This is a more dark and mature sequel to Origins of the Dark Knight. It's ampaign Mode is based off The Long Halloween, its Rogues Mode features several chapters re-telling Batman's most famous battles, and the bonus DLC maps are based off famous Batman movies.

Campaign Mode

  1. "The Chase" - After confronting Carmine Falcone at a Halloween party, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle meet Harvey Dent, who has been beaten up by Falcone's goons. Bruce Wayne goes home, only to investigate, when he meets Catwoman, who is also investigating. Falcone finds out and is outraged. The two escapes, and Catwoman runs off into the night, so Batman chases her to ask her why she was curious about Falcone.
  2. After failing to catch Catwoman, Batman sees the Bat-Signal, and meets up with Comissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent, as they make a pact to bend the rules, but not break the rules. Batman runs off into the night, but leaves behind some major evidence.
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