Jillian Shreck is the daughter of Max Shreck and is an enemy of Batman. As the owner of Jillians's nail salon she is an influential buisnesswoman who uses intimidation and cruelty to force people to work for her. She becomes consumed with anger when she hears Catwoman killed her father and plots to kill her. She enlists Bane's aid in order to take down Catwoman. She and Bane are first seen during the 20th anniversary Gotham 4th of july special. Where she orders Bane to kill Catwoman wo manages to dodge all the gunshots. Angered she decides to use an abandoned church as her hideout. She reveals her true goal which is to poison Gothams' water supply with Fear Toxin she got from her boyfriend Dr.Jonathan Crane AKA Scarecrow. She and Bane killed a Pimp and proceeded to decapitate him and his Prostitutes. She attempts to pump the Fear toxin into Gotham's water supply but is stopped by Catwoman who proceeds to punch her in the face and leave her for Batman who promptly arrests her.