Season Two of Bruce Wayne is the second season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and years before he becomes Batman. The elements from this season have been influenced from Batman: Under the Red Hood.


The second season is picked up moments after Ethan Bennett was shot by a mysterious assailant in a red hood and Bruce racing to save his friend's life. No one will be alive and well from the wrath of the Red Hood, except for Vicki since her news article exposing the underground street racing operation "inspired" the Red Hood which makes Vicki the object of the Red Hood's murderous obsession. As everyone is reeling from the Red Hood attack, Evelyn Dent, with her brother Harvey gone, agrees to aid her father William in his "business pursuits" which brings her and Bruce into a dangerous world of mobsters and criminals. Speaking of Harvey, he is out of town searching a for a half brother that resulted in an affair William concocted when his mother was ill. There will be old ghosts encountered such as Talia al Ghul, Wild Cat, and the faces of future foes that Bruce will encounter as Batman when he gets older. The second season is based on the continuation of Bruce, Ethan, Julie, Vicki, Evelyn , Harvey, and their classmates' sophomore year (Grade 10) at Hamilton Hill High.



  • Ian Somerhalder as Bruce Wayne
  • Kevin Conroy as William Dent
  • Michael Rosenbaum as Harvey Dent
  • James Marsden as James Gordon
  • Rachel Leigh Cook as Evelyn Dent
  • Adrian Holmes as Arnold Bennett
  • Anthony Head as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Sarah Mason as Julie Madison
  • Lee Thompson Young as Ethan Bennett


  • Michael Ironside as Carmine Falcone
  • Courtney B. Vance as Lucius Fox
  • Lena Headey as Sarah Essen
  • Famke Jansen as Martha Wayne (Flashbacks)
  • Tate Donovan as Thomas Wayne (Flashbacks)
  • Mike Vogel as Bart Allen / The Flash  
  • Morris Chestnut as John Irons / Steel 
  • Roger Haskett as Ted Grant/Wild Cat 
  • Michael Tomlinson as Commissioner Jack Forbes  

Confirmed Plot Points

  • Everyone will have their own antagonist this year. Bruce with Hovera Alvarez, Evelyn and Harvey with William, and Vicki with the Red Hood.
  • Bruce will train with Ted Grant.
  • Bart Allen will return
  • John Henry Irons will return

Episodes (1999-2000)

  1. ”Under the Hood”-. After being shot, Ethan is rushed to the hospital by Bruce, who is soon joined by his friends. Detective Gordon gains a description of the shooter from Bruce and calls him in for a lineup, but none of the men in the lineup are the shooter. Arnold asks a street gang called the Blackgaters to investigate the shooting, but to no avail. Evelyn accuses William of hiring a hit man to kill Ethan after finding out that William has plans to buy Hamilton Hill High and make it into a prison. William vehemently denies this and tensions develop between them and Evelyn is unsure whether William is being sincere. Ethan survives the shooting.The shooter returns to strangle a teacher named Mr. Raeburn, who is having a relationship with his student. Harvey in the meantime is enjoying his stay in Rome until he learns from Alexandra Davis, who is a fugitive from the government now that William has outed her identity, that William may have conceived a child with his maid Amanda Westfield while Elizabeth was terminally ill.
  2. "Blood Bonds"-After Bruce leaves for school and Alfred leaves to check up on Ethan, a woman enters the Wayne Mansion and looks fondly at the family pictures of Bruce, Thomas, and Martha. The woman approaches Bruce at school. Confused, he asks if they know each other and she introduces herself as Amanda Westfield and announces that she is his mother. Bruce tells Alfred about her and Alfred goes to Julie's club to meet her. She insists that she gave her baby son, Lucas, to Gotham United Charities, and since they only handled one adoption, Bruce must be her son. Alfred tries to dissuade her, but she is determined to have a relationship with him. Alfred politely but firmly tells her to never bother Bruce again. Amanda later tries a different approach and asks Evelyn to encourage Bruce to get to know her. Evelyn is reluctant to get involved until Amanda mentions she was a maid working for them years ago and had an affair with William. She says that William got her pregnant and forced her to give him up for adoption, so Bruce is Evelyn's brother. Evelyn becomes disgusted at this because if Bruce is really her brother, then that would mean she was dating a sibling this whole time. Bruce speaks to Gordon about it and Gordon tells Bruce that William started the Gotham United Charities. Bruce and Gordon's conversation is cut short when Commissioner Forbes arrives to inform them that Amanda has ordered Bruce to submit a DNA sample. Lucius also learns of this from Alfred and warns William to leave Bruce alone considering him to be a snake. Evelyn informs Bruce of Amanda's theory with both of them being doubtful. Amanda angrily storms in on William, accusing him of switching the DNA samples and forcing her to give up her child. She threatens to expose him. William then flirts with her and offers to get her psychiatric help and she runs away. Evelyn is heading home when she approaches her and injects her, knocking her out. Evelyn awakes strapped to a chair in Amanda's house. She calls William and tells him that she will kill Evelyn unless William calls a press conference announcing that Bruce's adoption is a sham. Bruce learns of this and is able to find Amanda's address with help from Lucius. William begins his press conference, but refuses to give in to Amanda's demands. She becomes enraged and goes after Evelyn with an axe, but Bruce tackles her to the ground. Alfred asks Lucius why he hates William so much. Lucius reveals that he once worked at Dent Industries under William while having the "Midas Touch", an ability to turn failing businesses into successful conglomerates, and is consequently a highly sought-after businessman throughout the corporate world. Fox is called in to the failing Dent Industries and brings a balance to both Bruce Wayne's private and business finances. Eventually, Lucius started working with Thomas Wayne and William on Project Avalon. Thomas wanted the project disbanded since he thought it was too dangerous and Lucius agreed. Lucius was even more disgusted when William still wanted to continue on with the project even after Thomas died which is why Lucius resigned and went to work for Bruce. Lucius blames himself for getting involved with William and taking part in Project Avalon since Project Avalon endangered everyone's welfare. Later, Evelyn confronts William for his lack of action to save her life. William tells Evelyn how Amanda showed up with a child, wanting William to leave Elizabeth for her. He maintains that the baby died as an infant, but when Evelyn leaves, William opens a locket containing a lock of hair and a picture of him and a smiling young boy. The Red Hood breaks into a holding cell where Amanda is being held and guns her down in revenge for kidnapping Evelyn.
  3. "Into the Ring"-Bruce faces William in a major confrontation where William accuses Bruce of being the Red Hood only for Bruce to coldly remind William how little help he provided to Evelyn when she was kidnapped. Something unexpected then sends Bruce to get a couple of thugs; soon he crosses paths with a meta human named Dinah Laurel Lance (Alaina Huffman), who has the power to generate sound waves. Detective Gordon and Detective Bennett, in the meantime, are investigating a string of brutal murders on people who became meta humans after an explosion at the docks. Bruce, Vicki, and Ethan decide to do their own probing believing that this is the work of the Red Hood. Bruce, Vicki, and Ethan soon discover a shady night club, run by Hovera Alvarez with Ted Grant as the main star. As it turns out, Dinah has been taking part in these fight club events to try to convince Ted to leave them since Ted was her instructor. Bruce and Ethan go undercover as fighters and Dinah reluctantly accepts their help despite being annoyed with them. Bruce uses one of Lucius' inventions to fake his own death to make it look like Ted beat him to death. Ted then cuts ties with Alvarez much to his dismay. After Ted finds out the truth, Dinah decides to return to Star City feeling that her work is done. Ted reveals to Bruce that he only joined Alvarez at his fight club in order to get Alvarez to stop recruiting children from the Narrows into drug dealing: Alvarez would recruit them from Ted's martial arts gym in the Narrows by promising them video games and pizza if they helped him. Bruce, Vicki, and Ethan secretly decide to pause their Red Hood investigation to do something about it and Ted decides to give the three lessons in Krav Maga. Elsewhere, Alvarez vows revenge.
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  9. (NightSlayer2) "Silent Night Deadly Night"-Ethan receives a hospital bill of $86,000. Failing to convince William to help Ethan, Evelyn and Harvey sneak into his study to find out about William trying to buy Julie's coffee shop. Evelyn and Harvey later convince their father to stop keeping secrets from them and to help Ethan, which William reluctantly does. Meanwhile, Bruce and Vicki receive a box from the Red Hood, containing the severed finger of Anders Overbeck, the psychology teacher. The Red Hood then calls them, with Overbeck being heard for the first few seconds of the call asking Vicki for help, just to be interrupted by the Red Hood, who said Overbeck was "losing a lot of blood". He tasked the two to find out what sin Mr. Overbeck carried out in order to save him, as that being the reason why the Red Hood kidnapped him. Bruce and Vicki decide to visit Arkham Asylum, where they find a young Overbeck was at Arkham beforehand. Dr. Hugo Strange tells Bruce and Vicki that man who murdered Overbeck's family was slaughtered by a group of men, however, then-Detective Forbes found out that the wrong man was executed. Vicki then concludes that Overbeck's sin is this. After visiting an individual at Arkham named Jean Paul Valley, who was one of the many people involved with capturing the innocent man, he revealed that they buried him alive. Bruce's grandfather Patrick Wayne was also involved. Valley mentioned that they were "standing under the Devil's hands". Upon looking through photos of his grandfather Patrick, Bruce finds a picture that was similar to Valley's description of the "Devil's hands", that being a creepy-looking tree that Patrick and several men were standing under, being the spot where they buried the accused man alive. Bruce realizes it was in Robinson Park. Arriving, Bruce and Vicki find a plaque sticking from the ground under the tree of the "Devil's hands", reading: "Here lies Anders." They dig for some time, believing the Red Hood had buried Overbeck alive. However, after opening the coffin, they find it empty. Alarmingly, the Red Hood appears, pointing a gun at the two of them. He tells Bruce to get into the coffin, otherwise he would shoot Vicki in the head. Bruce agrees and the Red Hood forces Vicki to shut the coffin and start digging. Vicki pleads that Bruce and Mr. Overbeck don't have to die. Suddenly the police led by Detective Arnold Bennett arrives. While the Red Hood is distracted, Vicki uses a shovel to hit the Red Hood. Vicki gets Bruce out of the coffin in time. They find the Red Hood had fled. Bruce finds the gun left behind and takes it. Bruce and Vicki chase the Red Hood to a bridge. Bruce warns the Red Hood that he will shoot if he jumps. The Red Hood refuses only to be shot by Arnold. Arnold has Bruce drop the gun and unmasks him to Overbeck, especially with his finger missing. Arnold then asks Alfred, who has gotten there, to take Bruce and Vicki home. On the way home, Vicki concludes the Overbeck was the Red Hood all along. Bruce seemingly agrees with it and shares a hug with Vicki before she leaves. When she returns home, Vicki throws away all of her findings surrounding the Red Hood, and decides to give the hood to a young boy named Jack who tries it on.
  10. (NightSlayer2) "Sins of the Past"-Bruce and Vicki try to recover from the events regarding the Red Hood on Christmas. In the meantime, the GCPD investigates a series of murders happening on various individuals of Wayne Enterprises. Lucius survives after almost being assassinated. The culprit is revealed to be Alberto Falcone, the son of the missing Carmine Falcone, who disappearance is what Bruce caused. From what Arnold knows about Alberto, he was an employee of the Gotham City Electric Company who was arrested for a number of minor crimes, including drunk and disorderly conduct, possession of drugs, and assault. After hacking into Dent Industries' network, Alberto discovered Bruce made Carmine disappear by tossing the crystal at him. Before learning the truth, Alberto believed Carmine was alive and was planning a trip to Italy to find him. Alberto kidnapped William and forced him to make a video saying that unless Bruce left Gotham then "people would suffer". Later when Bruce is taken into protective custody, Alberto hacks the Gotham City power grid thereby causing the GCPD headquarters building to become electrified. He threatened that unless Bruce confessed to he did to his father did then he'd electrocute a police officer to death every minute. After Bruce told everyone how Carmine disappeared, Alberto threatened that unless the GCPD killed Bruce he'd kill everyone in the building. However, Ethan destroyed the machine Alberto was using to control the electricity and Alberto was arrested. Bruce then confesses to Arnold what happened the day Carmine Falcone disappeared and William has Sergeant B. Dunbar kick the whole situation under the rug.
  11. (NightSlayer2) "Hovera Alvarez"-In 1971, a young Hovera Alvarez is shown living in an orphanage and witnessing Jesse, an older kid that bullies him and makes him his personal servant, setting fire to a photograph of Alvarez's father, the only remembrance he had of him. In the present time, Alvarez heads to Blüdhaven, where he intends to join the Quadrant , a major organization that controls crime in the entire country. He expects having taken over Carmine Falcone's organization will be an achievement big enough to grant him a seat at the table. Alvarez meets George Brickwell, a son of one of the Quadrant members, but George is unamazed by Alvarez's takeover and has him fulfill a task in order to prove his worth and meet his father: to locate Able Crown, one of the Quadrant's men, who is under custody of the United States Marshal Service. When Alvarez discovers that Crown is actually cooperating with the Government, and George requests him to capture the guy as an additional mission. Alvarez reluctantly agrees, but as he delivers Baylor to George, the latter has both of them shot. Alvarez survives due to a vest he was secretly wearing and returns to George's place, where he takes out his men, lectures him on survival, explains how Jesse made him feel powerless and inferior and tortures him for information on the Quadrant's next meeting. George also explains to Alvarez that he and his father never brought Alvarez's proposal to the Quadrant which enrages Alvarez even more. Alvarez has George storm in the restaurant where the meeting is taking place with enough C4 in his chest to take out many security guards at once. After killing some additional men, Alvarez finally meets the Quadrant leaders (Black Mask, Daniel Brickwell, Morgan Edge, and Joseph Carver) face-to-face. Alvarez promises everyone Gotham City in exchange for a seat, but Brickwell is still unamazed with Alvarez's achievements and frustrated with his son's death and ends up mocking him for being nothing but a "street thug". Alvarez reacts by executing him. Despite this, Black Mask says he's interested in his proposal. Having fulfilled his personal quest of becoming a crime lord, Alvarez locates Jesse and brings him atop a building, where he shows him a fragment of his burned father's picture, which he recovered from the flames, resulting in blisters and severe burns. Alvarez that Jesse framed him for drug dealing which sent him to the Juvie for years where a street gang taught him how to fight. Alvarez then burns him alive and tosses the fragment into the fire. Meanwhile, Alfred is concerned about Bruce training with Ted Grant in the Narrows, a crime ridden neighborhood where Thomas and Martha Wayne died. After finding news of an explosion in the neighborhood, Alfred and Evelyn rush to Wayne Manor to find Bruce alive and well.


  • The Red Hood is an alias used by multiple fictional characters and a criminal organization in comic books published by DC Comics. Jason Todd is the most widely known character to assume the Red Hood identity in the main DC Comics continuity while the Joker has also previously assumed the Red Hood identity.
    • In the Bruce Wayne version, the Red Hood is widely regarded as the first vigilante to operate in Gotham City prior to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. The title of the first vigilante to operate in Gotham City would be John Henry Irons aka Steel except that Commissioner Forbes covered up the reports of Steel's existence to avoid having people look into police corruption and it also noted that Irons retired from vigilantism right after avenging a loved one who was murdered by the Red Ninjas street gang.
  • In modern comics, the Black Canary is a mantle possessed by two characters, the senior Dinah Drake Lance (a member of the Justice Society of America) and later, her daughter Dinah Laurel Lance who would become a member of the Justice League of America. Both characters are naturally dark-haired but either wear a wig or dye their hair to enhance their disguise. The Black Canary in this universe is Dinah Laurel Lance.
    • In the comics Al Pratt and Ted Grant looked after Dinah when she was younger and even trained her in combat. In this universe, Ted Grant looked after Dinah when she was younger and even trained her in combat which is why Dinah was motivated to make Grant give up taking part in Hovera Alvarez's fight club.
    • Both Dinah and James Gordon both mention that Dinah's father is in fact Quentin Larry Lance, a detective in the Gotham City Police Department who was partnered with Gordon years ago. Similar to the comics, James and Quentin were both growing concerned over the influence of Mafia figures on Gotham society, such as the Falcones and Bertinellis. However, in this version, Gordon has a disdain for Quentin believing that he abandoned Gotham by deciding to transfer to Star City, which has the second highest crime rate in the country second to Gotham.
    • Black Canary's number is 429-555-0123.
    • Dinah's base of operations is revealed to be Platinum Flats. In the comics, this was temporarily the base of operations for the Birds of Prey.
  • Ted Grant is a world-class boxer who trained Batman, Black Canary, and even Superman in the art. He was trained to fighting condition by ex-boxer Joe Morgan. In this universe, Ted has been known to have trained Dinah in the past and now Bruce as well as Ethan are his students.
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