Episode list for the animated television series The Crusade.


Season 1

# Title Air Date Production Code
1 Return TBA TBA
It's been ten years since the last sighting of the Batman. During this time, Bruce Wayne has avoided the public, instead living a quiet life in Wayne Manor with his butler, Alfred. However, he is forced back into action by the Riddler, a villain obsessed with discovering Batman's identity.
2 Reactions TBA TBA
While the city reacts to Batman's return, mob boss Rupert Thorne hopes to kill Batman by sending an assassin known as Deadshot after him. Meanwhile, Police Comissioner Nigel Winters attempts to capture Batman.
3 Slumdogs TBA TBA
Bruce Wayne has Wayne Enterprises fund several building projects in a poor region known as the Slums, but his efforts are thwarted by a theif calling herself Catwoman. As Batman, Bruce investigates the threat and learns how truly desperate the people there are.
4 Chaos TBA TBA
The Joker awakens from his coma and escapes Arkham Asylum in order to continue his feud with Batman. The Dark Knight, aided by friendly policeman James Gordon, must track down the clown before he kills Comissioner Winters.
5 Reform TBA TBA
Batman discovers his former enemy, the Penguin, has ended his criminal lifestyle and became the owner of a night club. But has the Penguin changed, or is helping Rupert Thorne?
6 Underground TBA TBA
When several citizens, including Vicki Vale, along with supplies go missing, Batman discovers they have been taken by the nefarious Killer Croc, who wishes to keep control over his section of the Slums.
7 Frozen TBA TBA
While performing an experiment to save his wife, Wayne Enterprises scientist Victor Fries is caught in accident. Believing his wife is dead, Fries goes on a rampage through Gotham. Batman learns his true target is Lucius Fox, who Fries believes is responsible for the accident.
8 Alliance TBA TBA
Harley Quinn takes Comissioner Winters' family as hostages, threatening to kill them unless Joker is released from Arkham. Batman forms an uneasy alliance with the police in order to rescue the hostages.
9 Conscience TBA TBA
Batman once again crosses paths with Catwoman, who is relunctantly helping Rupert Thorne transport contraband through the Slums' sewers.
10 Bane TBA TBA
Tired of Batman interfering with his plans, Rupert Thorne has his henchman Farsad inject the Venom formula, transforming him into the superstrong genius codenamed Bane. Batman must stop this new threat before he himself gets killed.
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