Gotham Knight is a 2013 TV series about Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham, and creating the Batman persona. Created by Vince Gilligan, Bruno Heller, Matt Reeves, and David S. Goyer. This season follows billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, who returns to Gotham after spending years outside of the country studying science and martial arts. Bruce is reunited with his butler and father figure, Alfred Pennyworth, uncle Jacob Kane, cousin Mary Kane, and second father figure Lucius Fox. Unknown to Jacob and Mary, Bruce has been spending his nights hunting down and killing criminals as a vigilante dressed in black while being assisted by Lucius and Alfred. In the meantime, city councilman Rupert Thorne and his son Eric start manipulating events from behind the scenes to take control of criminal's underworld, even going as far as to deceive others to do so, in their quest to get revenge on the Wayne family and shape Gotham in what they believe to be a better image. There are also flashbacks to the events that happened in a decaying Gotham during 1981, where Thomas Wayne opposes his father Silas Wayne, a mayoral candidate, due to Silas' shady dealings. Silas' actions lead to the Gotham criminal underworld evolving, a young Bruce left consumed with grief over the death of his parents, and a young James Gordon with a duty to capture the Wayne killer as a promise made to Bruce. This season was inspired by the comic book story lines of Batman: Year One, Batman: Eternal, Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman #354, Batman: Dark Victory, and Batman: Strange Apparitions.


Main and Recurring 

  • Sean Faris as Bruce Wayne / The Man-in-Black / The Knight
  • Victoria Justice as Mary Elizabeth 'Bette' Kane
  • Dougray Scott as Jacob Kane
  • Bryan Cranston as Lieutenant James Gordon
  • Liam Cunningham as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle
  • Sara Serraiocco as Sasha Bordeaux
  • Donal Louge as Detective Harvey Bullock
  • Aly Michalka as Vicki Vale
  • Charlie Cox as Harvey Dent
  • Chloe Grace Moretz as Barbara Gordon
  • Danny Glover as Lucius Fox
  • Diane Guerrero as Detective Renee Montoya
  • Matthew Davis as Thomas Wayne (Flashbacks)
  • Anne Heche as Sarah Essen
  • Vera Farmiga as Martha Wayne ( Flashbacks)
  • Brenton Twaites as Detective Dick Grayson
  • David Zayas as Detective Angel Rojas
  • Jordan Calloway as Luke Fox
  • Vanessa Morgan as Julia Pennyworth
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Helena Bertinelli / The Huntress
  • Lee Tergesen as Mayor Armand Krol
  • Unknown as Dr. Leslie Thompkins
  • Lance Reddick as Detective Crispus Allen
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as P.I Jason Bard
  • Billy Brown as Cisco Blaine
  • Harry Lennix as Commissioner Michael Akins
  • Wyatt Nash as Detective James Gordon (flashbacks)
  • Douglas Hodge as Alfred Pennyworth (flashbacks)
  • Dante Pereira-Olson as Bruce Wayne (flashbacks)
  • Bill Camp as Detective Harvey Bullock (flashbacks)


  • Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck/Jack Napier/The Joker
  • Chris Cooper as Rupert Thorne
  • Patton Oswalt as Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin
  • Matthew Gray Gubler as Edward Nygma / The Riddler
  • Zachery Ty Bryan as Eric Thorne
  • Rami Malek as Dr. Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow
  • Stanley Tucci as Dr. Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze
  • Unknown as Joe Chill
  • Margot Robbie as Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  • Kerr Smith as Lieutenant Peter Pauling
  • Michael Keaton as Hamilton Hill
  • Rhys Wakerfield as Drury Walker / Killer Moth
  • Will Smith as Floyd Lawton / Deadshot
  • Michael Imperioli as Mario Falcone
  • Jim Beaver as Lew Moxon
  • Joseph Campenella as Matthew Thorne/The Crime Doctor
  • Jason Bateman as Arthur Brown / Cluemaster
  • Unknown as Dr. Karl Hellfern / Doctor Death
  • Unknown as Lark
  • David Wenham as Principal Raeburn
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Garfield Lynns / Firefly
  • Alfred Molina as Julian Day / Calendar Man
  • Paul Dano as Arthur Reeves
  • Robert De Niro as Sal Maroni
  • Donald Glover as Eric Needham / Black Spider

Episodes ( 2013-2014)

(Nightslayer2) 1."Prologue"- In the evening, G.C.P.D. Major Jacob Kane is chasing down an individual known as Killer Croc, a member of Arthur Fleck's crew that is attacking a pharmacy. Jacob manipulates Killer Croc into stepping on the road and Killer Croc is hit by a truck. Across town,  G.C.P.D. detective Angel Rojas is on his way home until until he spots a group of clowns led by Ecco that are stealing items from a pharmacy store at an alleyway. After Rojas is discovered by the felons, he is quickly ambushed and incarcerated, during which the Clowns stuff a jack-in-the-box into his stomach. Left tied up, Rojas is discovered by the G.C.P.D. in the early morning where Detective Dick Grayson is present. Believing Rojas to be part of a twisted trap, the officers decide not to cut him down unti Jacob and Lucius Fox arrive. Using a sensor, Fox is able to locate the jack-in-the-box and Jacob extracts it from Rojas' stomach. Following this, the lieutenant is cut down and receives medical aid immediately. After the ordeal, Rojas requests to speak to Jacob and explains what happened about what had happened. After Rojas is taken to the hospital, Jacob decides to speak to Jack Napier. The Joker, who used to be Arthur Fleck, is now under the name Jack Napier, appears on Live With Murray Franklin due to being invited by Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro), a veteran talk show personality in Gotham City. While on the show, Joker makes several misanthropic and morbid jokes. The Joker then pulls out a gun and shoots Murray in the face, killing him instantly on live television. Reporter Vicki Vale questions Commissioner Michael Akins and Mayor Armand Krol in their efforts to catching the Joker, whose gang has been active in Gotham for months. While engaged with intense survival training with the Arctic, Bruce is watching Vicki's news report and decides it is time to return to Gotham when Vicki wonders out loud to who can stop the Joker. Bruce returns to Gotham where he is reunited with Jacob, who is revealed to be his uncle, his cousins who are Jacob's daughters, Lucius Fox, aunt Gabrielle Kane (Michelle Morgan) , and his faithful butler Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce decides to work at Wayne Enterprises' Applied Sciences Division where Lucius introduces Bruce to many environmental and defense prototypes not in production, such as a caviler utility harness, a gas-powered magnetic grapple gun, and a bullet-proof Nomex survival suit made of caviler bi-weave. Finding the equipment useful for his mission as Batman, Bruce requested to borrow it for spelunking. He didn't want the board of directors to know about him borrowing such stuff, but the way Fox saw it, the equipment belonged to the billionaire anyway. Knowing that Jacob is on a warpath with the Joker, Gabrielle takes Mary to an abandoned club in order to receive a weapon from her desk drawer. As she did so, she assured Mary Kane that everything would be fine when the lights in the main area turned on. Gabrielle instructed her daughter to remain in the office while she searched for an intruder and when she exited her office, she discovered Ecco standing at the bar with her back facing Gabrielle. She was then ambushed by Fleck who pushed her into Ecco who then held a knife to her throat but before they could do any damage, Mary threw an object at Ecco, allowing Gabrielle to stab her in the stomach, and then began to hit Joker. However, Harley Quinn, one of the Joker's associates, kills the wounded Ecco while the Joker shoots Gabrielle in the leg. Joker held the gun to Gabrielle as he also held Mary hostage, and instructed Gabrielle to deliver a message to Jacob when he arrived at the club and knocked her out, taking Mary hostage. When Jacob arrived, she awakened and informed him that Joker wanted him to meet with him at "the place where he was born again." Later, Mary awakens where her arms are bound over her head by chains and her legs were bound by rope the ankles, dangling over a chemical pit at Ace Chemicals. Jacob arrives and pleads with Fleck to release Mary, but Joker coldly refuses. Jacob almost fails in saving her only for the both of them to survive with aid from an unknown vigilante, who knocks out Harley and kills Joker only for the Joker to be announced alive later on by paramedics. Jacob vows to bring down the vigilante by ordering a massive task force to arrest him with Vicki Vale stating to her viewers that Gotham hasn't seen such a tense relationship between law enforcement and a vigilante since the Balloon-Man and Lieutenant Gordon. Jacob's nephew Bruce is later on revealed to be that vigilante. In flashbacks to 1981, Arthur Fleck was a comedian struggling to support his mother Penny Fleck. For protection, his co-worker Randall gives him a gun for protection because of how dangerous Gotham is. While entertaining at a children's hospital, Arthur's gun falls out of his pocket. Randall lies that Arthur bought the gun himself, and Arthur is fired. Penny criticizes Arthur for having quit his job as a lab assistant at Ace Chemicals, one of Silas' properties, in order to become a comedian by asking if he has to be funny to be a comedian. Arthur has hope in his comedian career, unfortunately though, his idol, the popular talk show host Murray Franklin, mocks Arthur by showing clips from the comedy routine on his show. Silas Wayne is revealed to be running for mayor in order to reshape Gotham City for the better since he knows the city is descending into anarchy. Silas has called the less-fortunate individuals "nothing but clowns", which sparked protests against him led by Matthew Malone, an angry ex-employee who was fired from Ace Chemicals months ago by Silas in order to save money. In order to support his mother, Arthur agrees to help Malone. At the plant, Malone, Fleck, and others head there dressed as clowns to rob the plant. The criminals are gunned down by security and Fleck falls into the chemical plant's waste pond, and is swept through a pipe leading to the outside. As he removes a mask that Malone made him wear, he sees the chemicals have permanently disfigured his face, giving him a clown-like appearance.

(Bat24) 2. "Judge and Jury"- A new vigilante named The Hangman strikes Gotham City and starts capturing and killing a bunch of criminals. Gordon and the rest of the GCPD try to save Michael Sampson, a father of three and a great husband who used to work as a criminal. However, The Hangman arrives and gives him a public hanging for all of Gotham to see. Meanwhile, Bruce decides to put on a facade as an irresponsible billionaire playboy in order to avoid the suspicion that he is a vigilante. Bruce gets invited by Lucius to a dinner at Puccio's, the young Wayne drives there in his Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 with two beautiful young European women, Kiki and Soozey, as company. While talking about the Hangman's achievement and Gordon's "jealousy" of it with Lucius and his friends, Bruce lets Kiki and Soozey swim inside pool nearby, but even though a maitre'd tells him that they couldn't go in since the pool is a decoration and they don't have swimwear, Bruce tells the waiter that he is going to make some changes before signing a check for ownership of the restaurant on the spot and joining the two women for their swim. On their way back to the Lamborghini, the three pass Selina Kyle, who arrives for a casual blind date. Bruce tries to convince her that he isn't who he seems to be, but she notes that one isn't only who they are on the inside, but also how they act. Meanwhile, Gillian B. Loeb, the previous police commissioner, returns, hoping to use Sampson's murder as an excuse to try to get the city council to reinstate him instead of Gordon. Loeb's overall goal is to regain his former position and he justifies taking over due to his "experience". However, before his plans can be fulfilled, he becomes a victim of the Hangman Killer himself. Bruce learns that Mary is engaged in irresponsible behavior and tries to do something about it. Unfortunately for Bruce, Mary and Bruce have a hard time getting along since Bruce is considered to be a stranger by Mary due to being absent most of her life. The only person that she has known her whole life was Alfred, her father Jacob, her mother Gabrielle, her sister Kate Kane, and that's it. Bruce is beginning to see how Gotham has changed in his absence and Alfred reveals that Gotham became a mad city the moment that armed robbery occurred at Wayne Manor years ago. The Hangman is later on revealed to be Agent Dodgson, a member of Rupert Thorne's Crows. After years of seeing people die in Afghanistan and in the streets of Gotham because of criminals, Dodgson decided to take matters into his own hands by becoming a vigilante. Dodgson abducts Mary after catching her involved in underage drinking at her party and Bruce learns of the kidnapping. Bruce is then forced to kill Dodgson as the vigilante in order to save Mary by hanging Dodgson. Gordon and the GCPD later discover the Hangman equipment in Agent Dodgson's home, concluding that he was the Hangman until he was killed by the Man in Black. Rupert Thorne and his Crows are humiliated upon Dodgson's secret becoming public knowledge. Thorne vows to get even with Gordon and the vigilante for humiliating him. Alfred makes Bruce and Mary give each other a chance to get to know each other by playing the Monopoly board game together. In flashbacks, Arthur returns home to his mother and intercepts a letter written by Penny to Silas, alleging that he is Silas' illegitimate son, and berates his mother for hiding the truth. Arthur heads to Wayne Manor to try to speak to Thomas Wayne, believing him to be his brother. Arthur decides to put his fingers in Bruce's mouth in an attempt to make him smile. Alfred catches Arthur playing with Bruce inappropriately, which he promptly puts an end to. Arthur revealed to Alfred that he believed himself to be the son of Silas Wayne. Alfred motions for Bruce to remain behind him and rudely denies this by insulting Arthur's mother, calling her an insane, sick woman. Arthur angrily tells Alfred to stop only for Alfred to tell Arthur to leave before he makes a fool of himself. When Arthur announces that Bruce Wayne is his nephew, Alfred starts laughing prompting Arthur to strangle him in front of Bruce. Bruce screams at Arthur to release Alfred and attacks him. Arthur, upon realizing that he was traumatizing Bruce, immediately runs from the scene. Feeling relieved that Bruce is unharmed, Alfred takes him back to Wayne Manor. Bruce asks Alfred if Arthur Fleck is family only for Alfred to harshly yell at Bruce, denying it and telling Bruce that he should be ashamed of himself for asking that question. Bruce was then comforted by Alfred after the butler realized his mistake of yelling at him and reassures him that the Wayne family has no connection to Arthur. In shock, Arthur visits the GCPD and steals all the legal records that they have have on Penny; the file says Penny adopted Arthur as a baby and allowed her abusive boyfriend to harm them both. However, Penny says that Silas used his influence to fabricate the adoption to hide their affair. In the evening, Arthur kills his own mother by suffocating her with a pillow.  

(Nightslayer2) 3. "Waging War"- The Joker's gang, who has been active for months before Bruce even returned to Gotham, before being joined by Bruce as the vigilante. The two give chase to the gang, with Gordon cornering one of his henchmen, ordering him to lower his weapon, though the henchman states he does not have one. Gordon fires, but the bullet passes through the henchman and hits a transformer, which causes a massive explosion and two trains to collide. The Gotham City Police Department and Jacob Kane arrive at the scene and Jacob arrests Gordon. Bruce recalls that the henchman Gordon was chasing works for mob boss Lew Moxon. Gordon is denied ball and is ordered by Judge Maria Vargas to be sent to Blackgate until his trial, which devastates Barbara, Gordon's youngest daughter and a student at Mary's school. Barbara has been known to be a tech savvy teenager who is a great admirer of her father and often pleads to help with his cases, only for Gordon to refuse. Bruce heads to the Tobacconists Club to investigate Moxon's whereabouts as the vigilante. Ultimately though, Bruce has an encounter with a group of mercenaries and Catwoman, the latter having broken into the Moxon's safe and stolen a drive. During the fight, Bruce steals the drive whilst she manages to escape. Returning to Wayne Manor, Bruce works on decrypting the drive in hopes of finding proof as to why Cat Woman was after it. At school, a jock named Creed and his friends treat Barbara badly by mocking her about James Gordon's imprisonment. At school, Mary secretly smuggles in a can of beer to drink in the girl's bathroom after reassuring herself that she is left alone. Before Mary could drink, she hears someone crying in the nearby stall. Upon investigating, Mary discovers Barbara sitting on the toilet, eating a brownie and crying because of Creed. Mary sympathizes with Barbara and while putting her drinking on hold, she invites Barbara to have lunch with her, Luke Fox, Ivy Pepper, which Barbara accepts while secretly having a crush on Luke. After finishing decryption of the drive, Bruce discovers evidence of Lew Moxon's criminal organization, along with ties to Commissioner Loeb. Bruce decides to hand the driver over to Jacob by meeting with him in one of Gotham's central towers. After Jacob gets the information, he thanks Bruce for handing it to him, while not wanting to know how his nephew got it. After the meeting ends, Jacob passes the information along to his superiors. While the GCPD are arresting all of Moxon's associates, Bruce attacks the Tobacconists Club as the vigilante, hoping to capture Moxon. After Bruce takes down six of his own henchmen, Moxon retaliates by opening fire at him, though two of his men get caught in the crossfire and killed. Bruce, using his Grapple Gun, destroyed the floor below him and forced him to flee to his office. Using the security camera feed, Moxon tries to shoot at the Knight, but the system is disrupted by an EMP Mine and Bruce successfully breaks into his office. After a further scuffle, he activates a mini-gun that he had hidden, though it and the window are destroyed by one of Bruce's drones that Alfred is controlling. Bruce decides to brutalize Moxon by impaling the mob boss on one of the metal rods dislodged in the explosion. Making their way to the office, Jacob and the other officers found that the vigilante had already made it and defeated Moxon. He ordered the officers to open fire at the vigilante, but to no avail, as he escapes before being hit. Moxon is then arrested. Alfred is concerned about Jacob wanting to bring down the vigilante and Bruce admits that Jacob will be a problem. Bruce also wonders why Cat Woman and the mercenaries was after the drive in the first place. At the Tobacconists Club, all the club members are angry at the GCPD for shutting down most of their operations as well as Moxon's arrests. Rupert Thorne then arrives and reveals to everyone that he has evidence implicating them in all of Moxon's operations. Thorne is revealed to have sent Cat Woman and the mercenaries to the Tobacconists Club to seize the evidence only for the vigilante to beat them to it, nevertheless, things still worked out in Thorne's favor with Moxon imprisonment and most of his operation crippled. Thorne promises to have the Crows overlook their activities and use his position in the city council to manipulate Gotham's political climate in their favor in exchange for leadership over Moxon's operations. With no other choice, the mobsters agree to Thorne's demands. Thorne also reveals that with Gordon gone, he has replaced him with another "yes-man", Peter Pauling, who is promoted from sergeant to lieutenant as a result of Thorne's manipulation. At school, Mary attempts to drink again only to get caught by Luke, who confiscates it from her. Luke throws the beer into a bin and admits to having had bad experiences similar to Mary, but explains how he'd persevered through without sinking low. When Mary starts to snuggle up with Luke, Barbara watches the whole thing and runs away in tears, devastated by all this without Mary and Luke even noticing. In flashbacks, a breaking news report on a nearby TV reports that a businessman Ronald Danzer (Jack Koenig), is out on bail awaiting trial for a Ponzi scheme bilked a half a billion dollars. He tries to escape when he is intercepted outside the building by a man with a pig mask. The man ties Danzer to a weather balloon and Danzer floats in the sky. Gordon and Bullock are assigned to the case. Gordon and Bullock arrest Carl Smikers, the manufacturer of the balloons for questioning. They realize Davis Lamond (Dan Bakkedahl) is the Balloonman and they get orders to arrest him. Arriving at a facility, Gordon and Bullock ambush him. However, Lamond holds Bullock at gunpoint, confessing to having become The Balloonman to stop the corruption at the city. After a battle in which Gordon and Lamond fly in the weather balloon, Bullock shoots the balloon and both fall. Lamond is then arrested. Thomas and Silas watch the arrest of Lamond with Silas considering the Balloon-Man to be a "sucker", while Thomas says that as he killed people, so he's a criminal as well.

(Nightslayer2) 4."Heat"-Out in uptown Gotham City, Catwoman sneaks into an expensive apartment and steals a valuable necklace using her cat, Miss Kitty to see the security lasers and slip past them. However, Batman is watching and chases after the culprit. Catwoman is intrigued but leaps from the building top and uses her whip and acrobatic abilities to flee. Bruce easily manages to catch up with her and chases her over the rooftops of Gotham. The chase eventually comes to an end in an alleyway and Catwoman attacks. She manages to bury him under trashcans and runs, but Miss Kitty is almost run over in the middle of the road. Fortunately for Miss Kitty, Bruce saves her. Catwoman blows a cat-whistle and calls Miss Kitty up. In another part of town, a man in a leather catsuit murders not only robs an apartment where two female roommates are staying together, but slaughters them both as well with knife-like claws while muttering stuff about his mother. Catwoman is blamed by Councilman Rupert Thorne for the murders, but Bruce knows that it isn't true since he was fighting Cat Woman at the same time the murders took place. Bruce reveals to Alfred that he knows Selina is Cat Woman and believes that Selina is still angry at him for leaving Gotham years ago. In the meantime at school, Creed humiliates Barbara by revealing to the entire school that she has been writing love letters to Luke for years, embarrassing her. Barbara even becomes more agitated when she learns from Bullock that Jacob was the one who arrested Gordon and that Mary didn't tell her that part as well as her affair with Luke. Jacob becomes concerned when Thorne releases a statement to the press that Jacob fears will agitate the public only for Thorne to dismiss that. Thorne's arrogance prompts Jacob to hit him and Thorne angrily announces to Jacob that he can get the mayor to fire him. Jacob then changes Thorne's mind by arguing that this won't be the case by pointing out Thorne needs him to take down Cat Woman before the public becomes riled even further. Thorne reluctantly agrees to keep Jacob on the police payroll but vows to make his life a living hell, which Jacob is counting on. The Cat Man strikes again by targeting a group of women staying in an apartment only for Bruce and Selina to intervene. Cat Man attempts to murder one of the women until Selina saves her and Selina gets injured in the process, which Cat Man uses as an opportunity to escape. Bruce and Selina are able to deduce each other's identities and Bruce decides to trust Selina after she risked her own life to save someone. Bruce and Selina then form an alliance to bring down Cat Man once and for all. Ultimately though, Bruce asks Selina to return all the objects she has stolen which Selina promises. Bruce and Selina then spend the night together in the Bat Cave. At school, Barbara confronts Mary about her knowing about Jacob arresting Gordon and to talk about Luke. Barbara is angry at Mary believing that she took everything from her and for not telling her. Things get intense when Mary believes Jacob arresting Gordon was justified since Gordon killed a bunch of people in a train only for Barbara to argue that Gordon was set up and angers Mary by calling Jacob corrupt. Mary angrily announces that her father saves lives while Barbara's father leaves a trail of bodies wherever he goes just like Barbara's mother, who was a serial killer years ago. Speaking of mothers, as Barbara points out, at least Barbara is not using the fact that her mother was murdered as an excuse to skip class and become a drunk party girl. Mary is hurt by Barbara's remarks but then she walks over to Barbara to point out that at least her mother didn't threaten to kill her brother unless he left Gotham. Angry, Barbara hits Mary and Mary hits back. Then Barbara tackles Mary to the ground and they begin fighting. Mr. Raeburn, the school principal, then arrives to break up the fight. Bruce learns of what happened to Mary from Alfred, but decides to focus his efforts on Cat Man after Bruce deduces he is Thomas Reese Blake. Bruce and Selina, in costumes, head to Blake's apartment in the evening. Blake is not there, but they do find the items that were stolen from the women that Blake murdered. They also find news articles where Blake was obsessing over a beauty pageant taking place. Blake kills a cameraman for his pressman and impersonates the man in getting pass security. During the beauty pageant, Blake tries to kill the women again only to be foiled by Cat Woman and the Man-in-Black. Jacob is able to arrest Blake and have him tried for most of the murders because of the evidence that Bruce and Selina, but not enough. Bruce remembers that Blake had a key for a locker in his building, which Bruce deduced had some of the loot Blake stole from some of the women he murdered. When Bruce heads there, he finds the locker empty and deduces Selina took it. Bruce confronts Selina later where he apologizes for leaving her a decade earlier but admits that Selina should've reported the key to Jacob, because now everyone believes that Cat Woman committed some of the murders while Blake was just a copycat. Bruce disbands his partnership with Selina and vows to bring her down next time. Selina playfully counts on it. Bruce returns home later to learn Mary and Barbara were both suspended from school following their fight. In flashbacks, at 2 A.M. Thomas Wayne sits in the secret underground portion of his study, slowly realizing that he is hearing strange noises coming from his study. After making a brief call to the Gotham City Police Department, he arms himself with a handgun and goes up to find a ransacked study. Making his way into the foyer, he encounters three men wearing clown-styled masks. After a brief shootout, he manages to badly wound one of the masked individuals, and drive the two others away. Just when Thomas thinks everything is okay, he finds that he has taken for granted the badly-wounded intruder who is about to shoot him, foreshadowing Thomas' complacency as seen with his death in the alley. Just when he thinks it is the end for him, Alfred steps in and puts an end to the intruder. Before sunrise, Gordon and Bullock investigate the incident. Bullock gets chastised by Gordon after he briefly flirts with Valerie Vale the newscaster, who is on the scene to inquire about the rumors surrounding the robbery. After a long conversation with the Wayne couple (in which Gordon notes that Alfred Pennyworth is a sniper and Bullock notes that Martha Wayne is quite splendid), the detectives quickly depart from the scene, noting that Silas Wayne may have gone too far in his campaign for mayor.

(Bat24) 5. "Instant Freeze"-In flashbacks, Gordon and Bullock, with the help of Thomas Wayne and Lucius Fox, investigate when a strange man in an armored suit breaks into Wayne Enterprises to abduct a woman in cryogenic animation named Nora Fields. Thomas and Lucius reveal to the detectives that the culprit was former Wayne Enterprises employee Victor Fries. Nora was born in 1935. When Nora was 23, she was diagnosed with incurable heart disease, so her family placed her in cryogenic stasis hoping that a cure would be found in the future. Fries, having written his doctoral thesis on Nora, took on a position as a cryogenic researcher and technician at Wayne Enterprises, the facility that housed Nora's body. Eventually, he fell in love with Nora and became dedicated to finding a reliable method for slowly thawing cryogenic subjects. However, Lucius ordered the project to be shut down, as he began to feel uncomfortable with Fries' obsession with Nora as well as Thomas. Thomas was sympathetic to Fries and offered to assign him to another project, however, Fries refused and resigned. While Gordon and Bullock are conducting their investigations, Thomas meets with his brother-in-law U.S Army Lieutenant Jacob Kane. Thomas expresses concerns to Jacob that the attack occurred at Wayne Manor right after he reported his suspicions to him that the Board of Directors were using Wayne Enterprises for war profiteering in England. Wanting to put an end to the corruption, Thomas decides to head to England to investigate the No Name League, one of the clients of the Board of Directors. Jacob points out that someone needs to protect Bruce and Martha while Thomas is away and volunteers to keep tabs on them. Thomas agrees and takes a private plane to London while lying to his wife and son that he is only going to England to have a Wayne Enterprises factory built. Gordon deduces that Victor Fries will return to his home laboratory with Nora and the police surround Fries' home to find that Gordon is correct. During a fight between Fries and the police, Nora's tank gets shattered killing her. Distraught, Fries commits suicide by freezing himself. In the present day, Bruce is revealed to reviewing this information in his father's journal in Thomas' underground lair, which is revealed to be the Batcave.

(Bat24) 6. "Give And Take"- At charity event hosted by Thorne, Mario crashes the party and makes it look like the two of them are best friends much to Thorne's discomfort. Thorne is then almost assassinated when someone puts a bomb inside his car and vows vengeance on Mario. Commissioner Akins assigns Dick Grayson and rookie officer Amy Rohrbach (Minka Kelly) to take the recently captured Jacob Feebly, an escaped inmate from Arkham Asylum with an expertise in advanced electronics and explosives back to Arkham Asylum. On their way, they argue over whether the vigilante can be trusted with Grayson saying that they are running errands for a criminal while Rohrbach replies that the vigilante has changed Gotham for the better. As they are heading back, Grayson declares his intention to leave the MCU since is sending a message to the police that they cannot do their jobs without vigilante help and Rohrbach pulls into a vacant lot to confront Grayson. However, the two get caught in a confrontation between gangs, Rupert Thorne and Mario Falcone's gangs. To Dick's shock, Detective Arnold Flass is among Mario's gang. Mario's men are gunned down and Mario takes refuge behind Grayson and Rohrbach's patrol car which Thorne subsequently destroys with a rocket launcher. Rohrbach and Mario manage to get clear in time while Grayson is rescued by the Man in Black who proceeds to take out Falcone and his men. Mario Falcone then threatens to kill Rohrbach, but he is dispatched by the Man In Black. The Man In Black then leaves. Later, when Thorne is in custody, he personally tells Grayson that his plans will only grow even when he's inside prison, he'll still be manipulating events. Dick ignores him and walks away cutting off the light. Meanwhile, Raeburn finds rum in Mary's locker and sends her to detention. After school, Rather than taking her to the library, Raeburn took Mary to the janitor's closet to promise her a pardon in exchange for a favor. Mary is confused by this until Raeburn attempts to take advantage of Mary by attempting to kiss her. Mary anticipates this and hits Raeburn, her principal, before he could kiss her. Raeburn then decided to cancel Mary's detention early and told the school staff that he bumped into a door by accident in order to cover up what happened. Mary then went on her way, with satisfaction. Barbara later visits Raeburn in hopes to obtain an important scholarship to study in Bludhaven University. Ultimately though, Barbara's teachers are concerned that she might be unstable following the setbacks that her family had with her parents being imprisoned for mass murder and her brother being missing. Despite this, Bullock has been looking after Barbara out of respect for Gordon. Raeburn promises Barbara that he will write a letter of recommendation and tries to take advantage of her. Barbara rejects him and any chance she had to obtain the financial aid vanished. For this reason, Barbara took a number of sleeping pills, hoping to commit suicide. In flashbacks, Thomas heads to London, England, to investigate Silas' dealings. At his room, Thomas is attacked by Bet and the rest of the society. Thomas, however, manages to escape unscathed. Henri Ducard begins a relationship with a club waitress named Esme. Esme is kidnaped by Bet Sykes, lamenting that he should call after he has Thomas in his custody and they can swap. Attempting to report the kidnapping to the police, Ducard receives a call from Bet, revealing that the police cannot help and the only way to get Esme back it to bring her Thomas Wayne. Ducard is able to track Thomas down to an outhouse. He calls Bet to plan the exchange, which is to happen at dawn. He questions Wayne about the Raven Society, to which he reveals that he has found a large fraud connection that leads to a secret organisation, perhaps the Raven Society. Thomas admits that there will be no exchange, as they will kill both him and Ducard. Thomas would work with Ducard as well as Ducard's team in saving Esme. Thomas then asks Ducard for protection while he is in England and Ducard agrees to it while Lord Harwood, who is revealed to be Bet's employer, is revealed to have abducted the Queen.

(Nightslayer2) 7. "Killing Mr. Raeburn"- Mary catches Barbara and immediately takes her to the hospital. Mary learns from Barbara that Mr. Raeburn pressured her and wants revenge. Mary plots vengeance against Raeburn by having Luke glue Raeburn to his chair. When that happens, Raeburn tries to get up but the phone rings. He answers only for the phone to be covered in glue as well. He shouts for his secretary to assist him. Mr. Raeburn is wheeled out his office by firemen as Luke and Mary look on. Mary then decides to release her anger by writing a fictional tale about her, Luke, Donny Grasso, and Ivy Pepper getting revenge. The story depicts Luke and Donny wearing clown masks as they restrain Mr. Raeburn to a chair in the Wayne cabin. Luke notices that Raeburn's glasses are missing and begins to panic. Mr. Raeburn calls the the duo out by name. Donny removes his mask in anger, blowing their cover. When Mr. Raeburn laughs, Donny grows angry and hits him, who then asks Donny if this is what his father does. Donny and Luke then leave. Once Mr. Raeburn is secured at the cabin, they take turns on watch. Mary is first. Mr. Raeburn asks if anyone has found his glasses. He then tells Mary that it’s not too late to make things right and let him go. She believes they are making it right, stating that she has a plan. Mr. Raeburn has given them something they’ve never had before, that being a common foe. He hurt Barbara. Raeburn tells her to release him and call the police, explaining that it was a school prank gone awry. Mary declines his offer. Mary continues to write her story. Next, it is Ivy Pepper and Luke's turn to check on their captive to see if he had a change of perception. They enter the cabin to find him unconscious on the floor. Luke checks his pulse and discovers that he’s dead. Meanwhile, Hamilton Hill and councilman Arthur Reeves run against Armand Krol for mayor. In prison, Thorne reveals to Lieutenant Pauling, Gordon's replacement, that one of the candidates are on their side. Pauling believes it to be Hill which is why he presents to Thorne an article of Hill getting more votes than Krol and Reeves. Thorne is enraged by the article since that was not part of his plan. Thorne then asks Pauling to have Reeves call Bruce since they are going to need his help. Mary's story resumes. Mary, Luke, Ivy, and Donny stand over Raeburn's body, panicked and frightened. Mary was watching Raeburn before Luke and Ivy but insists that he was alive and well when she left. Donny refuses to allow this accident to ruin their lives and future. They all have plans of moving forward. Mary's going to Harvard, Luke to Princeton, Pepper to Yale, Donny possibly to Gotham Community College. Pepper asks who has experience with getting rid of a dead body. All of them raise their hand except for Donny. Bruce is called to meet with Arthur Reeves at the Tobacconists Club. Reeves explains to Bruce that his campaign for mayor has made hims run out of funds. Figuring he was doomed to lose unless he found more money, Reeves decided to ask Bruce for a bailout. Reeves reveals that the Joker has caused a lot of problems for Gotham and that Reeves wants to get rid of all the freaks, including the vigilante, whom Reeves considers to be as nutty as the Joker. Bruce believes that the vigilante is doing good only for Reeves to believe otherwise by considering a savior to be somebody who stands up in the light of day, not afraid to show their face, and take responsibility for their actions. To Reeves, the vigilante was a coward and Reeves wanted that to end. Reeves also reveals to Bruce that he always admired Silas Wayne's' work while the Joker challenged it. Bruce is skeptical about this and asks for time to process this which is why he leaves the club, knowing that Reeves only invited him for money. Reeves is annoyed by how the meeting went. Reeves reports the conversation to Thorne and Thorne reveals he hated Silas rather than respect him. Reeves is still desperate for a bailout. Ultimately though, Thorne has another card that Reeves can play. Mary picks back up with her story. Raeburn is dead and buried. They have gotten away with it and are free to go back to talking about prom. Ultimately though, Donny dies in a hit and run. His death is mourned by the school. Ivy becomes shocked when she learns that Luke and Mary cut the brakes of Donny's car, killing Donny. Bruce meets with Jacob to talk about Reeves and Jacob warns Bruce that Reeves is only out for himself. Bruce asks where Mary is and Jacob reveals that Mary is still at school. While waiting for Mary, Bruce finds her story and reads it. When Mary is returning home, Bruce confronts her in the lobby of the apartment. Bruce reveals to Mary that he found her story and is angry that she wrote it since Bruce refuses to let Mary embrace her inner-darkness. Mary then argues that they live in Gotham City, the murder capital of the world, all due to people such as Joker and Mr. Raeburn. Mary also explains to Bruce what happened to Barbara only for Bruce to dismiss this by arguing that Barbara is lying due to being a Gordon. Mary gets angry and yells at Bruce that Barbara is telling the truth, because Raeburn tried to do it to her. Bruce clenches his fist as he is shocked and angry by the fact that Raeburn tried to hurt Mary. Because of this, Bruce convinces Mary to let Jacob know what happened and leaves. Later, Mr. Raeburn is working late in his school only to be confronted by Bruce as the vigilante. Bruce proceeds to give Raeburn a merciless beating. At the precinct, Jacob and Bullock decide to put their differences aside on the Gordon case, where Bullock believes Gordon to be innocent while Jacob considers it to be otherwise, in order to take down Raeburn. Ultimately though, Raeburn visits the precinct, bloodied and beaten, who begins confessing to his crimes. Mary visits Barbara at the hospital when Alfred drives her over. Mary and Barbara express regrets for the things they said to each other except that Mary still wants Barbara to give her some space since both their fathers are at each other's throats right now, which Barbara reluctantly agrees to. When Bruce returns home, he gets a note from Alfred revealing that he has taken Mary to the hospital to check on Barbara and that Jacob is working late tonight. Bruce then decides to relax by watching Gotham Insider, a show that reporter Vicki Vale hosts. Vicki is there tonight with her special guest star, Arthur Reeves. Reeves promises that when he replaces Armand Krol as mayor, he will make a tighter anti-vigilante draft by arguing that the vigilante is not the person Gotham considers him to be. Vicki sides with Reeves by revealing to the viewers that Reeves has given her evidence of the vigilante's identity. Bruce looks on as Vicki and Reeves are presenting pictures of Sal Maroni, an alleged mobster, who is wearing the Knight suit. Reeves announces that Sal Maroni has been taking the law into his own hands as a vigilante so he can get rid of the competition, which shocks the public. In flashbacks, Lord Harwood coerces the Queen into appointing him as prime minister and uses her as a hostage in order to have the Raven Society rule over England. Thomas wants to return to America only for Ducard to refuse. Thomas would then work with Ducard and his team to save the Queen. The Queen then has Lord Harwood, Bet Sykes, and Bet's sister Peggy imprisoned.

8. (Bat24 ) "All Fear The Scarecrow"-Judge Faden dismisses the plea bargain of Mary and orders the charges brought to trial when Mary is driving under the influence of drugs laced with Gerald Crane's fear toxin. Helping Mary, Bruce begins working on tracking down the supplier of the drug that Mary took and finds out from Mary that the dealer was Detective Mcrae. Jacob in the meantime is angry at Mary for taking drugs by arguing that she could've died if Dick hadn't caught her. Mary admits that ever since her mother died, she felt she had to do something to cope with the pain, by arguing that the Joker took everything from her. Mary also did drugs because of Mr. Raeburn, who tried to touch her and touched Barbara. Jacob angrily tells Mary that Raeburn was caught and what happened to Barbara was no concern of her's. Jacob angrily reminds his daughter that the Joker killed his sister Martha and brother-in-law Thomas in front of their young son Bruce. Despite that tragedy, Bruce and Jacob never used that as an excuse to make bad decisions. Jacob decides to use his police connections to get Mary engaged in public service and is planning to make Mary have sessions with Leslie Thompkins in order to cope with her pain as well as abuse. As Mcrae is busy stealing cash from a local food vendor. As he walks away, Mcrae is yanked off the ground and pulled up about ten stories into the air by Bruce, who interrogates him about the other drugs. After he tells the vigilante what he knows, Mcrae is released. Meanwhile, Arnold Flass, who was aiding Mario in the gang war against Rupert Thorne, is found alive and dying which is why Jacob has him transferred to the medical wing at Arkham Asylum, a federal facility, where Leslie will be treating him. A mysterious man (Ashton Holmes) assigns Mcrae to kill his partner. Scarecrow, Gotham's original costumed criminal, goes to an apartment in the Narrows with two thugs intending to burn stuffed animals with the fear toxin substances inside. Both men are killed by the vigilante before they could do anything beyond spraying gasoline all over. Scarecrow sprays Bruce with his fear toxin and set him on fire, though Bruce narrowly escaped with his life and mind intact, and later acquired an antidote to the toxin from Alfred developed by Lucius Fox. Three nights later, at Bruce's birthday party, Bruce learns from Selina that Leslie is at Arkham treating Flass and goes there to investigate. Mayor Kroll arrives to check on Flass and informs Leslie that the federal prosecutor is coming to interview Flass as soon as he is treated. Kroll shows Leslie how he was working with Scarecrow and Scarecrow has poured his fear-inducing drug into Gotham's water supply. Crane doses Leslie with it, but Bruce saves her by overpowering Scarecrow's thugs and sprays Kroll with the fear toxin. Jacob arrives first at the scene and helps Bruce get Leslie to a black vehicle for safety and investigates the Asylum for clues. Bruce is able to get Leslie to safety in the Batcave while being pursued by Grayson, the Crows and the police. Bruce is then able to administer the antidote to Leslie in time and has Selina take her home while Selina makes it look like that Leslie is a drunk party guest without Mary knowing. Bruce manages to track the Scarecrow down at Crane Chemicals upon acquiring a piece of his costume and decides to turn him in instead of killing him. Jacob, Leslie, and Mary begin to wonder whether the vigilante is on their side. Mary believes that there is a possibility that the vigilante and Scarecrow are working together. Jacob points up, revealing an apprehended Crane dangling unconscious from the ceiling fan. Meanwhile, in order to silence Flass, Mcrae arrives to visit Flass at Arkham while Grayson is standing guard. Grayson allows Mcrae in after inspecting his bag, which contained a sandwich with a syringe hidden inside. Mcrae injects Flass with the poison, but, to his surprise, Flass wakes up but dies before he could raise the alarm. Mcrae then leaves after killing his partner and calls  the mysterious man  to let him know the job is already done. Meanwhile in Blackgate Penetentiary, Thorne is angry when he learns from Hamilton Hill that the city council removed his seat because of the war with Mario. Thorne schemes to regain his lost power. Moxon harasses Gordon by demanding he join his prison gang except that Gordon refuses. While in the prison's showers, Gordon is assaulted by Mario, who stabs him with an improvised knife and starts a violent fight with him. Before Mario could kill him, Gordon is saved by Moxon, who manages to knock Mario  out. The following day, Gordon questions Moxon as to why he saved his life. Moxon explains that Thorne managed to corrupt some of the guards in Blackgate and that Mario wasn't harassing Thorne, it was a gang war, that only occurred because Thorne is a mobster. Gordon is shocked by this and decides that in order to survive, he has to stick with Moxon. In flashbacks, Bullock and Detective Amanda Wong investigate Gerald Crane, a high school biology teacher who is killing individuals for their adrenal glands. Upon checking Gerald's background, they learn his wife died in a fire that he was too scared to rescue her from; believing fear is a human flaw, he is now harvesting adrenal glands in order to create a serum that makes people confront and overcome their greatest fears. After using the serum on himself and overcoming his fear, Gerald injects his own son Jonathan, whom he has held captive for months, with a much larger dose. Wong and Bullock arrive and kill Gerald in a gunfight. Jonathan is rushed to the hospital, but the serum has sent him into a state of constant terror, and he may never stop hallucinating his greatest fear: scarecrows.

(Nightslayer2) 9. "Fight or Die"-In court, Rupert Thorne defends himself from Harvey Dent's prosecution by claiming that Mario wanted him to use his influence to assign a contract over to Mario's construction company to build a new movie theater. When Thorne refused, Mario ambushed and tried to kill him. Thorne claims he was acting in self-defense with the Crows testifying on Thorne's behalf. Dick and Rohrbach testify with the Crows admitting that it was Mario who threatened Rohrbach. Much to Harvey's dismay, the Judge declares Thorne to be innocent. As the vigilante, Bruce interrogates Reeves to discover that Thorne handed him the fake photos of Maroni being the vigilante. As a civilian, Bruce takes a taxi, paying a man to drive to Blackgate Prison. Arriving at the prison, Bruce uses Jacob's ID card and pretends to be him in order to speak with a suspect. Bruce tries to speak to Lew Moxon about Thorne only for Moxon to punch him in the face. Prison guards then take Bruce to to the infirmary for some protocol procedures. In the meantime, Sal Maroni denies to both his associates and to the public of being a vigilante. Regardless, Jacob assigns Detective Crispus Allen and Allen's partner Detective Renee Montoya to investigate Maroni. Reeves becomes overconfident believing that he will beat Hill in the election after Leslie blows the whistle on Mayor Krol having worked with the Scarecrow. Maroni is enraged at Reeves for leaking that photo and tries to kill him by planting a bomb in his car. Reeves survives the explosion while a security guard at City Hall dies in the explosion. Because of the bombing, although there is no evidence to tie Maroni to the incident, Jacob begins to suspect that Maroni is actually the vigilante although Maroni aggressively denies it and claims that Reeves was setting him up. At the infirmary, Bruce is approached by a doctor named Manning who suddenly assaults him and injects him with some sedative. Bruce defeats Manning and then receives a call from the mysterious man, the individual who ordered Flass to be executed, who watches Bruce through cameras. The mysterious man reveals to Bruce that he knows about Bruce giving Jacob the evidence against Moxon. Before Bruce could respond, the mysterious man hangs up and the door opens. Reaching hallway, Bruce confronts several inmates and prison guards bribed by the mysterious man and defeat them. The whole prison goes at alarm and inmates starting a riot. Walking through a prison, Bruce is apprehended by Gordon and Moxon, who are revealed to be working together. Bruce falsely claims that Jacob sent him to check up on Gordon. Moxon wants to harm Bruce due to him being Jacob's nephew. Fortunately though, Gordon convinces Moxon to blame Thorne instead since Thorne took advantage of Moxon's imprisonment to takeover. Agreeing with Gordon, Moxon informs Bruce that Thorne had a vendetta against the Wayne's since the 1980s while running against Silas for a seat in the city council. Despite Moxon's claims, Bruce still thinks of his grandfather in a high regard. The Joker begins to feel guilty about his actions and decides to speak to Silas Wayne to check if Penny was his mother or not. During a protest made by Malone and his clowns, the Joker sneaks into a private screening of Modern Times to speak to Silas Wayne. Silas rudely being his father and confirms that Penny Fleck was insane. Shocked, the Joker begins to laugh uncontrollably. When Silas realizes that the Joker touched Bruce and assaulted Alfred, he punches the Joker in the face, calling him a freak. Before exiting the washroom, Silas gives the Joker a warning: "Touch my family again and I'll fucking kill you!" Gordon then decides to disguise himself as a prison guard to escort Bruce out of Blackgate. Allen and Montoya have the photos of Maroni being the vigilante examined where it is discovered that the photos are faked. Jacob reviews the forensic examination of the photo and concludes that Reeves overstepped his authority by manufacturing the evidence. Jacob decides to use this information to turn the media against Reeves. The GCPD decides to cancel their investigation into Maroni, but vow to bring him in for killing that security guard. During the violent riot, Bruce and Gordon are walking through a prison while guards and inmates are killing each other. Bruce pleads with Gordon to escape with him only for Gordon to refuse since Gordon felt that since he did the crime, he had to pay. Gordon asked Bruce to look after Barbara for him and Bruce agreed. Gordon takes Bruce out of prison before full lockup. He returns to taxi, ordering driver to move before losing his consciousness. On the Gotham Insider, Jacob explains everything to Vicki about the photo being fake which shocks the public. Jacob then demands that Reeves drop out of the mayoral race and resign from the city council for overstepping his authority as well as manipulating the public. Reeves is then spooked by this since he thought the photo was real. Bruce finally wakes up in a taxi where he notes that he is driven to a different place before the driver turns to be Thorne's mercenary. He jumps out, right before the car with Bruce inside drowns in the water. In a penthouse, the mysterious man is revealed to be Eric Thorne, Rupert's son. Eric and his father are both having dinner together where Thorne claps his hands in joy when Eric informs him that Bruce Wayne is finished. Reeves angrily bursts into the penthouse to confront Thorne on lying to him about Maroni being a vigilante since he thought Thorne wanted him to win. Thorne never wanted Reeves to win since he considered Reeves to be a wimp. Reeves gets angry until Eric scares Reeves into leaving by aiming a gun at him. Reeves then runs out of the room in horror and Eric reveals to Thorne that the gun was unloaded, prompting the two men to laugh together. Things were going according to plan: the right man was going to be the new mayor of Gotham, Maroni was going to be distracted by Reeves to notice any moves being made against him, the Crows were wiping out the competition, Armand Krol was under federal indictment for his dealings with Scarecrow, and Bruce was dead. Things were much better for Thorne and his son. In flashbacks, Gordon arrests the Joker for the train murders. As he is being driven through the streets, the Clowns are out in full force, rioting, destroying property, burning cars, and killing people, as Arthur smiles, and is cheered and pointed at by the rioters. Suddenly, two clowns in an ambulance ram into the side of the car, knocking Arthur out and injuring Gordon. They realize who he is, and gently and slowly bring him out of the broken window of the car, placing him on the hood. Despite being injured, he spreads the blood in his mouth to his cheeks, creating a wide red smile, now completely accepting what he has become and becomes the popular leader of the Clowns. During the massive riots, Bruce exits the theater with his parents when rioting is carried out in Gotham City by protesters who look up to Arthur Fleck, who is now calling himself Joker. Bruce and his parents go into an alley and are confronted by Matches Malone, one of the protesters, who shoots Thomas and Martha dead for Silas' "injustice" against the city. Malone then decides to spare Bruce and leaves him to mourn the deaths of his parents.

10. (Bat24) "Don't Mess With The Mad Hatter"-

11. (Nightslayer2) "Gotham City: Hell on Earth"-While out on patrol, Jacob and the GCPD encounter a man called Firefly, an armored mercenary equipped with a jet pack and laser technology, who is attacking Kord Industries. Jacob tries to stop Firefly only for Firefly to kill several GCPD officers and succeed in torching the building. In his penthouse, Jacob examines a series of bullet casings from the fight with Firefly, realizing that he needed to find something stronger to kill him. Meanwhile, since his battle with Thorne, Bruce has been avoiding his vigilantism and has has become a very charismatic person, who is quite quite popular to the press. Bruce confides in Alfred that he might die someday in cold blood if he becomes a vigilante again and that would leave Jacob, Alfred, Lucius, Luke, and Mary without him. Jacob, Alfred, Lucius, Luke and Mary are the only family he has left. Although Alfred was annoyed at Bruce for giving up his vigilantism, he wisely respects his decision. Meanwhile, Rupert Thorne sways his fellow city councilors into handing the contract to expand the children's hospital over to Roland Daggett of Daggett Industries rather than to Bruce due to Bruce's reputation. Bruce is enraged when he learns about this from Lucius since Thomas and Martha Wayne have been supporting the children's hospital from the very beginning. Jacob even remembered how his sister Martha would visit the children in the hospital just to read to them and started protesting the council's decision. Nevertheless, District Attorney Harvey Dent convinces the council to give Bruce a chance to explain himself, much to Thorne's dismay. Thorne is enraged at this and heads into the bathroom, where he smashes his reflection in the mirror, causing his hand to become bloodied. In 1981, Thorne is a young city councilman and married to Josephine, who is a philanthropist. Josephine started a medical clinic with Thorne's brother Matthew, which would provide free treatment to those who couldn't afford it. Matthew helped Josephine and his brother give birth to a baby boy named Eric, which the family all declared as "the happiest day of their lives". Unfortunately, Thorne and Josephine were concerned about the state Gotham City is in. Josephine voices her disapproval in Silas Wayne's campaign right after Silas calls the lower-class people in Gotham "clowns" and Thorne agreed with her, vowing to beat Silas in the election to change Gotham for the better. During the riots caused by the Clowns, who were behaving violently because of Silas' insults, Josephine and Matthew were working at their clinic. Matthew wanted to walk Josephine home because of the riots except that Josephine refused since she thought she could handle herself out there. Unfortunately, the Joker, who was leading the Clowns, confronted Josephine. Joker asked Josephine if she "ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?" Josephine was then confused by all this and the Joker shot her since she came from a rich family. After shooting Josephine, Joker left her to die while humming a cheery tune to himself. As she was dying, Josephine used her mobile phone to call her husband. Josephine tearfully explained to Thorne what happened and that she was scared. Josephine begged her husband to head over to her since she didn't want to die alone. Finally, as her body was bleeding on the pavement, Josephine tearfully pleaded for Rupert to look after their son and then died from her gunshot wound. The Clowns who were rioting, ignored Josephine's pleas for help. Thorne ignored his wife's phone call since he was too busy concocting a poem about her and Eric, the two precious things in the world to him. After the riot was over the next day, Thorne panicked when his wife didn't return home from work and was angry at his brother for not walking her home. Thorne was then visited by Detective James Gordon, who came to inform him of his wife's passing and that it was Fleck who killed her. Thorne then started to breakdown in front of Gordon, devastated. Bruce tries to stop Firefly again only to fail and miss the council meeting. To Thorne's delight, the city decides to hand over the contract to Daggett. Alfred informs Bruce that Firefly attacked a law firm that was handling bankruptcy cases for Kord Industries, Ferris Aircraft, and Q-Core, whose Gotham branches were attacked by Firefly. After Kord Industries, Ferris Aircraft, and Q-Core had their Gotham branches attacked, all the contracts they have been awarded went to Daggett. Bruce then realizes that Daggett has been paying Firefly to wipe out the competition and wanted the contract to expand the children's hospital as good PR. Bruce asks Lucius to lure Firefly into a trap by having Lucius hold a press conference announcing a big advancement that Wayne Enterprises made. Lucius does what Bruce asks but warns Bruce not treat him as if he were an idiot, indicating that Lucius is well aware of Bruce's vigilantism. Firefly attacks and Bruce is able to defeat him again. Bruce unmasks Firefly to be Garfield Lynns, an arsonist. Rather than kill Lynns, Bruce uses him to expose Daggett's involvement in the attacks made against the competition. As a result, Daggett is now under investigation and all the companies that were sabotaged, Kord Industries, Ferris Aircraft, and Q-Core are all filing lawsuits against him. To boost his approval ratings, Hill and the city give into Dent's demands to hand the contract to expand the children's hospital over to the Thomas and Martha Wayne Foundation. Bruce and Jacob decide to make peace with Dent for helping them since they had a grudge against him for giving Matches Malone, the man who murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne, early parole. After the meeting, Thorne heads home to his penthouse and begins staring at a picture of his late wife Josephine. Thorne told Josephine that he already punished Gordon for letting the Joker escape and failed to punish Bruce for Silas' crimes. Thorne felt that if not for Silas Wayne's insults towards the lower-class of Gotham, Arthur Fleck would never have became the Joker and there would have been no Clowns, no riot. Thorne vowed to Josephine that Silas Wayne's family will suffer.

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14. (Nightslayer2) "Mad Love"-Early in the morning, Jacob meets with Dick Grayson, Lucius Fox, Jason Bard, Renee Montoya, and Harvey Dent in his penthouse. Jacob informs his team that on the night James Gordon caused a train accident, there was suppose to be camera footage, but all footage from four cameras went missing in the train station that night. Jacob starts to believe that someone in the GCPD paid Roland Daggett, the owner of the railway company, to loose the footage. Dick refuses to work alongside Harvey Dent due to a disdain he has for him, so Jacob decides to pair Dick up with Jason and Lucius instead while Montoya is paired with Dent. Jacob assigns Dick's team to investigate Daggett to find out what happened to that footage and Dent's duo to get the name of the police officer who handled the payment to Daggett. Jacob on the other hand, is going to check up on Peter Pauling because Jacob thought it was rather odd that Pauling got Gordon's job as lieutenant after a scandal and then got Michael Akin's job as commissioner right after another scandal with Arthur Reeves. Deciding that Pauling is either too good at job or just lucky, Jacob still wants to investigate him. Commissioner Pauling goes in for a dental appointment, only to find the Joker in the place of his dentist. Harley Quinn ties him to the chair, and just as Joker is about to kill the Commissioner, Bruce crashes in as the vigilante. He tosses a pair of chattering teeth to the floor with disdain, and tells the Joker that the clue was poorly done. Harley interrupts Bruce's bashing and claims credit for the idea, then stuns Batman with a spray of gas. She tosses out a pun about it, much to the Joker's outrage. As they make their escape, Joker tosses a grenade into Pauling's lap, but Bruce hurls it out the window in the nick of time. Pauling, having already hated going to the dentist regardless of whether it was mandatory for the medical plan of the police department, reaffirmed his displeasure of going there from the near-death experience. Dick, Jason, and Lucius decide to visit Daggett to question him only to find him dead. An unseen sniper almost kills Dick and Jason except that they are saved by Julia Pennyworth. Julia introduces herself as the daughter of Alfred Pennyworth and the goddaughter of Lucius Fox. Julia is a member of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, simply known as the SRR, is a governmental organization operating as a special ops unit and intelligence service for the United Kingdom. Julia came to America after intercepting a hit being put out on Jacob and Daggett. Unfortunately, Julia was too late to prevent Daggett's passing. Jason doesn't believe this at first until Lucius vouches for Julia as he and Alfred are good friends. As Dick tends to Julia's injured arm, he guesses that the Gordon case is the reason why someone wants them dead. Despite it being illegal for Julia to operate on American soi as she is with the British government, Dick and Jason decide to let her help. In the Funnibones warehouse, Joker is poring over various plans to kill Batman (in an appropriately humiliating yet comedic manner). He is so obsessive that he fails to notice Harley prancing around behind him in an alluring negligee, and when she announces herself, he irritably orders her away. Joker laments that his trap at the dentist's office was, indeed too easy and he must try harder to come up with the "perfect" means of defeating Batman. Harley asks what if Joker simply shot him. The idea of murdering his archenemy in such a mundane manner enrages him, as it must represent his comic genius in any way possible. Then Joker notices one of his old blueprints and becomes excited at his plan for "The Death of A Hundred Smiles" — lowering Batman into a piranha tank to be devoured — but then remembers why he dropped it: he couldn't make the piranhas smile, defeating the whole theme. As he slumps in dejection, Harley resumes her advances—to which the Joker responds by kicking her through the door into a pile of garbage, near Bud and Lou. Alone, Harley bemoans the sorry state of her life: whatever career she had as a legitimate psychiatrist is long gone, she's a wanted fugitive all over the country, and hopelessly infatuated with a psychopath who treats her like dirt. She starts to wonder where things went wrong for her... but her thoughts quickly swerve away from putting any blame on her beloved "puddin'", and instead she concludes that Batman is the one who has always persecuted her happiness, as he has "from the very beginning..". Harleen Quinzel, an FBI psychiatrist, took a particular interest in him, regularly visiting and speaking with him. As their sessions went on, Quinzel was gradually manipulated by the psychopath, eventually falling in love with him, and the Joker got her to smuggle a machine gun into the sanitarium, leading to his escape. Before leaving however, the Joker subjected Quinzel to shock therapy, greatly affecting her mental state even further. Quinzel later chased the Joker down and managed to get him to stop his car. She nearly killed him with a gun, even shooting a man who approached them. The Joker took the gun and taunted her. Quinzel wanted to come with him, so he took her to Ace Chemicals. While there, she was told to pledge an oath and was asked if she would die for him. She responded in the affirmative, and allowed herself to fall into the vat of chemicals that created the Joker years ago. The Joker considered leaving her to die, but promptly changed his mind and jumped in after her, pulling her up to the vat's surface. He then kissed her, and Quinzel awakened with the same frontotemporal dementia that her lover received via exposure to the chemicals and oxygen deprivation. She gazed at the Joker as he burst into maniacal laughter. From that point on, the Joker dubbed her "Harley Quinn" (giving her a red-and-black Harlequin costume), and the duo of psychopathic lovers would go on a number of crime sprees in Gotham City together, which would often result in them coming into conflict with the GCPD and later on the Knight, becoming (as Jacob Kane would later claim) the 'King and Queen' of Gotham City's criminal underworld. Harley decides that as long as the vigilante is around, she and Joker can never be happy, so she takes matters into her own hands. She sends a videotaped message to the GPD, warning them that Joker has gone totally crazy and is preparing a gas bomb that could kill the entire city. Telling the police that she has finally come to her senses, she promises to help them stop the plan, if they can protect her. Bruce meets her at the docks, where she delivers a set of papers that seem to confirm the Joker's heinous plan. As Bruce examines them, the Joker appears on a boat speeding towards the pier, calling Harley a traitor and opening fire with a submachine gun. Bruce dives on top of Harley to protect her and hurls a batarang at the Joker, which cuts his head clean off. Bruce looks again and sees that he's actually decapitated a robotic dummy, but his moment of shock is all Harley needs to inject him from behind with a sedative. Meanwhile, Dent and Montoya work together in Dent's office to discover that Angel Rojas was the police officer who made the transaction to Daggett. Montoya refuses to believe Rojas is corrupt but Dent argues that she is being biased as the two are partners. Montoya then looses her temper on Dent and decides to leave. Bruce wakes up to find himself chained from head to toe, relieved of his utility belt, and hanging upside down over a piranha tank inside the empty Aquacade aquarium. Harley explains that the story about the gas bomb was a fake: her real goal is to finish him off, using one of her beloved's plans. All it needed, she realized, was to have Bruce upside down when he was lowered in, thus making the piranhas' downturned mouths look like smiles. As Harley prepares to finish Bruce off, she admits to some small regrets, since she's really enjoyed some of their escapades. But, in the end, all she wants to do is get Batman out of their lives so she and her "loving sweetheart" can settle down. Hearing this, Bruce, incredibly, begins laughing derisively. Unsettled by the fact that Batman never laughs, Harley tells him to stop. Bruce then lashes out at her with scorn by calling her "You little fool!" and telling her that the Joker loves no one other than himself, and that he had her pegged for hired help the minute she walked into Arkham. Angrily, Harley rebuts that Joker trusts her, and that he confided secrets to her... to which Bruce responds that those "secrets" are just sob stories he's told many times before, and to many other people in order to gain sympathy. Harley is severely shaken, but screams through her tears that Joker does love her, and killing Bruce will win him back. Without further ado, she starts to lower him in, but Bruce points out that Joker won't believe her, since the piranhas will leave no proof, only tiny scraps of flesh, bone, and cloth. She glances at his utility belt, but he reminds her that even the belt, without a body, won't be enough to convince Joker. Nervously, Harley ponders her next move. Back at the Funnibones warehouse, Joker is still poring over his plan ideas, while the phone is ringing incessantly. Fed up, he grabs the phone, and hears Harley's voice on the other line. But when he hears what she has done, Joker is livid at being upstaged and speeds to the Aquacade in his car. On his arrival, Harley runs lovingly toward him... only for him to strike her viciously to the ground. Confused, she asks what is wrong, and he says that only he can be allowed to kill the vigilante. Harley starts to explain that it is his plan she is using, only she has improved it, only to have Joker snatch the blueprints away and rip them to shreds. He rants that any joke that has to be explained to the audience is no joke at all. Menacingly, he advances on Harley, counting her as just one more person of the many he's had to cope with, who "don't get the joke"—and knocks her out the window, causing her to plunge several stories down into a garbage heap. Lying bruised but alive, Harley mumbles that it was her fault for not getting the joke. Joker promptly swings Bruce out from over the tank and lowers him to the table, while apologizing for Harley's impetuosity. He cheerfully proposes that they forget the whole fiasco occurred and take a rain check for their next confrontation. He starts to walk away, whistling, but then realizes that Harley has given him an opportunity too good to miss after all, and he'll go ahead and kill Bruce himself. He flips the still-chained Batman onto his back and takes aim at his forehead with a gun. Just as he pulls the trigger, however, Bruce kicks the gun upward, so the shot shatters the piranha tank, releasing a flood of piranha-filled water that knocks Joker down. As Joker thrashes around, trying to pull off the piranhas nipping at his flesh, Bruce flips to his feet, grabs his utility belt with his teeth, and manages to extract a lock pick and release his chains. Joker makes a hasty retreat, and Bruce kdashes after him. The Joker jumps out of the building, falling on the top of a moving train. Bruce catches up with him and confides that Harley actually came very close to killing him—much closer than the Joker ever has, in fact—and that his only way out was to trick her into calling him, knowing his ego would get in the way of Harley's objective. Batman then teases the Joker by calling him "Puddin'" — Harley's pet name that he so loathes. Joker goes berserk and launches himself at Bruce, leading to a brutal fistfight between the two. As the Joker finally pulls out a knife, Bruce delivers such a fierce uppercut that it sends Joker flying off the train and falling, screaming, down a smokestack. Bruce stands silently on the roof of the train, knowing all too well the Joker will be back. Jacob is seen following Pauling into the Tobacconists Club where he shares drinks with Rupert Thorne and Hamilton Hill. Hill is anxious about Jacob's investigation only for Thorne to reassure him not to worry since he and Pauling have already put out a hit on Jacob. Pauling agrees and lights up a cigarette to reveal that as a last minute detail, he has a hit put out on Angel Rojas, the officer who made the transaction for the city council. Thorne suddenly gets angry, puts out the light, and grabs Pauling violently by the collar, demanding to know why he put out the hit on Rojas, as Rojas is an "innocent pencil pusher who knew nothing about their plans". Pauling gets nervous and admits that Jacob would've eventually found out about Rojas and enlist his help, so Pauling thought he was doing Thorne a favor. Thorne angrily tells Pauling to cancel the hit against Rojas and angrily leaves the club, with Jacob tailing him. Although Jacob couldn't tell what was being said in the club, he still photographed the whole thing and noted that Hill was anxious, Thorne was reassuring him, and that Pauling did something to make Thorne angry. Dent later follows Rojas as Rojas is shopping for dinner with his wife Nina and daughter Auri. Dent approaches Rojas outside his home. After sending his family inside, Rojas greets Dent politely and asks what this is all about. Dent asks Rojas about the payment he made to Daggett. Rojas admits that after Pauling replaced Gordon lieutenant, Pauling convinced him to submit an application to be the liasion between the GCPD and the city council. A few days later, Rojas' application was approved and he got the job thanks to Pauling's recommendation. After the accident at the train station, Rupert Thorne pressured his fellow city councillors to have the GCPD pay Daggett to compensate for the damages that Gordon caused. According to Rojas though, Thorne was most vocal in the decision to pay Daggett and the council agreed which led to Rojas making the transaction which was Gordon's yearly salary as a lieutenant. When Rojas asks what this is all about, he gets shot by a sniper in front of Dent's eyes. Dent tries to save Rojas and starts calling out to others for help, but Rojas dies from his wounds as blood is pouring out of his body. Thorne arrives too late to prevent the sniper from killing Rojas. Back in Arkham, the inmates are watching Vicki Vale on the news. She reports that Joker's body has not been found, but, although he has cheated death many times before, he is extremely unlikely to have survived this last encounter with the vigilante. Dent and Jacob go to meet with Dick, Jason, Lucius, Julia, and Montoya while covered in Rojas' blood. Montoya breaks down crying once Dent and Jacob explain what happened to Rojas. Indeed, the conspiracy is as big as they thought. An injured Harley is wheeled to her cell, vowing internally to turn over a new leaf and leave the craziness behind her, finally seeing the Joker as the murderous psychopath he really is... but then she sees a flower and a get-well card signed "J". sitting on her nightstand, and that is all it takes to change her mind. Later, Lucius and Jacob pick up Luke and Mary from school. Lucius and Jacob tell their children to spend a few days with Bruce because Mary was right about there being a conspiracy in the GCPD. Luke asks what is going on and before Lucius, Jacob, and Mary could tell him, Jacob notices a sniper shot aimed at him and manages to use a nearby car as a makeshift shield to protect everyone. As Lucius covers the frightened Luke and Mary , Jacob and the sniper shoot at each other. Jacob finally succeeds in killing the sniper at the end in order to protect his daughter. Jacob interrogates the sniper demanding to know if Thorne, Hill, and Pauling hired him, but the sniper dies from his wounds. In flashbacks, TBA

15. (Nightslayer2) "There's Blood On Your Hands"-It all starts in the evening when Jacob takes Mary and when Lucius takes his family (his son Luke Fox, his six-year-old daughter Tiffany Fox, his older impulsive dim-witted daughter Tamara Fox, and his wife Tanya, mother of his children) to Wayne Manor for protection. Mary asks why Wayne Manor and Jacob responds that Bruce has more protection than the President of the United States. In Wayne Manor, Tensions are there unfortunately since Tanya is angry at Lucius for his investigation into Gordon since it brought a gunfight to Luke’s school that could’ve gotten Luke killed as well as their family having to hide. Luke is angry at Mary for not telling him about Barbara which puts a strain on their relationship.Jacob and Lucius both conclude that their family isn’t going to be guarded as long as they’re around and leave. Lucius tells his children he has to leave for a while and says his goodbyes to them. Lucius tries to shake Luke’s hand but Luke hugs him instead. Jacob says his goodbye to Mary and Mary tearfully hugs her father with Jacob tearfully hugging her back. Bruce is seen watching Jacob and Mary’s interaction while Alfred examines Lucius’ interaction with his family. Although Mary is all he has left, Jacob still leaves her. Thorne meets with Liu Xiao Ling (Wai Ching Ho) of the Lucky Hand Triads. Thorne pours Liu some tea which he had brought back from his last trip to China which Liu approves of, but she assures him that she had not visited his home for tea. Liu then began speaking to Thorne in English, much to Thorne's surprise, and revealed that she is aware that Thorne speaks Mandarin and Japanese and did not need Peter to translate for him anymore, so Thorne orders him to leave them alone.They begin speaking to each other in fluent Mandarin where Liu believes Thorne is having a hard time trusting Peter which is why he asked Peter to be a translator and Thorne admits that it is indeed true since Peter is a loose cannon. Liu promises to aid Thorne in his vendetta against Silas Wayne and in dealing with Jacob in exchange for Thorne distributing heroin for the Triads. Thorne agrees to it and Liu tells Thorne that her workers are ready to deal with Dick Lovecraft on Thorne's behalf. Thorne smiles sinisterly at this and Liu calmly leaves the penthouse not before thanking Thorne for the tea. In the Batcave, Alfred is later on concerned that Mary and the Fox family will eventually find out about Bruce’s vigilantism. Bruce argues with Alfred that Lucius, Tanya, and Jacob help Alfred raise him, so Bruce couldn’t say no to them. Liu's workers begins destroying Wayne Enterprises buildings in a series of suicide attacks and Dick Lovecraft is revealed to be an executive of Wayne Enterprises and has been using Wayne Enterprises’ resources for crooked dealings. Lovecraft survives a suicide attack made on his life and Bruce saves Lovecraft as the vigilante especially when the Crows try to kill Lovecraft on Thorne’s orders. Meanwhile, Thorne goes to visit Rojas’ wife and daughter to help them with their financial situation. Thorne arranges for Rojas’ wife to work at Kord industries as a receptionist that will provide her health coverage and daycare for her daughter which can help Rojas’ wife support her daughter. After Thorne leaves, he reveals to Eric that that two million dollars will be given to Rojas’ daughter by the time she turns eighteen, which can use to travel, study at a university, or whatever she wants. Eric asks his father why he is being so sentimental to Rojas’ family. Thorne gets angry again and tells his son that there was no need to kill Rojas since Rojas knew nothing, Peter acted on his own as a loose cannon by giving Fisher the last minute instructions. Thorne argues that Rojas’ wife didn’t deserve to be a widow and that Rojas’ daughter didn’t deserve to grow up without a father similar to how Eric grew up without a mother. Thorne then leaves, but Jacob is seen listening on them and clenches his fist in anger at Thorne. Bruce takes Lovecraft to an abandoned warehouse, hoping for some answers on Silas’ crooked dealings as Thomas Wayne got suspicious about before Thomas died. With Alfred’s help, Bruce cauterizes Lovecraft’s wounds, alerting a non-corrupt officer to their presence. Lovecraft confirms that Silas was involved in sneaky dealings and was interested in being mayor so he can evict the lower-class individuals out of their homes to expand Wayne Enterprises as mayor. Bruce asks about Thomas and Lovecraft admits that Thomas was opposed to Silas' dealings because of moral principles. The officer calls in Bruce and Lovecraft’s location, and the warehouse is soon surrounded. Peter takes control of the situation and awaits Thorne’s orders. Thorne talks to the vigilante via police radio, admitting to having set Reeves up by pretending to be his side since Reeves wanted to pass a tighter anti-vigilante draft, but Thorne opposed Reeves’ idea from the start since he admires the vigilante for trying to save Gotham, even though it clashes with Thorne’s own plans for saving Gotham. Thorne asks the vigilante for an alliance by revealing to him that this all about taking down Silas Wayne’s legacy since Silas insulted the lower-class people, leading to the Joker and the Clowns, which then led to Thorne’s wife Josephine dying at the hands of the Joker, which Thorne also blamed Silas for since Silas was less sympathetic to the lower-class. The vigilante refuses and Thorne has a Crow fire on other officers from the roof of the warehouse as Vicki and the media look on. Bruce tries to escape with Lovecraft but Lovecraft tries to escape on his own out of panic and ends up getting shot by the Crows. Meanwhile, Tanya is outside in the yard of Wayne Manor, smoking her cigarettes. Tanya finally reveals herself to be vulnerable around Alfred, Tiffany and Tamara as she is actually concerned for Lucius' safety rather than angry at him. Tanya tells Luke and ALfred about Lucius always wanting to make a better life for his family which includes making Gotham a better place. This makes Luke realize that Lucius wanted to help Jacob investigate Gordon's case on his own free will and that Mary was never to blame. Luke then goes to reconcile with Mary, admitting that he was wrong to blame Mary for the situation they are in. While Luke and Mary are there for each other, they both hope that their fathers return in one piece. Bruce returns to the Batcave and goes to speak with Alfred about Lovecraft's death. Bruce questions Alfred if he and the Joker are family because of Silas. Alfred dismisses this and tells Bruce that he should be ashamed of himself for having that sort of notion after all the pain that Joker caused for everyone else. Bruce demands to know what happened that day when the Joker came to their house and why he was so rude to Joker. Alfred argues that he saw the Joker inappropriately putting his fingers in Bruce's mouth and handing him something, which looks like one of those trick toys. Alfred thought Joker was trying to either kidnap or harm Bruce in anyway which is why he intervened. Either way, Alfred was still looking out for Bruce. As for being rude to the Joker, Penny Fleck caused a lot of problems by claiming to be Silas' lover since she wrote letters to Thomas begging for him to arrange a meeting with her and Silas. Bruce reveals that Thomas wrote in his journal about suspicions that the Joker might be his half-brother. Bruce then demands to know again if the Joker is related to them and Alfred admits that Silas was an unfaithful husband, but he doesn't know for sure if the Joker is a Wayne. Bruce decides to leave to look after the guests but before leaving, Bruce warns Alfred that if Thomas and the Joker are related, then what Silas did was unforgivable. Bruce reveals to Alfred that he is starting to accept with Thorne and Lovecraft said, that Silas may have not always been good to others. Meanwhile, Thorne is revealed to learn that Lovecraft is gone and Thorne has the Crows distribute heroin in the Narrows as a favor to Liu. After finishing his phone call with Liu, Thorne gets attacked by Rojas, who is back from the dead and wanting revenge on Thorne for his death as well as for touching his family. Thorne admits to Rojas that he feels terrible for what he did and that it was Peter's fault that he's dead. Thorne also argues that he was trying to make things right by helping Nina support Auri. Rojas refuses to listen, believing that Thorne is trying to steal his family and because Thorne used blood money to support them, which prompts him to start shooting at Thorne with a firearm. A gun battle occurs as Thorne is trying to dodge Rojas' bullets and Thorne gets wounded in the shoulders by one of Rojas' bullets. When they start fighting, Thorne asks Rojas how he survived since Thorne saw him die. Rojas gets Thorne to the ground and boasts it is difficult for him to be killable. Thorne pleads for Rojas to stop and explains that he was trying to prevent his murder after Peter informed him of the hit. Rojas still refuses to listen and before Rojas could use a firearm to shoot Thorne, Thorne uses a fire poker to stab Rojas to death. Thorne then manages to stand up horrified. Thorne reasons to himself that he won't get in trouble for killing Rojas since Rojas broke into his office and tried to kill him. Suddenly, Eric and Mayor Hill arrives with security. But all they find is no dead body of Rojas, no bullets, no firepoker with blood on it, and Thorne with no gunshot wound to the shoulder. Mayor Hill and Eric only arrived with security because they head Thorne screaming and his office being trashed. Thorne is then left confused by all this since he just experienced Rojas trying to get revenge even though it didn't happen. In flashbacks, TBA

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20. (Nightslayer2) "Paging The Crime Doctor"-A lone armored Kord Industries truck drives the night streets of Gotham. An ambulance drives up behind it and the drivers pull over. However, the ambulance drivers pull out a gun and blow out the truck's tires. They then hurl a gas bomb into the truck causing the drivers to pass out and crash. A trio of criminals crawls out of the ambulance and steal its cargo. They muse over how easy the job was but Bruce comes to disabuse them of that notion. The crooks put up a fight but Bruce manages to force them to crash and proceeds to apprehend them. However, one of the criminals takes hold of the stolen cargo: a surgical laser, and fires it at Bruce. His cowl is grazed and though the laser malfunctions, Bruce is thrown off balance just long enough for the crooks to throw him from the bridge. They believe Bruce is dead, but he has luckily managed to land on a cable car and escapes, albeit dazed. The thugs run off to Rupert Thorne and his son Eric Thorne who is going to see a doctor, his own uncle Matthew Thorne, who specializes in helping criminals. Eric is skeptical that his thugs managed to kill the vigilante but Rupert's got other things to think about. Eric gives Matthew the medical laser, but Matthew is not happy. Rupert mentions how he thinks that there is no reason for the contempt. However, Matthew relates how he failed to report a bullet, as is required by law, that he removed from Eric on his insistence, which cost him his license, and now has an illicit practice which prompts Matthew to yell at Eric. Rupert is unsympathetic and starts yelling at Matthew. Suddenly, Rupert starts having a panic attack when he spots a ghost and falls to the ground. Meanwhile, Leslie Thompkins treats a few patients and is visited by Bruce. He falls to the ground in front of her and she diagnoses him with a concussion. She prescribes him some medicine and tells him to stay in bed the whole day but she knows that he won't and reminisces on how Thomas knew Bruce was stubborn too. Jacob meets with Hill and Pauling, who reveal that he knows Jacob has been investigating the train accident with James Gordon. Hill demands that Jacob stop only for Jacob to refuse. Pauling then reveals that he had Mary and Julia held captive. Jacob gets angry and starts hitting Pauling until Hill has the Crows restrain him. Pauling demands that Jacob cooperate or bodily harm will come to Mary and Julia. Jacob reluctantly agrees to Hill and Pauling's wishes. After running a blood test on Rupert, Matthew realizes that his brother was drugged with Jonathan Crane's fear toxin and it led to a tumor pressing pressing against the aorta and restricting the flow of blood into the heart. He tells Rupert that it could be removed easily, but it must be done in the hospital. Rupert refuses, knowing that the members of the Tobacconists Club could bribe the doctors to kill him "by accident". Matthew reminds him that without the operation he's a goner anyway and states that he can't do it in his illegal clinic as he's in over his head with just the equipment he has. Rupert tells him there must be someone who can help him do it in the clinic. Matthew states there's only one doctor who can help him do it at the clinic. Not wanting to see his brother die and eager to recover his license (which Rupert promises him if he helps), Matthew talks about Leslie Thompkins whom can help him. Rupert sends his thugs over but Matthew insists on going with them. Eric and Matthew go to retrieve Leslie with some armed thugs. Leslie refuses to help and Matthew regretfully allows his nephew to take her by force. Back at Rupert's hideout, Leslie and Matthew prepare for the surgery. Leslie is skeptical that Matthew will really get his license back, but Matthew is sure his brother and nephew won't turn on him.Meanwhile, Bruce checks a fabric sample and learns that the thugs were working for Rupert Thorne and wonders why he would want a surgical laser. Deciding to pay Leslie a visit, he and Alfred find the entire place in shambles. Searching the room, they find a picture of Leslie and Thomas when they were still in medical school. Reading the message on the back, "Thanks for all the good times with my two Best Friends. Love, Matt". Alfred remembers that Matthew was colleague of Thomas Wyane in medical school. Bruce looks up the school's yearbook and finds Matthew Thorne's picture. Realizing the connection to Rupert and Eric, he deduces where Leslie is. The operation successful, Matthew and Leslie leave the operating room. Unfortunately, Rupert had left his thugs with orders to kill Leslie once it was over. Bruce arrives, but one of the orderlies ambushes him. Bruce is still suffering from his concussion and finds it difficult to maintain focus, especially when the orderly hits him directly in the concussed spot. It only gets worse when the orderly manages to get hold of the surgical laser and starts firing on him. Fortunately, Bruce manages to outsmart and defeat him. As Bruce deals with the orderly, Matthew wants to leave Leslie alive and take her home, but Eric says that if he interferes with them killing Leslie, the deal is off. Matthew agrees, but says he wants it done his way: he'll give her an injection which will be quick, painless, and can be made to look like she died of a heart attack. Leslie is unsurprised at the fact that she'll be killed and disgustedly calls Matthew no better than his nephew and brother. However, Matthew suddenly sticks Eric with the injection (which was actually filled with a simple sedative), causing him to pass out. Matthew then tells Leslie that they have to leave. She's surprised that Matthew sided with her but he says that his license isn't worth a person's life. Leslie's relieved knowing that Matthew is back to his old self. Unfortunately, Eric is discovered by another thug and he calls for help.M atthew and Leslie make their way up the elevator to the roof of the building while Bruce arrives and handles the thugs. Unfortunately, one of them manages to get into an elevator and onto the roof. On the roof, Matthew manages to jump to the next rooftop, but Leslie isn't sure she can make it, and only leaps after the thug starts firing at her. She jumps and barely manages to grab onto the edge. Matthew struggles to pull her up, giving the thug the perfect opportunity to kill them, until Bruce stops him. Matthew is unable to hold onto Leslie and she drops. Bruce saves her before she hits the ground. Matthew then escapes from the scene. In the meantime, Jacob refuses to inform Bruce, Alfred, Dick, Dent, Montoya, Allen and Bard about Pauling's welfare out of concern for their welfare. Out of options with Thorne's ruling of Gotham City, Jacob visits the FBI field officer to talk to Cisco Blaine, a by-the-book agent who worked in Jacob's unit back when Jacob was a high ranked  member in the USSOCOM. After Jacob explains the situation to Blaine, Blaine agrees to help him save Mary and Julia as well as taking down Rupert. Later, Leslie speaks to Bruce and Alfred revealing to them that Matthew has gone into hiding. Bruce asks Leslie about her relationship with Rupert since Leslie held him in low regard before the incident. Leslie told Bruce that Rupert was once a kind and generous man who wanted to save Gotham similar to his late wife Josephine. When Josephine died however, this twist took tragic turn as Rupert started blaming others for her death. Rupert blamed Josephine's death on Silas for insulting the lower class people of Gotham, Gordon for failing to detain the Joker who shot his wife, his own brother Matthew for not working Josephine home on the night of the murder, and on Leslie for failing to look out for Josephine similar to Matthew. Bruce admits to Leslie and Alfred that his grandfather Silas may have not always been good to others. As Rupert is recovering from his surgery, Eric informs his father of Matthew's betrayral and Rupert becomes angry at Matthew. Eric reassures his father that he has put out a contract on his uncle. Eric also mentions how Pauling has used Mary and Julia as leverage against Jacob in order to make Jacob back down from his investigation into the train accident. Rupert expresses gratitutde for Eric, his son and reveals that before Eric's uncle Matthew betrayed them, Matthew mentioned that the fear toxin was used to make Rupert halluncinate. Rupert firmly believes that Hill and Pauling are responsible which is why Rupert vows to kill them. Eric is shocked that Hill and Pauling would betray them, but Rupert argues that it's because Hill and Pauling feel they don't need him anymore. In flashbacks, TBA

21. (Nightslayer2) "Showdown"-Bruce breaks into Pauling's office to seize his laptop right after Jacob and Cisco meet with Bruce and Alfred to tell them about Mary and Julia being abducted to use as leverage. As a result, Alfred hits Jacob in anger for putting Julia in danger by involving her in Gordon's investigation since Julia is Alfred's daughter. Cisco tells Jacob about an idea on bringing down Thorne: lead an assault on Thorne's men to capture them, and with the help of Renee Montoya, wiretap Eric to learn more about his involvement with Thorne. Bruce is able to decrypt the laptop and learns that Pauling payed Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin, to hide Mary and Julia in the Iceburg Lounge, a club owned by Penguin. With Lucius' assistance in the Batcave, Bruce and Alfred infiltrate Cobblepot's club, only to get captured. In response, Lucius is forced to asks Sasha for help in rescuing them. Thorne becomes paranoid, convinced that Hill and Pauling are plotting against him and trying to drive him insane. While Hill is meeting with Pauling, Thorne arrives shouting accusations against the two men. Thorne shoots Pauling dead and is about to shoot Hill only for Thorne to be tackled to the ground by Jacob. To repay Jacob, Hill promises to have Penguin release Mary and Julia. As Alfred and Julia are being tortured in front of Mary, Penguin auctions off the chance to kill the vigilante. However, Sasha frees the vigilante while Alfred frees himself, Mary, and Julia before they defeat the criminals. Distraught by what happened in this club, Penguin decides to get back at Thorne by harming his son and guns down Thorne's bodyguards. When Penguin finds Eric dead, Cisco arrests him. The next morning, Montoya reveals to Cisco that she saw Thorne push his son out the window when Montoya was trying to wiretap Eric. Jacob and Alfred are both relieved to both learn their daughters are back home to them. When Mary mentions that the vigilante was at the club working with Alfred, Alfred admits that the vigilante was there by coincidence, which Jacob believes while Cisco is suspicious about Bruce, as he wasn't at the club and the vigilante was. Nevertheless, Cisco explains to Bruce, Jacob, Lucius, Julia, Mary, and Alfred that the FBI will continue to investigate Gordon's case even further to try to retrieve the missing camera footage. Cisco also reveals that Mayor Hill has signed off on a request made by the FBI management in Washington to transfer Thorne from Blackgate Penetentiary to the Slabside Maximum Security Prison until his trial. While incarcerated, Thorne blames Bruce, Hill, and Jacob for Eric's death and vows to get even at them.

22. (Nightslayer)"All Happy Families Are Alike"-In the evening, Rupert Thorne is in an armored van with FBI agents Cisco Blaine, Alexandra Davis, and Howard Branden, who is a driver. They are being followed by G.C.P.D. officers sent by Hill, to ensure that Thorne is taken to Slabside Maximum Security. Inside the van, Rupert Thorne begins reciting a parable from the Bible to the FBI agents inside, specifically the story of The Good Samaritan, in which a man is beaten and left in the dirt, only to be ignored and left to die by a priest and another religious man. Then a Samaritan came and helped the man, caring for his wounds while also then giving him his money. Fisk explained he had always believed he was the Samaritan in the story, but he had learned he was neither the Samaritan or the priest, but he represented the men of ill-intent who had attacked the traveler who had been on a road he should not have been on. As Thorne finished his tale, the armored van was stopped in the middle of the road and a firefight broke out outside, while Thorne did not say another word and instead just simply sat calmly and waited for his escape plan to finally come into action. When the Crows led by Lark eliminate all the police officers and FBI agents outside, the Crows bang on the door and demanded the guards to open it. Cisco threatens to shoot Thorne if the Crows got inside, however, Davis shoots Cisco and then Branden. As it turns out, Davis has become corrupted and joined Rupert Thorne's criminal organization. Davis then frees Thorne from his handcuffs. Once the armored van's doors are opened, the now free Thorne calmly walks to the other van with his armed guards before ordering his men to kill anyone who attempt to follow them, whether they follow on the ground or in the air, uncaring of the lives that would be lost as long as he got his own freedom. As they all continue making their hasty escape, before long Thorne's crew arrive to Kord Industries where Thorne kills all the scientists working on an electromagnetic device which Thorne plans to use to level Gotham before leaving the city while the FBI hunts him. Cisco survives the shooting and reveals to his superiors that Davis helped Thorne escape. Bruce, upon learning about Rupert's escape from Jacob, goes to confront Hill about Thorne's plans. As the vigilante, Bruce intimidates Hill into holding a press conference to reveal to the city of Thorne's involvement in destroying the Narrows by claiming that he got this information from the vigilante. As the GCPD and the FBI are evacuating the Narrows, Luke, Mary, and Barbara head there to look for Creed, who lives there with his parents. A gang starts harassing Luke, Barbara, Creed, and Mary only for Sasha to intervene by gunning the gang members all down, saving them. In the meantime, Lucius and Alfred team up to defuse the device while Bruce goes to confront Rupert in his upgraded suit. Thorne takes advantage of the confusion to get to City Hall so he can kill Mayor Hill. However, the van is attacked and it crashes. Thorne falls out of the van, bleeding from his head injury while dazed and confused by the crash, but before he could get back onto his feet, Thorne is then confronted by Bruce in his upgraded suit and Thorne realizes that he is the Man-in-Black. As the vigilante fights Davis, Lark, and the Crows who begin shooting at him, Thorne desperately tries to escape on foot only to be cornered by the vigilante. With nowhere to go, Thorne roars at the Man-In-Black, screaming as he told him how all he had wanted was to heal Gotham City from all the damages that Silas and Fleck caused, to make Gotham into a place where families can go out and where children can play on the streets without any worries on being harmed, but the vigilante ruined all his plans. Thorne argued that he tried to help the Man-in-Black by making Arthur Reeves a fool when Reeves tried to pass the Anti-Vigilante law and this was how the vigilante repaid him? Thorne even lost his own son in the process, all because of Gotham. Thorne furiously vows to kill the vigilante after drinking a strange blue serum from a bottle. Roaring in anger, Thorne charges at the vigilante and then enter into a vicious and fierce fight. While Bruce uses his speed and agility to his advantage to deliver blows at Rupert's unprotected face, the blue serum that Thorne drank keeps him fighting. Eventually, Rupert succeeds at grabbing his opponent and proceeding to hurl Bruce against the nearby alley-wall. While injured by the attack because of Thorne's newfound strength, Bruce is protected by his armor and continues fighting. The fight turns from fist to weapon clashing when Thorne grabs one of the metal pipes nearby, forcing Bruce to protect himself with his pair of Escrima sticks. In the midst of their fighting, Rupert grabs Bruce in a moment of opening and begins savagely beating his face repeatedly. Injured and stunned by his opponent's attacks, Bruce is helpless when Thorne lifts him up and forcefully slams him to the ground. Mercilessly, Thorne grabs the Escrima sticks and begins beating Bruce's face over and over. Having completely lost faith in his goals and the city, Thorne rants that Gotham doesn't deserve a better tomorrow and that the people deserved to drown in the filth and the people Fleck and the Waynes. Determined to stop Thorne from harming the only living relatives he had left in his life, Bruce grabs Thorne's arm, stopping his attacks. Bruce announces that he will do anything to protect his family and begins ferociously attacking Rupert with his fists and then with a metal pipe. Bruce then forces Bruce on his knees. While on his knees, Rupert Thorne picks up a detonator to activate the electromagnetic device only for it to not work. Thorne tried pressing the button on the detonator once more only for nothing to still happen. Thorne was unaware of this but Bruce was: Alfred and Lucius have teamed up earlier to disarm the electromagnetic shockwave generator that Thorne was planning to use to level the Narrows. Alfred defused the machine while obeying Lucius' instructions and Lucius jammed the frequency so Thorne wouldn't detonate it. Thorne then angrily asked what the vigilante did and Bruce answered the question with a final blow to the face, knocking Thorne out. Jacob and Cisco arrive to arrest Thorne. Cisco encounters the vigilante who explains that he had stopped Thorne, who was a fugitive. Cisco tried to arrest the vigilante only for Bruce to escape. The following day, Vicki Vale publishes an article referring to the man as the Man-In-Black, calling him a hero. Jacob and Bullock news from Cisco, Dent, Dick, Jason, Allen, Bard, Montoya, and Mayor Hill revealing that Rupert's brother Matthew turned himself over to the FBI hours ago with the missing camera footage, thus exonerating Gordon. Hill tries to convince Jacob that he only worked with Thorne for Gotham, but Jacob refuses to buy that since Jacob feels that Hill only did it for himself, not Gotham. Jacob threatens to kill Hill the next time Hill kidnaps his family. Jacob starts to wonder out loud as to why Thorne against Hill and Peter since Thorne had everything under control. Bullock and Jacob later meet with Montoya who reveals that she was the one who drugged Thorne to insanity with Scarecrow's fear toxin since she blamed Thorne for Rojas' death. Because Montoya is regretful for what she has done, she has decided to hand Bullock over her resignation. Jacob and Bullock try to convince Montoya into remaining on board with Jacob pointing out that Thorne is madman who doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy, but Montoya still resigns otherwise since someone could've gotten hurt as a result of her actions because of how reckless her plan was. Montoya hands over her resignation, badge, and gun and then leaves. Bruce reviews Vicki's article and tells Alfred and Sasha that he wants his alter-ego a new name. Rupert Thorne is taken to the Slabside Maximum Security Prison to await trial for his many crimes, and locked in an empty cold cell alone. Thorne could do nothing but sit alone on his bed, staring at the blank white wall in front of him, and consider his recent actions and begin planning for his eventual return to the city, regaining his power and revenge on those who destroyed his plans for the Narrows. Awaiting trial in a case that involved all the crimes committed by him or his associates, and as such, would take around a year to have a date set for it. In flashbacks, the mob war between Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni escalates. Fleck arrives to the hospital after Carmine is hospitalized, intending to kill him. Fleck reveals to Carmine that he manipulated the whole war. Gordon stops them and handcuffs Fleck to a pipe and frees Carmine. Vincent will need two days in a hideout to find a way to stop the war and Gordon agrees to help him. Commissioner Loeb arrives with Maroni's hitmen and orders them to kill Gordon and Carmine. A shootout occurs between Gordon and the hitmen with Gordon being forced to kill them. With aid from Bullock, Gordon and Falcone escape in an ambulance. Gordon, Falcone, and Bullock reach Falcone's safe house but are taken hostage by Mooney's gang. Mooney makes a trade with Maroni: in exchange for Vincent's head, Maroni will return Mooney's territories. Mooney also plans on killing Fleck but spares Bullock's life, revealing that they're lovers, shocking Gordon believing that Bullock betrayed him. When meeting with Maroni, Maroni makes sexist comments about Mooney, which causes her to shoot him in the head. Maroni's and Mooney's gangs then fight, which gives enough time for Bullock to cut Gordon and Falcone down to escape to a cargo container. Carmine decides he's "done" with business and plans on retiring. During the gang war, Fleck arrives as the Joker armed with a machine gun and kills some gang members. He then pursues Mooney to the roof of the warehouse. On the rooftop of the warehouse, Mooney and Fleck engage in a violent fight. Fleck gains the upper hand by pushing Mooney to the edge of the rooftop, which makes her to fall in the water, seemingly killing her. Fleck then begins to break down laughing sinisterly at Mooney's death. Before leaving Gotham, Carmine gives Gordon a knife his father gave him, stating: the knife is a good friend when you have no others"


  • The Joker and Matches Malone both replace Joe Chill as the man responsible for the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, the first being the Joker from the 1989 movie. The only difference, however, is that while the 1989 Joker murdered the Wayne couple (accompanied by Chill, who didn't expect him from killing them), this version of the Joker just inspired with his anarchy and that led to one of the Clowns, Matches Malone, to shoot Thomas and Martha Wayne.
  • Before Bruce Wayne became a vigilante, Gotham was already plagued by a breed of criminals that Silas Wayne and the Joker generated, no longer the simple thugs and gangsters involved in organized crime, but more dynamic personalities such as Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, Balloon-Man, the Penguin, Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Copperhead, and Kite-Man.
    • Because of this, Bruce's vigilantism is not blamed for evolving the criminal underworld. Despite this, individuals in Gotham have mixed opinions about the vigilante as some believe he is doing good and some believe he is just as anarchic as the Joker, who was active.
  • Season 1's main antagonist is Rupert Thorne. Similar to the comics, Thorne is a crooked city councilman trying to take control of Gotham City's underworld and government through law, might, and manipulation. Although he is similar to the comics where he makes Hamilton Hill the mayor and gets a police commissioner to be on his side, Thorne replaces mafia boss Carmine Falcone as being responsible for Gordon's false imprisonment by framing him for an accident in a train station that led to deaths.
    • This version of Rupert Thorne is considered to be more of a family man than his previous counterparts as he has more of his family being introduced such as his brother Matthew, late wife Josephine, son Eric, and a mention of his niece Bethany who is Matthew's daughter.
    • This version of Rupert Thorne is considered to be more sympathetic than his previous versions as his main motivation is avenging the death of his wife Josephine, whom he blames the Joker for and Bruce's late grandfather Silas Wayne for insulting the lower-class which led to the Joker rising. Because of this, Thorne plots revenge on Silas by targeting Wayne Enterprises and Silas' family: Bruce Wayne, Kate Kane, Jacob Kane, and Mary Elizabeth 'Bette' Kane.
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