This is a reboot of Batman comics that is part of the DC: Mark 2.0 event.  It has a Slam Bradley back-up feature.


Issue 1:  Happy New Year

Bruce Wayne is at the Gotham Globe Center New Year's celebration with Vicki Vale.  The ball is dropped at 11:59, but when it is halfway down, it stops.  The panels flip inside out, and the ball is now a TV screen.  On it,  a silhouette of a face says, "(I'm not sure yet)", and then the ball explodes, as well as the sound systems, and some other stuff.  An army of icemen, man-bats, and claymen burst out, and start attacking the crowd.  Bruce hides Vicki in a safe place and changes into Batman.  He starts defeating the creatures, but eventually realizes that he'll need more help. The issue ends with him sending a message to all of his allies:  Tim Drake, Nightwing, Catwoman, Jim Gordon, Batwoman, and Oracle

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