"A bath of experimental toxins does wonders for a woman's skin!" -- Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Alias Mrs. Joker, Harley Baby, Zanni 2
Real Name Dr. Harleen Quinzel
Age 25
Gender Female
Race Mutant
Status Alive
Location Gotham City
Enemies Batman

Dr. Harleen Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who was the first to give Joker any form of therapy since his imprisonment at Arkham. Her hatred of Joker's persona ran so high that it eventually leaded to obsession and eventually became infatuated by the mutant psychopath. Joker then led her to his hideout where he tested a new batch of the same chemicals that mutated him on her. She then became the insane but not as mutated partner and lover to Joker, Harley Quinn.




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