Craig is the good side of the joker. Hes identical to the joker. Hes known as Craig Napier. More likely Craig William Thomas Napier. Thats his full name. He fought alongside Batman and Robin. He wears a Robin suit without the cape and instead of the r its a c. Craig has a black headband too. He origined because Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) created a high tech device invention that could duplicate a villain and the duplicate would be them only their a good guy. He fought alongside Batman and Robin for two years. But later he was shot and killed by Bane. Batman and Robin were going to have Craig have a funeral but his body turned into dust. They put the dust in a casket. The dust became nothing. They were depressed. They missed him. It enraged Robin so Robin took the life of Bane away. Batman was unhappy with him. He told him "Tim....That was wrong!! Commissioner Gordon might have you arrested if he finds out. You shouldn't have killed him. I know it was really bad that he killed Craig and all but you shouldn't have! You should be ashamed of yourself Tim! You murdered a human being! Robin got better after that. Craig Napier was later ressurected by the justice league. He became a member of the justice league. He chose a superhero name so he chose Jokeman. He changed his costume too. He later retires and he is then in his 50s. He has white streaks of hair. He grew a mustache and beard. He isn't clown like anymore because he was cured with chemical when he was younger. He became a scientist. He died in his early 90s. He was never ressurected after that because it was a natural death and it would be ignorant if someone did.