List of Batman: The Brave and the Bold episodes

Season 1: 2008-2009

Episode_number Title_of_the_episode Air_Date Teaser Main_Plot
001 The Rise of the Blue Beetle! 11/14/8 Batman and Green Arrow escape from the Clock King's deathtrap. Batman and Blue Beetle go on a mission to destroy an asteroid heading for a space station, only to go up against the deadly Kanjar Ro.
002 Terror on Dinosaur Island! 11/21/8 Batman and Plastic Man fight Gentleman Ghost during his crime spree in the "Day of the Dead" festival and get help from Fire.
003 Evil Under the Sea! 12/5/8
004 Day of the Dark Knight! 12/12/8
005 Invasion of the Secret Santas! 12/19/8
006 Enter the Outsiders! 1/9/9
007 Dawn of the Deadman! 1/16/9
008 Fall of the Blue Beetle! 1/23/9
009 Journey to the Center of the Bat! 1/30/9
010 The Eyes of Despero! 2/6/9
011 Return of the Fearsome Fangs! 2/13/9
012 Deep Cover for Batman, Game Over for Owlman! 2/20/9
013 Mystery in Space! 3/13/9
014 Trials of the Demon! 3/20/9
015 Night of the Huntress! 5/1/9
016 Menace of the Conquered Caveman! 5/8/9
017 The Color for Revenge! 5/15/9
018 Legends of the Dark-Mite! 5/22/9
019 Hail to the Tornado Tyrant! 5/29/9
020 A Bat Divided! 6/5/9
021 Duel of the Double Crossers! 6/12/9
022 The Last Bat on Earth! 6/19/9
023 When OMAC Attacks! 6/26/9
024 Inside the Outsiders! 7/3/9
025 Mayhem of the Music Meister! 7/10/9
026 The Fate of Equinox! 7/17/9

Season 2: 2009-2010

Episode_number Title_of_the_episode Air_Date Teaser Main_Plot
027 Chill of the Night! 10/23/9
028 The Mask of Matches Malone! 11/6/9 Batman join forces with Black Orchid as they both fight the seductive, but dangerous, Poison Ivy, along with her henchwomen. Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress, along with Catwoman pursue Two-Face. At the same time, Batman (in his Matches Malone persona) gets amnesia and believes himself to actually be a gangster. Meanwhile, Robin gains the assist of the Spectre to break Batman free from the amnesian darkness.
029 The Reign of Emperor Joker! 11/13/9
030 Long Arm of the Law! 11/20/9
031 Revenge of the Reach! 12/11/9
032 Death Race to Oblivion! 1/1/10
033 Aquaman's Outragious Adventure! 1/8/10 Batman and Robin use armored knight costumes to reflect off Mirror Man's mirrors.
034 The Golden Age of Justice! 1/15/10
035 Clash of the Metal Men! 1/22/10
036 Just a Game of Checkers! 1/29/10
037 Sidekicks Assemble! 2/5/10
038 The Bat and Mr. Sacker! 2/12/10 Batman travels back through World War l to call upon the help of Enemy Ace to fight an alien using a weapon to attack an army on Enemy Ace's side. Mr. Sacker travels to the 21st Century to lead an army of Gotham's Gangsters and slave every citizen. And Batman gains help from Kamandi to stop him.
039 The Super-Batman of Planet-X! 3/26/10
040 Everybody Talks About the Weather! 4/2/10
041 The Power of Shazam! 4/9/10 Batman and Robin wear scuba-diving outfits to fight Tiger Shark and save a girl, only to realize she was a mermaid.
042 The Main Man Rides! 4/16/10
043 Gorillas in our Midst! 4/23/10
044 The Siege of Starro! 6/11/10
045 Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster! 10/1/10
046 The World War Adventure! 10/8/10
047 The Last Patrol! 10/15/10
048 Menace of the Madniks! 10/22/10
049 The Criss Cross Conspiracy! 10/29/10
050 The Plague of the Prototypes! 11/5/10
051 Cry Freedom Fighters! 11/12/10
052 The Knights of Tomorrow! 11/19/10 The Question, under Batman's guidance, dodges Kalibak and the Parademons on Apokolips when gathering information on Darkseid's plans to invade Earth. In the future, Batman retires and marries Talia al Ghul, with whom he has a son named Damian Wayne, while Dick Grayson has become the new Batman. When the Joker returns and brings his protege New Joker along, a reluctant Damian will have to assume his deceased parents' legacy by becoming the new Robin to stop them.
053 Darkseid Descending! 12/3/10
054 Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases! 12/5/10
055 The Malicious Mr. Mind! 12/10/10

Season 3: 2011-2012

Episode_number Title_of_the_episode Air_Date Teaser Main_Plot
053 Joker: The Vile and the Villainous! 3/25/11
054 Shadow of the Bat! 4/1/11
055 Night of the Batmen! 4/8/11
056 Scorn of the Star Sapphire! 4/15/11
057 Battle of the Superheroes! 4/22/11 Aquaman does a musical in a spoof of a '50s sitcom called "The Currys of Atlantis". In the sitcom, Aquaman forgets about his wife's anniversary on the day he's supposed to fight crime with Batman. Following fights with Metallo, El Gar-Kur, Mister Mxyzptilk, and Toyman, Superman and Batman fight each other when Superman is infected with a red kryptonite necklice given to Lois Lane by Lex Luthor. Now Batman must find a way to undo the effects of the red kryptonite so that he and Superman can stop Lex Luthor's latest plot.
058 Time Out for Vengeance! 4/29/11
059 Sword of the Atom! 5/27/11 Batman and Robin fight Pharaoh while wearing a special mummified uniform, as Vicki Vale watches. After the old Atom (Ray Palmer) retires, his arch-nemesis Chronos plans an attack and Batman goes looking for him. When Batman disappears, Aquaman and the Atom (Ryan Choi) must shrink to a microscopic size in the Amazon Jungle to save the Caped Crusader and Ray Palmer from tiny aliens.
060 Triumvirate of Terror! 6/3/11
061 Bold Beginnings!