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Wings of Fury

Directed by

Christopher Nolan

Produced by

Christopher Nolan

Screenplay by

Christopher Nolan

Story by

Christopher Nolan
David S. Goyer

Based on

Characters by Bob Kane


Joseph Gordon Levitt
Chris Pine
Laura Vandervoort
Ron Perlman
Scott Porter

Music by

Hans Zimmer


Wally Pfister

Edited by

Paul Pearson
Emily Barnes


Syncopy Films
DC Comics

Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date(s)

October 7, 2017 (world premiere)
October 13, 2017(United States)

Running time

164 min.


United States
United Kingdom




Wings of Fury is an upcoming 2017 film by the highly esteemed Christopher Nolan. After his success with his Batman Trilogy, Christopher Nolan returns to truly finish what he started. This time the story focuses around Nightwing (formerly Robin) played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, 2 years after Batman (Christian Bale) retired from being the Caped Crusader of Gotham. Here in the city of Blüdhaven; Gotham's economically troubled neighboring city, Nightwing continues his predecessor's reputation as a "threat", Detective Soames and Chief Redhorn want Nightwing in custody because they believe that they have solved the mystery of his identity. Though under constant threat of arrest, Nightwing continues to be Blüdhaven's protector. A new enemy threatens Blüdhaven's sanctity, Deathstroke, played by Ron Perlman, has shrouded Blüdhaven in the terror of his attacks. With the aid of the Titans, Nightwing must defend what Batman stood for and bring peace to the troubled city; Blüdhaven.

The Sequel "Legend of the Bat: In the name of Blüdhaven" is currently in writing stages.


  • Joseph Gordon Levitt - Nightwing
  • Ron Perlman - Deathstroke
  • Chris Pine - Aqualad
  • Laura Vandervoort - Superwoman
  • Scott Porter - Crimson Flash
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