the local mafia, led by Carmine Falcone (later to be taken over by Oswald Cobblepot)
  • Bruce's ally is Det. Gordon and Det. Bennett, who has his own opponents in the GCPD, led by Commissioner Forbes.
  • Harvey's story will be fleshed out: his abusive father, troubled childhood, struggles through high school, and subtle hints as to his development into Two-Face.
  • The main villain this season is William Dent, Harvey's father.
  • A few characters from the Batman mythos will make their appearances.

Episodes (1998-1999)

1.(NightSlayer2) ”Pilot”-Alfred bails soon to be 17-year-old Bruce Wayne from a Switzerland police station, after Bruce has gotten himself into another fight. Alfred informs Bruce that the trustees from his family's company need to see him, and though he'd rather stay where he is, Bruce nods when Alfred tells him he has no choice. After having a nightmare about his parents' murder, Bruce wakes up in his private jet and turns on the TV to see every show talking about him, including one hosted by Bethany Snow. Meanwhile, Alfred reads a book on troubled teens. Arriving in Gotham City; Bruce ponders why anyone would live in a city like this, as he points out running his company does not seem to be "part of the plan". After being mobbed by reporters, the two finally arrive at Wayne Manor where, after snapping at Alfred for bothering him because he got emotional from seeing his family portrait, Bruce heads out. With Alfred at his side, driving the Rolls Royce, they arrive at the area now known as Crime Alley. Bruce visits the very place where his parents were killed, where he opens up to Alfred, saying that it was his fault, all because he had to see Zorro, described by him as "a silly movie about a 'hero' who wears a costume and fights crime". Suddenly, thugs appear, and despite Alfred's pleas, Bruce fights the thugs. Using martial arts that he has learned, Bruce fights, disarms, and defeats the thugs. Bruce and Alfred drop the thugs off at Gotham PD, but their report is almost ignored until Bruce is recognized by a 13-year-old fan - Barbara Gordon. The two have a conversation, and Barbara introduces her father, someone Bruce already knows from when he was six: Detective James Gordon. Ignoring the board with notes and arrows pointing towards WayneCorp, he asks Gordon who killed his parents.[8] Gordon shows Bruce the file on his parents, which is now a cold case because the killer was never caught. When asked about the thugs or even his family's company, all Bruce says is that he's leaving soon, because he wants nothing to do with Gotham City. As Bruce leaves, Gordon asks about William Dent, whom he's meeting the next day. While he nods, he notices if Gordon's words are a warning. Meeting William the next day, Bruce asks about the investigation, and William notes the police commissioner, Jack Forbes, is a close personal friend. As Bruce is about to sign, because of the sight of Alfred and an old friend called Lucius Fox, he explains that he will look over the papers at his home. Now an intern, Fox reveals his father's "accidental" death, while William reminds Bruce that he needs the papers signed first thing in the morning, for his 16th birthday is only two days away. Knowing the danger Bruce is now in, Alfred suggests a lawyer, and Bruce thinks of another old friend -William’s son Harvey Dent. Right in the middle of a costume party, Harvey welcomes Bruce back and says he will look at the papers. Bruce decides to stay at the party, even though he hates costumes, because he spots a stunning woman wearing a tiger costume: Selina Kyle. Bruce is pulled away from Harvey, who wants him to meet his sister. While waiting, Bruce talks to an attractive girl wearing an angel costume. When Selina and Harvey come into the room, Bruce learns the angel is Evelyn , Harvey's sister. Because Selina says she is "saving" Bruce from where he is, Evelyn leaves. Bruce becomes angry at Selina, so she leaves too. Before he can do anything, Bruce is informed by Alfred that Gordon called for him at Wayne Chemical. Arriving there, and noticing the green pool of hazardous chemicals, Gordon and Bruce, only to learn neither one called the other. It's a trap! The access hatch closes and locks, and water rushes in. Working together, Gordon and Bruce find a tunnel 20 feet overhead, and using acrobatics, Bruce gets himself and Gordon to safety. Both agree that someone wants them dead. Nearby, William watches. The next morning, Bruce and Gordon meet with Fox and his mother, talking about his late father, whom they described him as "nervous" just before he died. As Fox says he will check around, Bruce meets with Harvey, who demands that he does not sign the papers. While this happens, Harvey gets two phone calls from his sister and his father, with him playing both sides. All of a sudden, Harvey's mood swings and he tells Bruce to sign the papers. Bruce changes the subject and asks about Evelyn , and Harvey tells him the location of where she works. As they leave, two sedans come up behind the Rolls and open fire. A chase begins, and ends at where Evelyn works: the Gotham City Youth Shelter. Meeting Evelyn , Bruce apologizes and asks for a date, successfully getting back on her good side. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce creates a ruse to explain why he did not turn in the papers yet. Just then, Gordon calls and tells him what Fox found: weekly shipments of hazardous waste. Bruce wants to meet, but Gordon tells Bruce to stay. Bruce gets an idea, alarming Alfred. Later, Bruce arrives at Wayne Chemical, dressed all in black, and follows Gordon, Arnold Bennett, and Renee Montoya. Suddenly, the three encounter the bad guys. Bruce helps, but stays out of sight the whole time. After defeating the last guy (with a banana peel), he and Alfred leave, with Bruce commenting that he may have found something he's good at. Bruce and Alfred meet with Gordon, learning the chemicals were drugs, and later hear that the head bad guy hanged himself. Later, Bruce is greeted by a surprise birthday party with Harvey and Evelyn , Selina, Billie and Lucius Fox, Jim and Barbara Gordon, Bennett, his son Ethan, and Montoya. It's midnight, and Bruce Wayne is 16! Harvey destroys the papers Bruce was told to sign, as he now owns WayneCorp. William comes to the party, and tells Bruce that his stock might take a beating if word gets out about the drugs. He gives him a book, "Business for Beginners", and after he leaves, Bruce tells everyone that he has a lot to learn and he's staying in Gotham. 

2.(NightSlayer2) "Toxic”-Bruce begins his junior year at Hamilton Hill High with Harvey Dent, Ethan Bennett, Julie Madison, and Harleen Quinzel. However, FBI Special Agent Davis arrests Harvey in front of the entire school when Shirley Squires and Janet Van Dorn, two Hamilton Hill High schoolmates, are found dead outside Dent Manor, and have no obvious cause of death. Davis believes Harvey is responsible after the FBI is given the case. William takes the Dent Industries jet to Washington D.C. to meet with Davis’ superiors to discuss his son’s predicament. Bruce and Ethan team up to investigate where they discover that William has been sleeping with Janet and Shirley without Harvey’s knowledge. Ethan informs Bruce that Harvey has patterns with women and to start the search for the woman's car. Bruce agrees. The culprit is revealed to be Harleen Quinzel, who was also sleeping with Harvey’s father. Judge Faden allows Harvey to go free on bail by paying a $2 million dollar bond. Harleen attacks Harvey in his home with a chainsaw. Harleen wants Harvey dead so she can have his father all to herself. Fortunately, Bruce defeats knocks Harleen out after deducing she was the culprit. Much to Davis’ dismay, the district attorney’s office decides to drop the charges. Later, Bruce and Ethan are discussing whether or not to tell Harvey the truth about William. Unknown to the two of them, they are being photographed by Davis in her car. Harvey later meets his head of security Ronald Houston, who hands him a photo of William and Harley sleeping together. Harvey then pays Houston and burns the picture in the fireplace. 

3.(NightSlayer2) ”Dent”-Evelyn 's confirmation nears, bringing many Dent family members and business associates to Gotham. While serving at a poker game with William and his associates: Buzz Bronski, Chuckie Sol, and Salvatore Valestra, lieutenants for the 'Major. William, who is a financial planner, has been setting up many shell companies for Bronski, Sol, and Valestra. Through this alliance, William set up the corporate partnership that made them the directors of Adams Tool and Die, Big Time Amusements, Puckett & Peterson, Gotham Studios, and the O'Neill Funding Corporation so they can launder money. Chucke Sol, Sal Valestra, and Buzz Bronski were becoming rich, but began to fear it was only a matter of time before the Major would learn of the wealth they were keeping from him and decided to remove William Dent to ensure his silence was kept. Ethan alerts William about the plot to assassinate him and William arranges the mobsters' murders and drains their accounts. Meanwhile, Bruce decides to ask Evelyn out for a real only to start having flashbacks on the night his parents died. On the night before they died, Thomas and Martha Wayne were harassed by Valestra due to Thomas not accepting funds for his mayoral campaign. In retaliation, Martha asks William for help which upsets Thomas since he and William had a falling out. From the flashbacks after passing out and having them at school, Bruce deduces his parents' murder was an assassination attempt and goes to William for answers. Harvey and Evelyn come clean to Bruce about their father being a mobster and Bruce decides that he needs some space from them when he is unable to find William for information. Bruce and Ethan later learn from Arnold Bennett and Agent Davis about Valestra, Sol, and Bronski being murdered. Meanwhile during a storm, a mysterious serum is accidentally released through Gotham from the docks.

4.(NightSlayer2) "Replication"-Due to Ian Randall's fixation on succeeding and graduating early, his obsession with achieving success eventually drove him over the edge, beginning when he killed Mr. Frankel, the shop teacher, who had threatened to give him a C. Ian Randall is revealed to be one of the people infected from the gas leak at the docks and uses his powers to date Julie and Evelyn at the same time since Julie can make his public status look good due to Julie being the owner of a club called Zeta and since Evelyn comes a wealthy family. Bruce has been avoiding Evelyn and Harvey since last week and considers going for Julie. Bruce becomes suspicious of him with Julie and Evelyn dismissing it as Bruce being jealous. Ian uses his duplicating abilities providing the perfect alibi for any attempts Bruce made to convince the girls that he was with the other, but later sent a duplicate to kill Bruce and Ethan after Bruce revealed that he knew Frankel had given Ian a C (He had examined the grades when Ethan wanted to know his grade). Harvey provides Bruce with Ian's scholarship application- revealing that he was taking classes at Hamilton Hill High and Gotham Community College simultaneously-, Bruce and Ethan eventually confirmed their theory by paging Ian to be at Julie's house and at the Talon at the same time, Bruce watching Julie's house from his truck while Ethan waited outside Zeta. To avoid being exposed- particularly after Bruce convinced Evelyn to admit the truth to Julie-, Ian trapped and attempted to kill Evelyn and Julie by hurling them off a dam after writing a fake 'suicide note' on Julie's computer, but Ethan saves the unconscious Julie while Bruce confronts Ian. Bruce defeats Ian when Ian attacks him with a large pipe. Bruce then headbutted him and helped Evelyn when she and the other Ian nearly went over the edge. The other Ian, however, could not hold on and fell. The fate of the two Ian's are unknown. Julie and Evelyn agree not to keep secrets from each other (again). Later, they meet Bruce at school to apologize. They discuss their compHarvey friendship, but doesn't really resolve anything. Bruce expresses disappointment that they both trusted Ian over himself, while Evelyn and Julie admit the mistake but cite that it was their mistake to make. The conversation ends with Bruce affirming that he doesn't think he should be treated like the jealous boyfriend, and would rather be treated like a friend. This marks the first time Bruce takes a truly proactive and decisive role in defining the relationships between all of them. Meanwhile, the ATF and DEA come into town to investigate the incident at the docks. Harvey finds out that his father is responsible for the accident and Commissioner Forbes is covering for him. William destroys the evidence before Harvey could expose him. Bruce and Ethan deduce Ian got his powers from the chemical leak at the docks.

5. (Bat24) "Red Ninjas"- Bruce realizes that he has a chance to finally ask out Evelyn . Meanwhile, the Red Ninjas a street gang who target the police strike Gotham where it hits the most. Detective Bennett goes after them without backup and gets himself kidnapped by their leader. When Ethan learns how about his brothers capture, he goes undercover as a potential recruit against Bruce's wishes. During the initiation process, the leader of the group Kenji Yashimario (Rick Yune), has Ethan fight one of his henchmen in order to prove his worth. Getting the GCPD's help during the struggle, Bruce safely gets Ethan and Detective Bennett to safety while Detective Gordon and the other cops engage the Red Ninjas and arrests them. Later, Ethan apologizes to Bruce because of him not thinking about what could have happened to him, but Bruce states that he is just glad that he is alright. In the end, a new student named Ava Kirk arrives at Hamilton Hill High catching Bruce's attention.

6.(Bat24) "Love Is In The Air"- Bruce starts hanging out with Ava more which makes his friends Ethan, Julie and Evelyn jealous. Meanwhile, a new Biology teacher named Patricia Mason starts her first year at Hamilton Hill High and starts winking at all of her male students. After class, Bruce heads to his locker and sees Ms. Mason kissing one of her athlete students and he briefly sees both of their eyes turn purple. Meeting with Ethan about this, they deduce that something is off about her and Ethan suspects that she could be a Meta-Human. Against Alfred's orders, Bruce puts on a ski mask and follows her throughout the night and watches as she leaves a bar. Deciding to not go inside the bar to not raise suspicion, he decides to head back home. In the morning, Gordon and the GCPD investigate the bar when two people attacked and killed each other for loving the same woman. Bruce and Ethan hear about this on the news, which makes them immediately suspect Ms. Mason. When class is over, Bruce gets attacked by the same jock from the previous day who nearly tries to kill him. Ms. Mason forces him to kill Bruce Wayne so they can be together. Bruce using his backpack as a weapon beats up the jock in front of everyone when he starts using a pocket knife, while Ethan leaks information that Patricia Mason was responsible for the murders. The GCPD arrests her afterwards. In the end, Ava and Bruce end up making love with one another deciding to be in a relationship.

7.(NightSlayer2) "Attraction"-Gordon and Bennett try to catch Magpie, a master jewel thief who steals Martha Wayne's pearl necklace and puts the G.C.P.D.'s status as Gotham's protectors in question. Bruce spent years searching for Martha's pearl necklace on the streets, eventually buying it back at an auction for $1,000,000. The necklace was kept in his bedroom inside a square pyramid-shaped glass container. Through her charity work, Martha gave so much to her community, to the point of being considered a role model for all the women of her time which is why a museum asked Bruce to donate Martha's pearls. Bruce decides to retrieve his mother's necklace back on his own only to almost get caught in one of Magpie's booby traps until Alfred saves him with the necklace recovered. Gordon foils Magpie's latest heist at a museum gala; allowing the G.C.P.D. to arrest her and Commissioner Forbes to take her to Blackgate Penitentiary. Alfred has Bruce grounded believing that will put a stop to his nightly activities. William is revealed to have hired Magpie to steal a blue crystal from one of the places she robbed earlier and is later seen in his office examining it in his office. Meanwhile, William discovers that Harvey asked his old friend Carmine Falcone to come back, and Harvey fights back again by disowning him with a venture to another company.

8. (Bat24)"Secrets"- After working late at Wayne Corp, Lucius enters his home and starts preparing dinner. All of a sudden, Red Ninjas break into his house and start attacking him. He is saved by a vigilante known as Steel who easily subdues the group and interrogates one of the thugs before knocking him out. The next morning. Meanwhile, John Irons visits his uncle Lucius and the two catch up with each other. While out with Ava, Bruce runs into them and Lucius introduces Bruce to John and states that his nephew is visiting from Metropolis. Ethan tracks down another Steel sighting which prompts Bruce to put on a motorcycle helmet and a leather jacket driving his motorcycle to the sighting. While they are there, Steel is engaged in a violent confrontation with corrupt cops and is nearly gunned down until Bruce arrives and starts subduing them. Angered at what just occurred, Steel knocks out Bruce and takes him to his headquarters. Waking up in a high tech building, Steel takes off his helmet and reveals himself to be John Irons. Bruce asks John why would a vigilante be in Gotham City and he reveals that one of the Red Ninjas leaders killed someone close to him recently, which Bruce decides to help. Using Ethan's tracking skills once again, Bruce and John team up and head to the Ninjas headquarters and successfully are able to take them down. Ethan manages to call Detective Bennett, his brother in order to arrest the leader. Later on, John decides to leave Gotham feeling like his mission is completed.

9.(NightSlayer2)-"Avalon"-Following the incident of last week, Commissioner Forbes covers up the existence of Steel and claims it was a member of the Red Ninjas that injured the police and that no vigilante was involved in apprehending the Red Ninjas. Gordon and Arnold have coffee together where they discuss what has happened in Gotham: the FBI investigating William Dent, a teenage serial killer, a teenager who can clone himself, an evil teacher, a masked thief, and a masked vigilante. Arnold believes that this all happened since Bruce returned to Gotham, however, Gordon blames William for making Gotham so dangerous. Ethan tries to press Bruce for information on Steel's identity, which Bruce refuses to share. Bruce begins experiencing flashbacks based on the night his parents were murdered at Hamilton Hill High and begins passing out every time he has them. Concerned about Bruce, Alfred takes him to his godmother Leslie Thompkins, a medical examiner for the G.C.P.D. Leslie tells Bruce about a secret project that was thought to have been extinct after Bruce explains his flashbacks to her and Bruce starts to believe that William Dent is responsible since Leslie revealed that Project Avalon was why Thomas Wayne and William had a falling out. Bruce leaves to hunt William for the real truth while William works to revive Project Avalon. William and Carmine get into a heated argument and William warns Carmine not to go near Harvey again. Harvey screams at his father that he hates him not before leaving. When William Dent and Dr. Benson are reviving Project Avalon, Bruce disrupts the process attacking William after breaking into Dent Industries. The crystal releases some strange energy engulfing Bruce, William, and Dr. Benson.

10.(NightSlayer2)-"Onyx"-Bruce wakes up with no memory of what happened last week and William is now missing forcing Dent Industries to appoint an interim CEO until William resurfaces. Harvey investigates his father's disappearance by examining the blue crystal. Harvey and Dr. Benson experiment on the crystal by having it super-heated. Unaware of the risk, Harvey and Benson go ahead, but begin to worry when the crystal exceeds its target temperature. After an alarm sounds, Harvey shoves Dr. Benson out of the way while he is caught in a burst of energy emitted from the crystal. This produces an effect where Harvey is split in two - one of which is his darker alter ego. Shortly after falling to the floor, Harvey - unaware of his split self - helps up the scientist and brings him to the hospital. Watching the two make off is the evil Harvey, Big Bad Harv, who is just realizing what has happened. Bruce and Ethan head to visit Harvey (Bid Bad Harv) in the hospital and begin to ask what happened. Big Bad Harv says that he'll take Bruce to the lab and show him what he was doing. Bruce accepts, but Ethan says that he'll stay behind to ask the scientist a few questions. Before Dr. Benson is visited by Ethan, Harvey visits him and tells him what happened and asks if there's a way to reverse the process. After the scientist asks for his notes back from the lab, Harvey puts air into his IV tube, thus killing the scientist. Harvey then exits the room to find Ethan who wonders why Harvey is there rather than at the lab with Bruce. She asks if she can see the scientist. However, Harvey says that he's sleeping and he has to come back later. Harvey then walks away when a code blue is alarmed for the scientist's room and Ethan realizes that the scientist is dead. At the Dent Industries lab, the good Harvey shows Bruce around and explains that he has been conducting experiments with the crystal to find out why his father hired a thief to steal it. In the background, Big Bad Harv has overheard the whole conversation. Later at the Dent Mansion, Harvey is visited by the interim CEO Roland Daggett and Evelyn , who are arranging a charity fund raiser. Harvey agrees to come to the fund raiser, on the condition it's held in the Dent Industries Plaza. Daggett is surprised by Harvey's newfound generosity. When Daggett leaves, Big Bad Harv walks in and knocks Harvey unconscious. Then he brings him to the cellar, and imprisons him there. He explains he does not know what might happen if he killed him. Ethan informs Bruce that the scientist died at the hospital. They realize that Harvey was at the lab and in the hospital at the same time. Ethan then retrieves a surveillance movie from the hospital security system, showing Harvey being in two places at once. Harvey confronts Julie at school. He tells her she deserves better than Bruce. He then kisses her and tells her she can be his queen. Julie slaps him and orders him out. Harvey then tells her that he's going to close Zeta. At the mansion, Harvey is practicing fencing. Evelyn comes into the room. She asks him how he could invite her to the Dent Industries Plaza and then cancel the thing behind her back. Harvey then quotes their father back to her: "Because helping those who refuse to help themselves is a waste of time, and money, son!" He challenges Evelyn to a round of fencing, and attacks her with his rapier while taunting her, trying to hurt his sister. After a while, Evelyn overpowers him. Harvey walks out of the room, happy to have hurt his sister .Bruce walks in on evil Harvey, who tricks him into thinking he is the good Harvey by talking about their trip to the lab. Bruce explains about the split. Harvey acts surprised and tricks Bruce and Ethan into the lab. Once there, he drops a large block of concrete on top of them. Bruce gets out of the way and pulls Ethan back, while Harvey watches. At Wayne Manor, Bruce tries to convince Ethan to see Leslie Thompkins but Ethan believes all is well. At Wayne Manor, Bruce encounters Harvey, who tries to coerce him into joining him so they can rule the world together. Bruce declines and grips his throat. Harvey puts on a pair of brass knuckles and tells Bruce that he know how to fight. Alfred walks in in and Harvey shoots Alfred in the leg and departs. After taking Alfred to the hospital, Bruce goes to the mansion searching for good Harvey. Using his specialized hearing, he hears his moans and runs over to free him from the wine cellar. However, evil Harvey expects that and overpowers Bruce. Harvey and Big Bad Harv fight until Bruce uses the blue crystal he obtained from the lab to fusing the two Dents back together. After the incident, Harvey doesn't remember anything from the Big Bad Harv's memories. Harvey apologizes to Bruce, Evelyn , Alfred, Ethan, and Julie, who believe that this happened after the incident with Ian Randall. Daggett later on acquires the blue crystal from the Dent Mansion and hands it over to William, who is staying at a motel under the alias Walter Steele.

11. (Bat24) "Eternal"- Bruce and Ethan decide to join the football team when Alfred suggests that he pick up a hobby or a sport. At the tryouts, the new football players meet Coach Peters who has taught Physical education and was a coach for about fifteen years at another school before teaching at Gotham High. During one of their practices, Bruce notices that the star quarterback hasn't showed up to their Chemistry class ever since the tryouts happened which makes him suspect he was kidnapped. One day after class, they see Coach Peters transporting another student in his truck so Bruce and Ethan follow him in their car. Ethan secretly phones the police setting up an arrest once he finishes his research about Peters' ability. Arriving at a cabin, Bruce breaks into it but is knocked out by Peters. He awakens tied up to the wall, where Peter reveals so he won't get old, he must absorb the soul of a living person to survive. As he is almost killed, the GCPD arrive and demand that Peters surrender. When he tries to kill the other student, Gordon shoots him directly in the head ending the threat. In the end, a sharp shooter is revealed to be investigating the Dent's. He is then told by his employer to assassinate Harvey Dent.

12. (Bat24) "Point Blank"- Harvey learn his mother Elizabeth was Davis' adopted sister. While Harvey is out with his friends at a party, he is nearly gunned down by a sharp shooter sitting on an adjacent building. Bruce hears about the incident from the news and wonders who would want him dead. Stealing one of Dent's bodyguards walkies talkies, he learns of a meeting between the sharp shooter revealed to be Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. When he begins the next assault, Bruce goes after him managing to arrive to the party and saves Harvey once again from the shooter. However, it pierces his shoulder which knocks him out. While the GCPD arrive to get him to the hospital, Bruce chases after Lawton who is about to escape. Bruce manages to fight him but Deadshot nearly kills him. When the GCPD rush into the room, he escapes leaving the town. In flashbacks, Harvey ratted out his mother to William for sneaking into his office to learn about Project Avalon

13. "Acceleration"-While out shopping with Alfred, Bruce and him are nearly hit by a couple of street racers. Bruce rushes after them and discovers that one of them is Ethan Bennett. The next day, Bruce finds Ethan at Nash's house. They are working in the barn on the Mustang. It has been outfitted with a nitrogenous oxide tank that has been boosted with a strange chemical. Bruce tells Ethan that he almost hit Alfred last night. Ethan assures Bruce that he was in complete control and reveals that he as well as Vicki have been infiltrating Nash's ring to do a story on it for the school newspaper. Bruce insists that its dangerous and illegal, but Ethan is sure that he has everything under control. Ethan and Vicki make Bruce promise not to inform Arnold about it. Nash later on threatens to harm Ethan when it turns out that Ethan owes him $30,000. Bruce inspects Nash's warehouse to discover a collection of license plates and VIN numbers and realizes they are stolen cars. Bruce takes this information to Gordon. Gordon has been after Nash for a while now, so he commits eight men and four cruisers to the raid on Nash's home, but Nash was tipped off by one of the officers, and the Detective is furious with Bruce for sending him on a wild goose chase. Nash guesses that it was Ethan who called Gordon. He beats him up and threatened to have Arnold shot if he doesn't come up with the money. Ethan begs Bruce for money and Bruce agrees. Alfred warns Bruce that if he pays off thugs once, they will be back for more, so Bruce hatches a new plan: he takes his Porsche. It's worth a lot more than $20,000, but its not as fast as Nash's race cars. Ethan will donate the Porsche to Nash as the prize in a race against Nash. If Nash wins, the Porsche is his. If Ethan wins, the debt is settled. Ethan will drive the Mustang he always races. Nash has never lost a race, so Bruce plans to sabotage Nash's engine. Ethan is excited about the plan, but Bruce is angry about cheating to get Ethan out of trouble. Later, Bruce, Alfred, Ethan, and Vicki meet Nash in his warehouse, and he accepts the challenge. While Ethan drives the Porsche down to the starting line, Alfred overhears Nash talking about a bomb in Ethan's car that's rigged to go off when he hits 100 mph. During the race, Vicki's parents John and Patricia Vale arrive upon learning about this from Bruce. Ethan stops the car when Nash injures Vicki. Later, Bruce, John, Patricia, and Arnold are angry at Ethan for what happened to Vicki as well as everyone else. Although Vicki forgives Ethan, nobody else does. Ethan promises this will never happen again after running the story, but nobody is ready to forgive and forget. Later on, it is revealed that William has been supplying the chemicals to Nash under his Frederick Tuckman alias. After receiving the money he needs from Nash, William calls a man named David Wheeler telling him to begin an operation and that he can pay him while claiming his name is James Cameron.

14.(NightSlayer2) "Broken"-In Bludhaven, Sal Maroni is having his bandages removed after extensive plastic surgery to change his appearance. Harvey catches up to him in a warehouse and convinces him to confess on tape about Project Avalon. Harvey does not appear completely well; he seems jumpy and uneasy. Maroni explains the details to Harvey. While Harvey reviews the tape at the manor, his security guard Darius informs him that Daggett has called again. Harvey avoids the call and hide the tape in the safe just before an assassin bursts in and kills Darius. After a brief struggle Harvey leaps out a window, badly twisting his ankle. Harvey escapes to Wayne Manor and Bruce finds him. Bruce decides to go to the mansion to retrieve the evidence in the safe. When Bruce gets there, he finds the manor undamaged and the safe empty. The stained glass window has been repaired, but Clark finds a shard of glass behind some furniture. Bruce returns to the farm and reports what he found to Lex, then goes to Gordon. Gordon admits that William grew up with Maroni in the Narrows. Bruce and Gordon return to Wayne Manor where they find Evelyn , Alfred, and Dr. Wheeler waiting for them. Wheeler informs Gordon that he meets to meet Harvey right away. Bruce heads to his room after Wheeler and Evelyn leave where they Harvey singing and rocking a blanket. Harvey explains that his father woke his baby brother Lucas. Alfred urges Bruce to hand Harvey over to Wheeler only for Bruce to refuse. Harvey takes Bruce to Maroni to prove he's not crazy. They go to the warehouse where Maroni had his plastic surgery, but it has been transformed into a sewing factory. Harvey threatens one of the immigrants as Bruce pulls him out. Bruce and Harvey head to the Dent mansion where they find Darius alive and well. Dr. Wheeler arrives and Harvey grabs a gun and backs out. He admits that he might be crazy, but he has also guessed that his father might have drugged him in order to discredit him. Bruce and Harvey hide with Julie at Zeta. Bruce meets with Gordon and gives him the medicine that Dr. Wheeler tried to administer to Harvey. Gordon decides to look into it. Julie gives Harvey some food, but he becomes angry and accuses Julie of attempting to drug him. He pushes her out a window and runs off. While Bruce is helping Julie to the hospital, Harvey steals a truck (with a rifle in the back window) and flees into the night. As Bruce watches an unconscious Julie in her hospital room, Wheeler contemptuously blames Clark for Harvey's disappearance and Julie's injuries. Gordon arrives and, when Wheeler leaves, Bruce admits to Gordon that he feels guilty for what happened to Julie. But Gordon says that someone at the mansion could have drugged Harvey. Gordon then goes to Darius and gets him to confess that he drugged Harvey's scotch for a man named James Cameron. Gordon then arrests Darius. Harvey confronts Daggett at his office. Daggett denies everything and claims Maroni is responsible. Harvey forces Daggett to give him Maroni's location and then knocks him out. Bruce gets Maroni's location from the assassin trying to kill him, but Harvey gets to Maroni first. Maroni claims it was William's idea to drug Harvey rather than murder him. Bruce stops Harvey from shooting Maroni. When Maroni seems to know Bruce, Harvey figures Bruce is working with William and Maroni. Harvey shoots Maroni and prepares to shoot Bruce. When Maroni slips away, Harvey leaves Bruce to finish Maroni, who comes at Bruce with a car. Harvey empties his gun into him, but the car doesn't stop. Bruce pushes Harvey out of the way and Maroni crashes into a wall. Dr. Wheeler arrives with some men who haul Harvey away as he screams for Bruce. Julie decides to cut ties with Harvey after waking up from her coma. Gordon tries to use Darius' confession to have Harvey declared sane only for Darius to disappear later on a police transport that Commissioner Forbes was supervising. Later at Arkham, William, Commissioner Forbes, and Dr. Wheeler conspire to erase Harvey's short-term memory as William looks in on his son in a cell wearing a straightjacket.

15. (NightSlayer2) "Arkham"-It's been a whole month since Harvey was committed at Arkham Asylum. Bruce is finally allowed to visit him. On his way in, he sees Ian Randall, Ms. Mason, and Magpie. in the hallways. Harvey has not been taking his medication and asks Bruce to break him out. When Bruce refuses, Harvey grabs him by the throat and screams at him. The guards move in quickly to restrain him. The next morning, Harvey attempts to escape. He stabs a guard in the leg with a pencil, takes his ID badge and lets himself out. He makes it halfway up a chain link fence with barbed wire before guards use a taser to subdue him. Bruce meets with Gordon who reveals to him that Harvey has drugged but Commissioner Forbes disposed of the medication Gordon turned over that was his only proof. Meanwhile, Julie is working out with her physical therapist. It's been a month since her accident, but her femur was broken in four places and she hasn't been able to walk without crutches. Bruce gives her a hard time for not pushing herself harder, accusing her of feeling sorry for herself. Back at Arkham, William has come to visit his boy who is now being held in restraints. William knows Harvey has not been taking his medication. Harvey tries to convince William that he doesn't need them. He pretends that the story about Project Avalon was a paranoid delusion, but then he gives himself away by saying that William only interest is to stay out of prison. The meeting ends with Harvey raging against his restraints. William goes to Dr. Wheeler He is unhappy that his son has been in in Belle Reve for an entire month with no results. He pushes him to perform a dangerous experimental procedure despite the fact that it is successful less than 50% of the time and the majority of patients are left with irreparable brain damage. Agent Davis meets with Gordon to reveal that Harvey has been recommended for radical electroshock therapy in twenty-four hours. They learn that Dr. Wheeler's last patient to receive the treatment is in a permanent vegetative state. Gordon and Davis confront Wheeler at Gotham General with this news and accuse him of drugging Harvey to make him delusional. They warn him that he will be in great danger from William Dent if his son becomes a vegetable and they beg him not to perform electroshock therapy on Harvey. Davis later informs Gordon at the precinct that David Wheeler died in a car accident. Gordon suspects William and Davis decides to go off-book to save Harvey which Gordon reluctantly agrees with. Arnold asks about Bruce and Ethan only for Gordon to not want them involved. Gordon and Davis break into Arkham where two Ians ambush them. A riot occurs at Arkham which forces Arnold to call for backup. Unfortunately, the riot buys enough time for William to have the treatment completed on Harvey. While Bruce helps Julie with her physical therapy, Harvey visits them with no memory of what happened. Julie and Bruce find it best not to tell Harvey the truth in order to protect him. Agent Davis meets with Gordon where Gordon admits that going off the books to save Harvey was the right thing to do. However, Gordon is upset that William got away with his crimes only for Davis to reassure Gordon that William will not be so lucky next time. Later on, Davis heads to her apartment and opens a briefcase containing some contents.

16. (NightSlayer2) "Avenger"-Alfred heads to the Narrows to drop off some old clothes at the homeless shelter. Bruce decides to spend time with his friends at a party than with Alfred. As Alfred is dropping off the items in the Narrows, muggers push him down, steal his watch, and almost kill him. However, Alfred is saved by a masked female fighter who swoops out of the sky and beats them up. The rescuer leaves just as the police arrive. Gordon arrives with a bruised Alfred and they inform Bruce about the masked avenger and Alfred's stolen watch. Bruce meets with Ethan despite the fact they are not on good terms. Ethan says he has been tracking the vigilante for weeks and is excited to have an eyewitness to complete the story. Bruce is guilty about not being with Alfred. With his emotions close to the surface, he gets upset with Ethan for trying to "cash in" on the situation just like how it almost got Vicki killed. Harvey meanwhile is acting without a worry in the world while spending time with Bruce and his friends due to having no memory of Project Avalon. Unknown to them, Agent Davis is seen taking pictures of Harvey with her cellphone. Ethan tries to visit Vicki only for John Vale to forbid Ethan from seeing her due to blaming him for Vicki's paralysis and when Vicki and her mother ask who was at the door, John lies to her and his wife that it was the newspaper delivery boy. Bruce and Lucius start working together to find the masked vigilante and Lucius names her the "Dark Avenger". The police report arrives, but when Lucius goes to retrieve it, the Phantasm swoops down and tells Bruce to stop his investigation. Bruce tries to fight the Phantasm, but she is as strong as and more agile than he is. She tells him to stay out of her way and flies away. Bruce is enthralled, but Lucius seems disturbed. Bruce devises a plan in which he pretends to mug Lucius to draw her out. When she arrives, Bruce unmasks the vigilante, realizing that Agent Davis is the Dark Avenger. Davis tells him that she received a heart transplant from a victim of the gas explosion at the docks and with it, superhuman agility and strength. After years of seeing her fellow FBI agents die in the streets, Davis decided to take matters into her own hands by becoming a vigilante. Bruce asks her about saving Alfred and the stolen watch. Davis agrees to help him get the watch back, but acknowledges that what Bruce really wants is justice. They decide to confront the gang that was responsible. Bruce and Davis find the gang, but they refuse to reveal their leader, Eduardo Dorrance. As they leave, the gang member calls the Dorrance and Bruce somehow is able to steal the phone from him and takes it to Lucius. After they get the address, Lucius starts to call the police, but Bruce intends to deal with it himself. Knowing that Bruce probably isn't thinking straight, Lucius strongly protests, but Bruce vanishes without a trace. Davis follows to keep an eye on him. Bruce finds Dorrance and the two fight. Dorrance says he sold the watch and Bruce chokes him until he is almost dead. Davis arrives and encourages Bruce to kill him, but he stops himself. Davis decides to finish the job. Davis subdues Bruce and kills Dorrance since Dorrance was an associate of William Dent. Against Bruce's wishes, Davis kills Dorrance and leaves. Meanwhile, Ethan discusses his issues with Arnold and Arnold urges Ethan to sell his car to use the money to pay for Vicki's treatments. Ethan reveals that he cannot sell the car angering Arnold until Ethan reveals that he already sold it and shows Arnold the cheque he received. Arnold is then proud of Ethan. Harvey starts getting memory flashes of Project Avalon and becomes suspicious of William despite the loving relationship that they now have, but Harvey still continues to pretend being fooled by William's charade. Bruce heads to Dent Industries just as Davis is about throw William out of the window and tries to talk her out of it. Realizing that Bruce would never let her get away with murder, she flies away and vanishes. Bruce catches William before he falls. The next morning, Ethan visits John at his home giving him the cheque which John rudely accepts not before slamming the door on Ethan. Bruce admits to Alfred that he was ready to murder Dorrance, but his parents' voices in his head made him stop. Alfred said to Bruce that he could do a lot better than Davis. Bruce said perhaps he could be the president of Wayne Enterprises by day and moonlight as a crimefighter to give hope to the people of Gotham. Harvey meets with David Wheeler's colleague Stephen Kellerman offering to pay the doctor a fortune to help him get his memories back. Bruce heads home and finds Alfred's watch, found by Julie, who searched every pawn shop until she found it. Bruce finally admits that he feels lost and alone and Julie offers a sympathetic ear. When he goes inside the house, Bruce is startled to actually hear his parents' voice—Alfred is watching an old home movie in which Thomas and Martha are teaching a young Bruce how to ride a bike. Bruce then begins to cry.

17. "Grim Reaper"- Tyler Randall (Reynaldo Rosales), while trying to assist the suicide of his ailing mother, accidentally falls out of a window, and a serum becomes embedded in his wrist as he dies. When the coroner removes the liquid from his wrist, Tyler becomes reanimated. Now, whenever Tyler touches someone, or something, they instantly incinerate and die. Believing he is helping, Tyler tries easing the pain of Xander's dying father. Bruce arrives in time to stop him, and informs him that his mother is still alive. Thinking his mother could not accept who he had become, Tyler takes his own life.

18. "Queen Bee"- Class elections are being held, and Ethan nominates Bruce. Apprehensive at first, Clark soon takes to the idea. A rival candidate, Tara Woodman (Shonda Farr), does not appreciate the competition and sends out swarms of bees to take care of the other competitors. Eventually, the bees become dissatisfied with Tara's demands and turn on her. William has a journalist write a scathing exposé on Harvey, but Harvey has the story dropped when he gets the journalist promoted to editor. Evelyn gets cutthroat with the Claw, and reports the rival coffee shop to the health board.

19. TBA by Bat24 - Bruce and Bart team up to deal with Dead Shot. Falcone hired Dead Shot to defeat Dent.

20. TBA by Bat24 -bring in Adam West as Dr. Carter Nichols being hunted by Falcone

21. "Excalibur"-When Maroni is trying to flee Bludhaven, he is visited by Harvey. Harvey is revealed to have waited for Maroni in his car. As the two sit in the back seat, Maroni is tricked into revealing what Project Avalon is. Although Harvey flips the coin for Maroni's judgement, it lands in the mob boss' favor. However, Harvey circumvents this by also judging Maroni's driver. When it lands bad heads, Dent buckles in and shoots the chauffeur in the back of the head, resulting in a car crash that leaves Maroni's fate uncertain, but likely dead. Harvey then leaves vowing to put a stop to Project Avalon knowing that it will hurt his father. Meanwhile, William Dent and Carmine Falcone battle for power where William tries to revive Project Avalon. Meanwhile, Hamilton Hill High is putting a Spring Fling dance and Bruce, Harvey, Ethan, Evelyn , and Julie are among the others desperate to find a date. Bruce gets involved in Dent and Falcone's war by learning about the true origins of the crystal before all hell breaks loose. When William is conducting his experiment, Falcone interferes with it by revealing that he has Harvey as a hostage and all the scientists involved are under his payroll. William is forced to back down for his son's sake. Falcone decides to use Project Avalon to an extreme length that Thomas Wayne knew could occur and what William didn't want to happen. Before Falcone could succeed, Bruce and Alfred intervene with Alfred gunning down all the thugs. William and Falcone fight only for Bruce to obtain the crystal as it is glowing. Falcone demands the crystal and Bruce tosses it to him only for Falcone as well as the crystal to vanish in a flash of light. In the aftermath, Harvey reveals to William and Evelyn that baby Lucas was smothered by Elizabeth during a bout of severe post-partum depression. Elizabeth reasoned that she was sparing the baby from William's parenting, believing that William would pit Harvey, Lucas, and Evelyn against each other. Fearing that William would hurt Elizabeth but not his "sole remaining heir" over the tragedy, Harvey took the blame for his brother's death which was the main cause of conflict in his and William relationship. William refuses to believe this since Elizabeth loved Lucas only for Harvey to show William and Evelyn a recording Elizabeth made to Agent Davis before she died, confessing to having smothered her son. Evelyn asks who Agent Davis is and Harvey reveals to Evelyn that Elizabeth was Davis' adopted sister, which William kept secret from them. Realizing that his son was being sincere, William becomes shocked and horrified and expressed regret at the way he had treated Harvey throughout his life, but Harvey wasn't interested as it was too little too late. Harvey announces that he will moving to Rome, Italy, as n exchange student to escape from his father's parenting. Despite Evelyn 's pleas, Harvey still decides to leave. Ethan and Vicki finally convince Bruce to spend time with them at the school dance. Bruce reluctantly agrees. During the school dance however, an unidentified gunman in a red hood arrives and demands the Principal of the school turn over his wallet at gunpoint. When Bruce and Ethan to intervene, the man in the red hood shoots Ethan.


  • Batverse characters making their first appearances are: Harley Quinn, Sal Maroni, Carmine Falcone, and Margaret Sorrow/Magpie. The Non-Batverse characters that appear are John Henry Irons/Steel and Bart Allen/The Flash.
  • Season 1's main antagonists: William Dent and Carmine Falcone
  • Blüdhaven appears in the episode where Harvey confronts Sal Maroni aka Anton Karoselle. In the comics, Bludhaven is the sister city to Gotham, as well as future home to Batman's first protege, Richard "Dick" Grayson a.k.a. Robin/Night Wing.
  • In the comics, Sal Maroni does undergo plastic surgery to change his name to Anton Karoselle. This version of Maroni is murdered by Harvey before he can make Harvey become a super criminal.
  • There was the existence of metahuman and costumed criminals before Bruce Wayne became Batman.
  • Before Bruce Wayne became Batman, there were several vigilantes that operated in Gotham, except that their existences were covered up by William Dent and Commissioner Forbes.
    • John Henry Irons aka Steel. Growing up, John Henry Irons was always inspired by heroes, and after his parents' death he realized they named him after John Henry because they wanted him to be hero like the John Henry of legend. This version introduces him as an engineer for Wayne Enterprises' Metropolis branch that became a vigilante after loosing someone he loved. He is also the nephew of Lucius Fox, a junior executive of Wayne Enterprises with the Midas Touch. Steel's existence was covered up by Forbes to avoid any suspicions into police corruption. Gordon, Bruce, Arnold, Ethan, and Alfred are the only ones that know Steel is real.
    • Alexandra Davis aka the Dark Avenger. Alexandra Davis is an FBI agent who was infected by the gas from Dent Industries. Davis has a vendetta against William since Harvey and Evelyn's mother Elizabeth Dent was Davis' adopted sister before William married her. Davis tried to get Elizabeth to leave William due to William being a subject of investigations made by the government for his shady dealings only for Elizabeth to refuse. Finally, Elizabeth died from a terminal illness and Davis blamed William for making his sister suffer before she died. William covered up Davis' activities as the Dark Avenger in the Narrows but still made her identity become public knowledge. Because Davis has been overstepping her authority, the FBI has classified her as a rouge agent and vow to bring her in. This is the first time the FBI can apprehend vigilantes even though its not in their general jurisdiction but rather in local law enforcement agencies. William only covered up Davis' heroics in order for her to be classified as a villain, which William succeeded in accomplishing.
      • Interestingly enough, when Bruce unmasks Davis and she steps out of the steam, Danny Elfman's "Batman" score is playing at the exact moment her face is revealed.
      • The musical score that plays when Davis first appears as the masked vigilante was heavily influenced by the theme song of the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series.
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