"Hey Batman. Infinity's the name."

Jeremy Vinity, also known as Infinity, is a supervillain and enemy of Batman. Based in Altor City, he is leader of villainous group The Opposants. Along with various other members of the group, he first appeared in the first issue of Objections!. He was created by 900bv.

He is known for his subtle criminal modus operandi but his oddly brash and loud demeanor. He is usually portrayed in a bronze-colour suit and semi-spiked hair. He often wonders around with a telekinetic stick which can be used to move still objects and to also write permanently on thin air. This writing is often used to ridicule pursuers and not to give clues.

His quiet and tactical crimes often leave him undetected, although he does sometimes leave evidence that cannot be stopped, such as bullet holes. This has sometimes led him to be caught and he has spent time in Elkenstol Prison, although his smarts often lead him to escape.

His extreme wit can lead Batman to extreme annoyance, and is always persistant to lead him into any sort of trap he creates. He has a extensive knowledge on Batman, and knows about all of his detective work in Gotham City. He uses information gained from his ex-enemies such as Deadshot to make sure he knows how to handle and stop Batman.




Batman: Altor's Demise

Infinity appears in the video game Batman: Altor's Demise as the main antagonist. He appears with The Opposants to rid Batman from Altor.




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