This is an animated series based off of the Dark Knight Movies. It is being written by multiple users.


Season 1

Episode 1-City of Riddles Part 1-The Riddler becomes Gotham's newest threat

Episode 2-City of Riddles Part 2-The Riddler attempts to take revenge on Batman

Episode 3-Taking Up Roots-Poison Ivy takes her revenge on mankind

Episode 4-Chilled to the Bone-Cryogenist Victor Freeze invades several companies to find the technology to help his wife

Episode 5-Beneath these Sinful Streets-Killer Croc is created, and joins Walter White’s gang of misfits

Episode 6-Leaving the Nest-Robin sneaks off to make businessman Oswald Cobblepot pay for his secret arms trade

Episode 7-Hats Off-Batman tries to stop madman Jervis Tetch

Episode 8-Hush-Thomas Elliot comes to Bruce Wayne to help his decent into madness, and becomes vigilante Hush

Episode 9-Stroke of Misfortune-The Assassin Red X targets Bruce Wayne and Alfred

Episode 10-False Gods Part 1-A terrifying new cult begins to spring up, worshipping supposed savior Maxie Zeus

Episode 11-False Gods Part 2-Azrael, Zeus’s assassin, targets officials around Gotham to give control of the city to Maxie Zeus

Episode 12-False Gods Part 3-With Gotham now under control of Zeus, and Batman captured by Azrael, Robin is left to take down Zeus alone

Season 2

Episode 13-Phobias-Doctor Crane decides to continue his experiments.

Episode 14-Burning Fury-Firefly goes on an arson spree across Gotham.

Episode 15-Born on a Monday-Solomon Grundy goes on a crime spree

Episode 16-Love is no Joke-Shows the origins and relationship between the Joker and Doctor Harleen Quinzell before the Joker escaped from Akrham

Episode 17-The Bird and the Beast-Reporter Jack Ryder becomes one of The Great White Shark’s freaks in order to take his revenge on

Episode 18-Maliable-In order to escape being captured by the police, The Joker captures actor Basil Karlo and uses him as a hostage.

Episode 19-The Family Business-Carmine Falcone claims to be Catwoman’s father

Episode 20-Blizzard-Mr. Freeze attempts to take revenge on Warren

Episode 21-Friendly Competition-Prometheus and Anarky are paid by The Penguin to compete to kill the commissioner.

Episode 22-Gearhead-Batman tracks down the weapons used by Prometheus

Episode 23-

Episode 24-

Episode 25-The Demon’s Head-Damian Al Ghul is trained to lead the League of Shadows, leaving Slade exiled.

Episode 26-The Demon Rises-Batman attempts to take down the League

Episode 27-The Demon Falls-Slade joins Batman to take down the League

Season 3

Episode 28-The Other Side of the Mirror-Hush and Clayface join forces to ruin the lives of The Joker and Bruce Wayne

Episode 29-Extremism-Jason Todd seeks revenege against Black Mask

Episode 29-Spoiler Alert-The Cluemaster becomes Gotham's new criminal, and The Riddler attempts to destroy him for stealing his style of crime.

Episode 45-Identity Crisis-Hugo Strange sets up contest for the villains of Gotham-The first to find the identity of The Batman gets a small fortune as a prize. 

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