Lego Batman Begins is an 2014 lego superhero film starring Troy Baker based on the live-action film of the same name,with a few differences, such as the lego version being direct-to-dvd.


20 years ago, a young Bruce Wayne goes to the opera with his parents two years after he fell into a cave.While they are leaving, a thug named Joe Chill shoots Thomas and Martha, leaving Bruce an orphan.9 years later,Bruce plans to kill Chill, much to the dismay of his childhood friend Rachel Dawes.Bruce decides to become a masked vigilante instead.In the present,Bruce is training in Nepal with Ducard and Ra's Al Ghul.Bruce leaves when he learns Al Ghul wants him to kill, but he himsself dies at the hands of Ducard.Back in Gotham,Bruce starts a romance with Rachel, and enlists his trusty butler Alfred and business corporate Lucius Fox to help him start a war on crime.He decides to become Batman while Jonathan Crane becomes the fearsome Scarecrow.Batman finds an unlikely ally in Commissioner Jim Gordon who helps him defeat the Scarecrow.Meanwhile, Rachel breaks off her romance with Bruce after she discovers he's Batman.Meanwhile, Ducard returns, and reveals himself as the true Ra's Al Ghul.Batman battles him, resulting in Al Ghul's death.Gordon then installs the Bat-Signal, and Batman begins work on a new case.


  • Troy Baker...Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Laura Bailey...Rachel Dawes
  • Cam Clarke...Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane
  • Bob Hastings...Commissioner Jim Gordon
  • Clive Revill...Alfred Pennyworth
  • Morgan Freeman...Lucius Fox
  • Steven J. Blum...Ducard
  • Fred Tatasicore...Joe Chill
  • Rob Paulsen...Ra's Al Ghul
  • Townsend Coleman...Thomas Wayne
  • Kelly Metzger...Martha Wayne
  • Tara Strong...Young Bruce Wayne


The film was released on December 25, 2014 onto DVD and Blu-Ray to mostly positive reviews.It recieved an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes and has sold a million copies as of February 2015.It is now on iTunes as well.


In 2016, talks of a sequel were confirmed and Lego The Dark Knight was released theatrically on August 8,2017.Afinal sequel, Lego The Dark Knight Rises, is coming in 2019.

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