Bruce Wayne or Batman: Which is the mask is a third person rpg set in gotham in 2014 When crime is at an all-time high, but Bruce Wayne is needed more than batman, as Wayne enterprises is going bankrupt.The Joker is killed in a bank heist he pulls off to get batman's attention by Red Hood and the outlaws are formed.It is made by



The game starts with Joker's body being cremated and only Harley quinn attends.We then see Wayne Enterprises be overshadowed by Lexcorp.

Batman is sitting on a rooftop when the outlaws (Red Hood, Starfire and Red arrow) appear behind him and Red hood says that he did what was nessersary.

for the rest of the game you either play as batman, infiltrating Lexcorp to take down Lex who is corrupt or bruce, making important desicions to help overthrow Lexcorp.


  • Nightmare skin from batman begins
  • Red Hood and Red Arrow
  • Outlaws campaign
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