This is a batman film starring the person who plays batman in batman begins, the dark knight, and the dark knight rises as batman, John Cena as bane, hulk hogan as killer croc, ryan reynolds as deadshot, and more. (I'm still thinking of celebrities to play the characters, so i just used these guys as an example!)


The Black Mask sends a message that if he gets batmans dead, unmasked body he will reward this person with 100,000,billion dollars. meanwhile, a lab rat named bane meets a reptillian looking monster named killer croc, they get in eachothers way while trying to kill batman, resulting in a huge brawl. Deadshot is the first to attack, but batman knocks him off a bridge, and splashes in the water. later, The Ratcatcher attacks bats, but batman throws rat poison into the horde of rats. Scarecrow finds the atcave and fills it with fear gas, it kills alfred, but batman knocks scarecrow unconcious for that. The black manta jumps out of the water and attacks batman, but batman quickly knocks him out. when even more villains come bats finally faces bane & killer croc! (at the same exact time!)


Christian Bale-Bruce Wayne/Batman

??? -The Black Mask

??? - The Ratcatcher

??? - Black Manta

??? - Nightwing

Ryan Reynolds - Deadshot

hulk hogan - Killer Croc

John Cena - Bane

??? - Scarecrow

??? - Poison Ivy (seen in flashback)

??? - Solomon Grundy (seen in flashback)

??? - Gorilla Grod (cameo)

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