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Killer Croc is a super-criminal who has encountered the urban legend The Bat.

Waylon Jones in his cell.


Waylon Jones was a homeless orphan who lived in the sewers, He was born with a skin disorder called Hyperkeratosis icthyosis and at the age of 12 he was recruited by the Hayley Brothers Circus were he was good friends with fellow preformer and acrobat Richard Grayson. After the Grayson family massacre he became more lonley then he was when was living in the sewers, 2 months after the deaths of the Graysons he decided to escape and terrorise the city to supress his loneliness but was stopped and aprehended by The Bat.


Side note - After being sent to Arkham Asylum for 2 years for he filed his teeth into fangs and sharpens his nails into claws.