Gotham Knight is a 2013 TV series about Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham, and creating the Batman persona. Created by Vince Gilligan, Bruno Heller, Danny Cannon, and David S. Goyer. This season was inspired by the comic book story lines of Batman: Year One, Batman: Eternal, Batman: The Killing Joke, and Batman: Strange Apparitions.


Main and Recurring 

  • Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne / The Man-in-Black/The Knight
  • Victoria Justice as Alice Kane
  • Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane
  • Bryan Cranston as Lieutenant James Gordon
  • Liam Cunningham as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle
  • Sara Serraiocco as Sasha Bordeaux
  • Ernie Hudson as Lucius Fox
  • Donal Louge as Detective Harvey Bullock
  • Aly Michalka as Vicki Vale
  • Charlie Cox as Harvey Dent
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Barbara Gordon
  • Danny Glover as Lucius Fox
  • Diane Guerrero as Detective Renee Montoya
  • Matthew Davis as Thomas Wayne (Flashbacks)
  • Anne Heche as Sarah Essen
  • Vera Farmiga as Martha Wayne ( Flashbacks)
  • Brenton Twaites as Detective Dick Grayson/Patrick Blake
  • David Zayas as Angel Rojas
  • Jordan Calloway as Luke Fox
  • Vanessa Morgan as Julia Pennyworth
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Helena Bertinelli / The Huntress
  • Lee Tergesen as Mayor Armand Krol
  • Unknown as Dr. Leslie Thompkins
  • Lance Reddick as Detective Crispus Allen
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as P.I Jason Bard
  • Harry Lennix as Commissioner Michael Akins
  • Wyatt Nash as Detective James Gordon (flashbacks)
  • Douglas Hodge as Alfred Pennyworth (flashbacks)
  • Dante Pereira-Olson as Bruce Wayne (flashbacks)
  • Bill Camp as Detective Harvey Bullock (flashbacks)


  • Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck/Jack Napier/The Joker
  • Chris Cooper as Rupert Thorne
  • Patton Oswalt as Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
  • Matthew Gray Gubler as Edward Nygma / The Riddler
  • Rami Malek as Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow
  • Stanley Tucci as Dr. Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze
  • Unknown as Joe Chill
  • Kerr Smith as Lieutenant Peter Pauling
  • Michael Keaton as Hamilton Hill
  • Rhys Wakerfield as Drury Walker / Killer Moth
  • Will Smith as Floyd Lawton / Deadshot
  • Michael Imperioli as Mario Falcone
  • Jim Beaver as Lew Moxon
  • Jason Bateman as Arthur Brown / Cluemaster
  • Unknown as Dr. Karl Hellfern / Doctor Death
  • Unknown as Lark
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Garfield Lynns / Firefly
  • Alfred Molina as Julian Day / Calendar Man
  • Paul Dano as Arthur Reeves
  • Robert De Niro as Sal Maroni
  • Donald Glover as Eric Needham / Black Spider

Episodes ( 2013-2014)

(Nightslayer2) 1."Pilot"- In the present evening, bartender and retired G.C.P.D. lieutenant Angel Rojas is on his way home until until he spots a group of clowns led by Ecco that are stealing items from a pharmacy store at an alleyway. After Rojas is discovered by the felons, he is quickly ambushed and incarcerated, during which the Clowns stuff a jack-in-the-box into his stomach. Left tied up, Rojas is discovered by the G.C.P.D. in the early morning where Detective Patrick Blake is present. Believing Rojas to be part of a twisted trap, the officers decide not to cut him down until Lead Inspector Jacob Kane and Lucius Fox arrive. Using a sensor, Fox is able to locate the jack-in-the-box and Jacob extracts it from Rojas' stomach. Following this, the lieutenant is cut down and receives medical aid immediately. After the ordeal, Rojas requests to speak to Jacob and explains what happened about what had happened. After Rojas is taken to the hospital, Jacob decides to speak to Jack Napier. The Joker, who is now under the name Jack Napier, appears on Live With Murray Franklin due to being invited by Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro), a veteran talk show personality in Gotham City. While on the show, Joker makes several misanthropic and morbid jokes. The Joker then pulls out a gun and shoots Murray in the face, killing him instantly on live television. Later on, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City after spending years abroad, training for his eventual one-man war on crime. Bruce is swiftly acquainted with the corruption and violence of Gotham City. Bruce reunites with Jacob, who is revealed to be his uncle, his cousins who are Jacob's daughters, his godfather Lucius Fox, aunt Gabrielle Kane, and his faithful manservant Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce decides to work at Wayne Enterprises' Applied Sciences Division where Lucius introduces Bruce to many environmental and defense prototypes not in production, such as a caviler utility harness, a gas-powered magnetic grapple gun, and a bullet-proof Nomex survival suit made of caviler bi-weave. Finding the equipment useful for his mission as Batman, Bruce requested to borrow it for spelunking. He didn't want the board of directors to know about him borrowing such stuff, but the way Fox saw it, the equipment belonged to the billionaire anyway. Knowing that Jacob is on a warpath with the Joker, Gabrielle takes Alice to an abandoned club in order to receive a weapon from her desk drawer. As she did so, she assured Alice Kane that everything would be fine when the lights in the main area turned on. Gabrielle instructed her daughter to remain in the office while she searched for an intruder and when she exited her office, she discovered Ecco standing at the bar with her back facing Gabrielle. She was then ambushed by Fleck who pushed her into Ecco who then held a knife to her throat but before they could do any damage, Alice threw an object at Ecco, allowing Gabrielle to stab her in the stomach, and then began to hit Joker. However, Joker then shot Gabrielle in the leg and then shot and killed the wounded Ecco. He held the gun to Gabrielle as he also held Alice hostage, and instructed Gabrielle to deliver a message to Jake when he arrived at the club and knocked her out, taking Alice hostage. When Jake arrived, she awakened and informed him that Joker wanted him to meet with him at "the place where he was born again." Later, Alice awakens where her arms are bound over her head by chains and her legs were bound by rope the ankles, dangling over a chemical pit at Ace Chemicals. Jacob arrives and pleads with Fleck to release Alice, but Joker coldly refuses. Jacob almost fails in saving her only for the both of them to survive with aid from an unknown vigilante, who kills Joker only for the Joker to be announced alive later on by paramedics. Jacob vows to bring down the vigilante by ordering a massive task force to arrest him and Bruce is later on revealed to be that vigilante. In flashbacks, Arthur Fleck was a comedian struggling to support his mother Penny Fleck and becomes startled when he learns that his former employer Silas Wayne (Brett Cullen) is his father. Penny criticizes Arthur for having quit his job as a lab assistant at Ace Chemicals, one of Silas' properties, in order to become a comedian by asking if he has to be funny to be a comedian. Silas Wayne is revealed to be running for mayor in order to reshape Gotham City for the better since he knows the city is descending into anarchy. Silas has called the less-fortunate individuals "nothing but clowns", which sparked protests against him led by Matthew Malone, an angry ex-employee who was fired from Ace Chemicals months ago by Silas in order to save money. Malone tries to recruit Arthur for his cause, only for Arthur to politely refuse out of loyalty to Silas right after Arthur finds a note written to Silas by his mother, claiming Silas is his father. Although Arthur berates his mother Penny Fleck (Frances Conroy) for keeping this from him, he still wishes to meet his alleged father. During Malone's protests, Arthur sneaks into a screening of Modern Times in order to personally speak with Silas Wayne, who aggressively denies being his father and explains that Penny Fleck was insane. Arthur, in denial and fear, begins to laugh uncontrollably, and Silas punches Arthur in the face and leaves not before calling him a freak. Believing that Silas was lying and desperate to support his mother, Fleck agrees to help Matthew Malone rob Ace Chemicals in order to get even with Silas. At the plant, Malone, Fleck, and others head there dressed as clowns to rob the plant. The criminals are gunned down by security and Fleck falls into the chemical plant's waste pond, and is swept through a pipe leading to the outside. As he removes his mask, he sees the chemicals have permanently disfigured his face, giving him a clown-like appearance. His disfigurement, combined with Silas Wayne's treatment of him, drives him insane and transforms him into the Joker. Later on, the Clowns led by Malone decide to begin rioting, looting, and protesting all throughout the city, while the Joker, who is touring through the devastation to enjoy it, is being arrested by detective Burke for being one of the protesters. During the chaos, Silas' son Thomas, daughter-in-law Martha, and grandson Bruce are leaving a movie theater. In an attempt to escape the madness, the three duck into an alley, but are followed by Malone who, decides that if he cannot get Silas Wayne, he'll get his family. Malone then guns down Thomas and Martha in front of Bruce, leaving him grieving before his parents' bodies.

(Bat24) 2. "Judge and Jury"- A new vigilante named The Hangman strikes Gotham City and starts capturing and killing a bunch of criminals. Gordon and the rest of the GCPD try to save Michael Sampson, a father of three and a great husband who used to work as a criminal. However, The Hangman arrives and gives him a public hanging for all of Gotham to see. Meanwhile, Bruce decides to put on a facade as an irresponsible billionaire playboy in order to avoid the suspicion that he is a vigilante. Bruce gets invited by Lucius to a dinner at Puccio's, the young Wayne drives there in his Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 with two beautiful young European women, Kiki and Soozey, as company. While talking about the Hangman's achievement and Gordon's "jealousy" of it with Lucius and his friends, Bruce lets Kiki and Soozey swim inside pool nearby, but even though a maitre'd tells him that they couldn't go in since the pool is a decoration and they don't have swimwear, Bruce tells the waiter that he is going to make some changes before signing a check for ownership of the restaurant on the spot and joining the two women for their swim. On their way back to the Lamborghini, the three pass Selina Kyle, who arrives for a casual blind date. Bruce tries to convince her that he isn't who he seems to be, but she notes that one isn't only who they are on the inside, but also how they act. Meanwhile, Gillian B. Loeb, the previous police commissioner, returns, hoping to use Sampson's murder as an excuse to try to get the city council to reinstate him instead of Gordon. Loeb's overall goal is to regain his former position and he justifies taking over due to his "experience". However, before his plans can be fulfilled, he becomes a victim of the Hangman Killer himself. Bruce learns that Alice is engaged in irresponsible behavior and tries to do something about it. Unfortunately for Bruce, Alice and Bruce have a hard time getting along since Bruce is considered to be a stranger by Alice due to being absent most of her life. The only person that she has known her whole life was Alfred, her father Jacob, her sister Kate Kane, and that's it. Bruce is beginning to see how Gotham has changed in his absence and Alfred reveals that Gotham became a mad city the moment that armed robbery occurred at Wayne Manor years ago. The Hangman is later on revealed to be Agent Dodgson, a member of Rupert Thorne's Crows. After years of seeing people die in Afghanistan and in the streets of Gotham because of criminals, Dodgson decided to take matters into his own hands by becoming a vigilante. Dodgson abducts Alice after catching her involved in underage drinking at her party and Bruce learns of the kidnapping. Bruce is then forced to kill Dodgson as the vigilante in order to save Alice by hanging Dodgson. Gordon and the GCPD later discover the Hangman equipment in Agent Dodgson's home, concluding that he was the Hangman until he was killed by the Man in Black. Carmine Falcone and his Crows are humiliated upon Dodgson's secret becoming public knowledge. Falcone vows to get even with Gordon and the vigilante for humiliating him. Alfred makes Bruce and Alice give each other a chance to get to know each other by playing the Monopoly board game together. In flashbacks, in his quest to conquer fear, Bruce climbs to the top of Wayne Manor until he spots the Joker, who has arrived to Wayne Manor to check up on Bruce believing him to be his nephew. Joker decides to put his fingers in Bruce's mouth in an attempt to make him smile. Alfred catches Joker playing with Bruce inappropriately, which he promptly puts an end to. Arthur revealed to Alfred that he believed himself to be the son of Silas Wayne. Alfred motions for Bruce to remain behind him and rudely denies this by insulting the Joker's daughter, calling her an insane, sick woman. Joker angrily tells Alfred to stop only for Alfred to tell Joker to leave before he makes a fool of himself. When Joker announces that Bruce Wayne is his nephew, Alfred starts laughing prompting the Joker to strangle him in front of Bruce. Bruce screams at Joker to release Alfred and attacks him. Joker, upon realizing that he was traumatizing Bruce, immediately runs from the scene. Feeling relieved that Bruce is unharmed, Alfred takes him back to Wayne Manor. Bruce asks Alfred if Arthur Fleck is his uncle only for Alfred to harshly yell at Bruce, denying it and telling Bruce that she should be ashamed of himself for asking that question. Bruce was then comforted by Alfred after the butler realized his mistake of yelling at him and reassures him that the Wayne family has no connection to Arthur. In shock, Joker visits the GCPD and steals all the legal records that they have have on Penny; the file says Penny adopted Arthur as a baby and allowed her abusive boyfriend to harm them both. However, Penny says that Silas used his influence to fabricate the adoption to hide their affair. In the evening, the Joker kills his own mother by suffocating her with a pillow.  

(Nightslayer2) 3. "Realm of Shadows"-Gordon is fighting the Joker's gang, who has been active for months before Bruce even returned to Gotham, before being joined by Bruce as the vigilante. The two give chase to the gang, with Gordon cornering one of his henchmen, ordering him to lower his weapon, though the henchman states he does not have one. Gordon fires, but the bullet passes through the henchman and hits a transformer, which causes a massive explosion and two trains to collide. The Gotham City Police Department and Jacob Kane arrive at the scene and Jacob arrests Gordon. Bruce reviews the footage of the accident and learns that the henchman Gordon was chasing works for mob boss Tony Falco. Gordon is denied ball and is ordered by Judge Maria Vargas to be sent to Blackgate until his trial, which devastates Barbara, Gordon's youngest daughter and a student at Alice's school. Barbara has been known to be a tech savvy teenager who is a great admirer of her father and often pleads to help with his cases, only for Gordon to refuse. Bruce heads to the Tobacconists Club to investigate Falco's whereabouts as the vigilante. Ultimately though, Bruce has an encounter with a group of mercenaries and Catwoman, the latter having broken into the Mayor's safe and stolen a drive. During the fight, Bruce steals the drive whilst she manages to escape. Returning to Wayne Manor, Bruce works on decrypting the drive in hopes of finding proof as to why Cat Woman was after it. At school, a jock named Creed and his friends treat Barbara badly by mocking her about James Gordon's imprisonment. At school, Alice secretly smuggles in a can of beer to drink in the girl's bathroom after reassuring herself that she is left alone. Before Alice could drink, she hears someone crying in the nearby stall. Upon investigating, Alice discovers Barbara sitting on the toilet, eating a brownie and crying because of Creed. Alice sympathizes with Barbara and while putting her drinking on hold, she invites Barbara to have lunch with her, Luke Fox, Ivy Pepper, which Barbara accepts while secretly having a crush on Luke. After finishing decryption of the drive, Bruce discovers evidence of Tony Falco's criminal organization, along with ties to Commissioner Loeb. Bruce decides to hand the driver over to Jacob by meeting with him in one of Gotham's central towers. After Jacob gets the information, he thanks Bruce for handing it to him, while not wanting to know how his nephew got it. After the meeting ends, Jacob passes the information along to his superiors. While the GCPD are arresting all of Falco's associates, Bruce attacks the Tobacconists Club as the vigilante, hoping to capture Falco. After Bruce takes down six of his own henchmen, Falco retaliates by opening fire at him, though two of his men get caught in the crossfire and killed. Bruce, using his Grapple Gun, destroyed the floor below him and forced him to flee to his office. Using the security camera feed, Falco tries to shoot at the Knight, but the system is disrupted by an EMP Mine and Bruce successfully breaks into his office. After a further scuffle, he activates a mini-gun that he had hidden, though it and the window are destroyed by one of Bruce's drones that Alfred is controlling. Bruce decides to brutalize Falco by impaling the mob boss on one of the metal rods dislodged in the explosion. Making their way to the office, Jacob and the other officers found that the vigilante had already made it and defeated Falco. He ordered the officers to open fire at the vigilante, but to no avail, as he escapes before being hit. Falco is then arrested. Alfred is concerned about Jacob wanting to bring down the vigilante and Bruce admits that Jacob will be a problem. Bruce also wonders why Cat Woman and the mercenaries was after the drive in the first place. At the Tobacconists Club, all the club members are angry at the GCPD for shutting down most of their operations as well as Falco's arrests. Rupert Thorne then arrives and reveals to everyone that he has evidence implicating them in all of Falco's operations. Thorne is revealed to have sent Cat Woman and the mercenaries to the Tobacconists Club to seize the evidence only for the vigilante to beat them to it, nevertheless, things still worked out in Thorne's favor with Falco imprisoned and most of his operation crippled. Thorne promises to have the Crows overlook their activities and use his position in the city council to manipulate Gotham's political climate in their favor in exchange for leadership over Falco's operations. With no other choice, the mobsters agree to Thorne's demands. Thorne also reveals that with Gordon gone, he has replaced him with another "yes-man", Peter Pauling, who is promoted from sergeant to lieutenant as a result of Thorne's manipulation. At school, Alice attempts to drink again only to get caught by Luke, who confiscates it from her. Luke throws the beer into a bin and admits to having had bad experiences similar to Alice, but explains how he'd persevered through without sinking low. When Alice starts to snuggle up with Luke, Barbara watches the whole thing and runs away in tears, hurt by all this without Alice and Luke even noticing. In flashbacks, Bruce, Silas, and Alfred attend the Gotham Children's Hospital Gala and run into Leslie Thompkins. Alfred flirts with her. In the meantime, Arthur and his associate Ecco, a neighbor of Arthur's that Arthur tortured into insanity, disguise themselves and takeover the show. When Mayor Linseed (Norm Lewis) is called to the stage, Arthur throws a knife to his chest and reveals himself and Ecco, holding everyone hostage. Alfred is able to get Bruce and Silas out of the building. Ultimately though, against Silas' wishes, Bruce goes back to save Alfred. As Alfred is terrifying the hostages, Ecco ties Leslie to a spinning wheel, taunting her. Leslie kicks Ecco in the crotch, and in retaliation, Ecco tries to stab Leslie, but Arthur stops her. Arthur expresses his distaste for Silas Wayne and threatens to kill Alfred unless Bruce gets on the stage. Against Silas' wishes, Bruce gets on the stage, and Ecco holds a knife to his neck until Gordon, who was alerted by Silas, and Alfred start shooting the members of Arthur's cult. Ecco tries to kill Bruce only for Silas to knock Ecco out. Arthur escapes through a trap door on the stage. Alfred invites Leslie to dinner at Wayne Manor, which she accepts. Arthur watches the news of people, who are not part of Malone's group, committing homicidal acts of their own, prompting Arthur to laugh at all this.

4. (Nightslayer2) "Heat"-Out in uptown Gotham City, Catwoman sneaks into an expensive apartment and steals a valuable necklace using her cat, Miss Kitty to see the security lasers and slip past them. However, Batman is watching and chases after the culprit. Catwoman is intrigued but leaps from the building top and uses her whip and acrobatic abilities to flee. Bruce easily manages to catch up with her and chases her over the rooftops of Gotham. The chase eventually comes to an end in an alleyway and Catwoman attacks. She manages to bury him under trashcans and runs, but Miss Kitty is almost run over in the middle of the road. Fortunately for Miss Kitty, Bruce saves her. Catwoman blows a cat-whistle and calls Miss Kitty up. In another part of town, a man in a leather catsuit murders not only robs an apartment where two female roommates are staying together, but slaughters them both as well with knife-like claws while muttering stuff about his mother. Catwoman is blamed by Councilman Rupert Thorne for the murders, but Bruce knows that it isn't true since he was fighting Cat Woman at the same time the murders took place. Bruce reveals to Alfred that he knows Selina is Cat Woman and believes that Selina is still angry at him for leaving Gotham years ago. In the meantime at school, Creed humiliates Barbara by revealing to the entire school that she has been writing love letters to Luke for years, embarrassing her. Barbara even becomes more agitated when she learns from Bullock that Jacob was the one who arrested Gordon and that Alice didn't tell her that part as well as her affair with Luke. Jacob becomes concerned when Thorne releases a statement to the press that Jacob fears will agitate the public only for Thorne to dismiss that. Thorne's arrogance prompts Jacob to hit him and Thorne angrily announces to Jacob that he can get the mayor to fire him. Jacob then changes Thorne's mind by arguing that this won't be the case by pointing out Thorne needs him to take down Cat Woman before the public becomes riled even further. Thorne reluctantly agrees to keep Jacob on the police payroll but vows to make his life a living hell, which Jacob is counting on. The Cat Man strikes again by targeting a group of women staying in an apartment only for Bruce and Selina to intervene. Cat Man attempts to murder one of the women until Selina saves her and Selina gets injured in the process, which Cat Man uses as an opportunity to escape. Bruce and Selina are able to deduce each other's identities and Bruce decides to trust Selina after she risked her own life to save someone. Bruce and Selina then form an alliance to bring down Cat Man once and for all. Ultimately though, Bruce asks Selina to return all the objects she has stolen which Selina promises. Bruce and Selina then spend the night together in the Bat Cave. At school, Barbara confronts Alice about her knowing about Jacob arresting Gordon and to talk about Luke. Barbara is angry at Alice believing that she took everything from her and for not telling her. Things get intense when Alice believes Jacob arresting Gordon was justified since Gordon killed a bunch of people in a subway only for Barbara to argue that Gordon was set up and angers Alice by calling Jacob corrupt. Alice angrily announces that her father saves lives while Barbara's father leaves a trail of bodies wherever he goes just like Barbara's mother, who was a serial killer years ago. Speaking of mothers, as Barbara points out, at least Barbara is not using the fact that her mother was murdered as an excuse to skip class and become a drunk party girl. Alice is hurt by Barbara's remarks but then she walks over to Barbara to point out that at least her mother didn't threaten to kill her brother into leaving Gotham. Angry, Barbara hits Alice and Alice hits back. Then Barbara tackles Alice to the ground and they begin fighting. Mr. Raeburn, the school principal, then arrives to break up the fight. Bruce learns of what happened to Alice from Alfred, but decides to focus his efforts on Cat Man after Bruce deduces he is Thomas Reese Blake. Bruce and Selina, in costumes, head to Blake's apartment in the evening. Blake is not there, but they do find the items that were stolen from the women that Blake murdered. They also find news articles where Blake was obsessing over a beauty pageant taking place. Blake kills a cameraman for his pressman and impersonates the man in getting pass security. During the beauty pageant, Blake tries to kill the women again only to be foiled by Cat Woman and the Man-in-Black. Jacob is able to arrest Blake and have him tried for most of the murders because of the evidence that Bruce and Selina, but not enough. Bruce remembers that Blake had a key for a locker in his building, which Bruce deduced had some of the loot Blake stole from some of the women he murdered. When Bruce heads there, he finds the locker empty and deduces Selina took it. Bruce confronts Selina later where he apologizes for leaving her a decade earlier but admits that Selina should've reported the key to Jacob, because now everyone believes that Cat Woman committed some of the murders while Blake was just a copycat. Bruce disbands his partnership with Selina and vows to bring her down next time. Selina playfully counts on it. Bruce returns home later to learn Alice and Barbara were both suspended from school following their fight. In flashbacks, an older Bruce Wayne, after graduating from his prep school and spends time a young Selina Kyle, who is a street orphan. Bruce learns from Jacob that in jail, Malone shared a cell with mob boss Tony Falco and learned incriminating evidence about Rupert Thorne. After Falco was released, Malone arranged with the Carl Finch, the district attorney, to endorse his petition for early parole in exchange for testifying against Thorne. At the hearing, Malone saw Bruce Wayne in the crowd. As he left the courthouse, a reporter who is actually an assassin sent by Falco, shot Malone and killed him, in order to keep him from testifying. Bruce was at Malone's hearing and took a gun with the intent of killing him only for the assassin to beat him to it. Jacob drives Bruce to an alleyway in front of Falco's restaurant to show him that things have grown much worse since the Joker first appeared because Falco took advantage of it to flood the city with organized crime, making the bad people of Gotham rich and the good people of Gotham frightened, and Malone would have been the justice system's ace in the hole against him. Bruce dismissed that idea by telling him about his foiled plan, and Jacob expressed disgust for Bruce's blind vengeance without regard for justice. Bruce angrily leaves the car but then when Bruce realizes that Jacob was right, Bruce angrily throws the gun into the harbor. Bruce confronts Falco at a bar where they are celebrating Malone's death to reveal to the two that not everyone in Gotham feared them. Falco dismisses Bruce as a harmless nuisance and Falco has his henchmen beat Bruce up to teach him a lesson; Falco shows Bruce that he "owns" Gotham because of two councilmen, policemen, and a judge who were under his payroll while he gave the implied threat of killing Bruce right then and there. Falco gave Bruce a speech that Bruce is ignorant about the nature of crime and that people always "fear what [they don't] understand." After Falco throws Bruce out of the bar, Bruce vows to prove Falco otherwise by getting on a ferry with the intention of traveling the world to understand the criminal mind.

5. TBA Bat24

6. TBA Bat24

7. (Nightslayer2) "Killing Mr. Raeburn"-Barbara hopes to obtain an important scholarship to study in Bludhaven University. Ultimately though, Barbara's teachers are concerned that she might be unstable following the setbacks that her family had with her parents being imprisoned for mass murder and her brother being missing. Despite this, Bullock has been looking after Barbara out of respect for Gordon. Raeburn promises Barbara that he will write a letter of recommendation and tries to take advantage of her. Barbara rejects him and any chance she had to obtain the financial aid vanished. For this reason, Barbara took a number of sleeping pills, hoping to commit suicide. Alice catches Barbara and immediately takes her to the hospital. Alice learns from Barbara that Mr. Raeburn pressured her and wants revenge. Alice plots vengeance against Raeburn by having Luke glue Raeburn to his chair. When that happens, Raeburn tries to get up but the phone rings. He answers only for the phone to be covered in glue as well. He shouts for his secretary to assist him. Mr. Raeburn is wheeled out his office by firemen as Luke and Alice look on. Alice then decides to release her anger by writing a fictional tale about her, Luke, Donny Grasso, and Ivy Pepper getting revenge. The story depicts Luke and Donny wearing clown masks as they restrains Mr. Raeburn to a char in the Wayne cabin. Luke notices that his glasses are missing and begins to panic. Mr. Raeburn calls the the couple out by name. Donny removes his mask in anger, blowing their cover. When Mr. Raeburn laughs, Donny grows angry and hits him, who then asks Donny if this is what his father does. Donny and Luke then leave. Once Mr. Raeburn is secured at the cabin, they take turns on watch. Alice is first. Mr. Raeburn asks if anyone has found his glasses. He then tells Alice that it’s not too late to make things right and let him go. She believes they are making it right, stating that she has a plan. Mr. Raeburn has given them something they’ve never had before, that being a common foe. He hurt Barbara. Raeburn tells her to release him and call the police, explaining that it was a school prank gone awry. Alice declines his offer. Alice continues to write her story. Next, it is Ivy Pepper and Luke's turn to check on their captive to see if he had a change of perception. They enter the cabin to find him unconscious on the floor. Luke checks his pulse and discovers that he’s dead. Meanwhile, Hamilton Hill and councilman Arthur Reeves run against Armand Krol for mayor. Thorne reveals to Lieutenant Pauling, Gordon's replacement, that one of the candidates are on their side. Pauling believes it to be Hill which is why he presents to Thorne an article of Hill getting more votes than Krol and Reeves. Thorne is enraged by the article since that was not part of his plan. Thorne then asks Pauling to call Bruce since he and Reeves are going to need his help. Alice's story resumes. Alice, Luke, Ivy, and Donny stand over Raeburn's body, panicked and frightened. Alice was the first on watch but insists that he was alive and well when she left. Donny refuses to allow this accident to ruin their lives and future. They all have plans of moving forward. Alice's going to Harvard University, Luke to Princeton University, Pepper to Yale, Donny possibly to Gotham Community College. Pepper asks who has experience with getting rid of a dead body. All of them raise their hand except for Donny. Bruce is called to meet with Thorne and Arthur Reeves at the Tobacconists Club. Thorne explains to Bruce that Reeves' campaign for mayor has made Reeves run out of funds. Figuring Reeves was doomed to lose unless he found more money, Thorne decided to ask Bruce for a bailout since Thorne knew Bruce's grandfather Silas Wayne, as they went to college together. Reeves promises to make Bruce deputy mayor if he agrees to it. Reeves reveals that the Joker has caused a lot of problems for Gotham and that Reeves wants to get rid of all the freaks, including the vigilante, whom Reeves considers to be just as nutty as the Joker. Bruce believes that the vigilante is doing good only for Reeves to believe otherwise by considering a savior to be somebody who stands up in the light of day, not afraid to show their face, and take responsibility for their actions. To Reeves, the vigilante was a coward and Reeves wanted that to end. Reeves also reveals to Bruce that he always admired Silas' work while the Joker challenged it. Bruce is skeptical about this and asks for time to process this which is why he leaves the club, knowing that Reeves and Thorne only invited him for money. Reeves is annoyed by how the meeting went. Thorne explains to Reeves that he actually hated Silas rather than respect him and Thorne now despises Bruce believing Bruce is actually similar to Silas. Reeves is still desperate for a bailout, however, Thorne reassures Reeves that they have one more card to play. Alice picks back up with his story. Raeburn is dead and buried. They have gotten away with it and are free to go back to talking about prom. Ultimately though, Donny dies in a hit and run. His death is mourned by the school. Bruce meets with Jacob to talk about Thorne and Jacob warns Bruce that Thorne is only out for himself. Bruce asks where Alice is and Jacob reveals that Alice is still at school. While waiting for Alice, Bruce finds her story and reads it. When Alice is returning home, Bruce confronts her in the lobby. Bruce reveals to Alice that he found her story and is angry that she wrote it since Bruce secretly refuses to let Alice embrace her darkness. Alice then argues that they live in Gotham City, the murder capital of the world, all due to people such as Joker and Mr. Raeburn. Alice then explains to Bruce what happened to Barbara only for Bruce to dismiss this by arguing that Barbara is lying due to being a Gordon. Alice gets angry and yells at Bruce that Barbara is telling the truth, because Raeburn tried to do it to her. A year before Bruce returned to Gotham, Alice was in trouble with the school when Raeburn found whisky in her locker which is the reason she had detention. Rather than taking her to the library, Raeburn took Alice to the janitor's closet to promise her a pardon in exchange for a favor. Alice is confused by this until Raeburn attempts to take advantage of Alice by attempting to kiss her. Alice anticipates this and hits Raeburn, her principal, before he could kiss her. Raeburn then decided to cancel Alice's detention early and told the school staff that he bumped into a door by accident in order to cover up what happened. Alice then went on her way, with satisfaction. Bruce clenches his fist as he is shocked and angry by the fact that Raeburn tried to hurt Alice. Because of this, Bruce convinces Alice to let Jacob know what happened and leaves. Later, Mr. Raeburn is working late in his school only to be confronted by Bruce as the vigilante. Bruce proceeds to give Raeburn a merciless beating. At the precinct, Jacob and Bullock decide to put their differences aside on the Gordon case, where Bullock believes Gordon to be innocent while Jacob considers it to be otherwise, in order to take down Raeburn. Ultimately though, Raeburn visits the precinct, bloodied and beaten, who begins confessing to his crimes. Alice visits Barbara at the hospital when Alfred drives her over. Alice and Barbara express regrets for the things they said to each other except that Alice still wants Barbara to give her some space since both their fathers are at each other's throats right now, which Barbara reluctantly agrees to. When Bruce returns home, he gets a note from Alfred revealing that he has taken Alice to the hospital to check on Barbara and that Jacob is working late tonight. Bruce then decides to relax by watching Gotham Insider, a show that reporter Vicki Vale hosts. Vicki is there tonight with her special guest star, Arthur Reeves. Reeves promises that when he replaces Armand Krol as mayor, he will make a tighter anti-vigilante draft by arguing that the vigilante is not the person Gotham considers him to be. Vicki sides with Reeves by revealing to the viewers that Reeves has given her evidence of the vigilante's identity. Bruce looks on as Vicki and Reeves are presenting pictures of Sal Maroni, an alleged mobster, who is wearing the Knight suit. Reeves announces that Sal Maroni has been taking the law into his own hands as a vigilante so he can get rid of the competition, which shocks the public.

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