Jack Napier (The Killing Joke)

Full Name

Jack T. Napier


Red Hood







Mid-late 20's



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Professional Information


Roman Sionis


U.S. Soldier (Formerly)

Personal Information

Marital Status



Jenny Napier (Wife, deceased)
Maggie Napier (Sister, deceased)



Abilities & Tools


Genius-level intellect
Expert in chemistry and engineering
Proficient with knives and firearms
Skilled in hand-to-hand combat


Various Guns
Other Weapons


"You listen to me you son of a bitch I am going to kill you myself I am going to carve out your goddamn heart!"
―Jack Napier to Cyrus Gold

Jack Napier the man who would eventually become the Joker is the main protagonist of The Killing Joke. He was originally a soldier in the United States Military and came home for the first time in the pilot where he was met by his wife and sister. They took him out for dinner and lived their lives.

Two days prior, Jack returned home from the store noticed that his wife was holding a piece of paper. It was an eviction notice. She told him that she was pregnant and if we don't get enough money, they would become homeless with their baby. Jack had to think of something. He regretted it, but he decided the only way was to join the mob.


Before becoming the Joker, Jack had a very compassionate personality and would do anything to protect those close to him. He also had an aversion to violence at least in the early stages of his life. However after the losses of his wife, sister and unborn child he started to become mentally unhinged obsessing over taking revenge and gain more power so he'd never become helpless again.


"You listen to me you son of a bitch I am going to kill you myself I am going to carve out your goddamn heart!"
―Jack Napier to Cyrus Gold
"You know that's the funny thing Gordon you may choose to think that this rotting corpse you call a city is salvagable but the truth is that is nothing but a rotting corpse in a coffin nothing more and nothing less."
―Jack Napier to Jim Gordon
"You stupid hero you still don't understand this city can't be saved because it doesn't want to be saved! Everyone out there your trying to protect deserves to die every last one of them. My pregnant wife bled out in an ally while these so call civilized people walked by her not doing anything so you see they deserve to die! All of them deserve to die helpless, cold, alone and afraid the way she died!"
―Jack Napier to Batman
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