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Eclipse Main Poster 1

Directed by

Alfonso Cuarón

Produced by

Alfonso Cuarón
J. J. Abrams

Screenplay by

Alfonso Cuarón
Joss Whedon
Vince Gilligan

Story by

George Alder

Based on

Characters created by Bob Kane


Patrick Wilson
Ben Foster
Keri Russell
Ellen Page
John Cleese
Denzel Washington

Music by

Alexandre Desplat


Robert Richardson

Edited by

Julian Clarke


NINE100 Film Studios
DC Comics

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date(s)

March 9, 2016




Eclipse is a 2016 superhero film directed by Alfonso Cuarón, who also co-produced the film with J.J. Abrams, and wrote the film with Joss Whedon and Vince Gilligan. It is the second film in the Shadow Walker trilogy of films, and is the sequel to The Shadow Walker. Patrick Wilson returns in the main role of Batman, and is primarily supported by Ben Foster, Keri Russell, Ellen Page, John Cleese and Denzel Washington.


Bale Warner is a brand new character developed exclusively for the film. Warner was a celebrated geologist who was renowned for his study into the composition of Topaz. However, during a study into Topaz's piezoelectric charge, Warner was electrocuted, and was put into a coma for several years. It was found that his ventromedial prefrontal cortex was significantly damaged, and when he returned to his studies he was gently mocked for his accident. Due to the damage to his brain, his emotional response was skewed and he murdered one his co-workers by repeatadly punching his head and temple. After this, numerous rock samples started circling around his hands, which he threw at the rest of the people in the room, killing them. With his geokinesis now discovered, and his psychological state damaged, Warner adopted the pseudonym of Orbit, and became a threat to anybody who mocked him. His super strength, durability and control over rocks led him to one of the most dangerous people in Batman's rogues gallery.
Story writer George Alder decided to create a new, female interpretation of Killer Moth. This version's real identity is Abigail Becker, a paraplegic roboticist who developed a powered exoskeleton that allowed her to move quickly, carry heavy loads and also fly using a pair of mechanical wings built into the exoskeleton. The original Killer Moth's signature weapon, the cocoon gun, has been retained as this version's primary weapon, and she also carries chlorine grenades. She wears a military MCU-2/P gas mask to prevent the inhalation of the chlorine gas her grenades disperse, as well wearing it to protect her identity. It is unknown what caused Abigail to become a paraplegic, as it is known it is not due to any congenital disorders and was gained later in life. However, it has been rumoured that this will be explored in the final film of the trilogy, which is known to be a prequel.
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