The League of Shadows is Action, Drama television series produced Christopher Nolan, which premiered on The CW, and ABC on June 8, 2015 at 9PM EST. The series centered on the infamous organization known as the League of Shadows, hence the name. This is an unique show because it doesn't cover the heroes, but the villians. 


Season One (2015)

Title Air Date Code #
"Gotham's Reckoning" June 8, 2015 101 1

The episode starts off in the sewers at Bane's headquarters. Bane (Tom Hardy) is seen discussing with League members the plan, then the episode immediately cuts to a television broadcast during the football stadium attack. The episode then proceeds to show League members prepping, and actually taking over the city, a thing not shown in the movie itself. The League is shown to have dispatched large groups to each section of the city and securing that part. After that we see an elite League team (this time using what appear to be a combination of the first film's ninja suit, and Arrow's League uniform) equipped with Sub Machine guns, and swords led by Andrew Juarez (Mark Walhberg) securing Talia Al Ghul, and telling her of the progress so far. After this it cuts off to after the League is thwarted, Andrew's team manages to escape, and is extracted via helicopter, and brought to the new League headquarter in Nanda Parbat. There we see Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) otherwise known as Deathstroke, but without a missing eye, or suit. The Episode ends off with Slade saying, "We have suffered a great lost once again, but we will endure, and then we will destroy our enemies."

"Nanda Parbat" June 12, 2015 102 1.5

This is a mini episode that is only 25 minutes long. It was aired in between Episode 1 and 2. It starts off where the previous on left off. Slade and Andrew talk about their opinions on how the League should endure, at the end of the conversation Slade tells Andrew to look around, and get himself used to the new base of operations. Andrew does just that and explores Nanda Parbat. He sees a restricted area labeled, LZP. However just around that time he is called back. Slade shows him a map of Arkham Asylum, and says "Arkham"

"Arkham" June 19, 2015 103 2

This episodes picks up from where Nanda Parbat leaves off, Slade says "Arkham, it houses many individuals with certain skill sets" Slade goes on to tell Andrew, and his team about his plan to secretly go back to Gotham, and break out a few prisoners in Arkham, including Deadshot, and a few other unspecified individuals. However when they arrive at Arkham things go wrong quickly, they arrived just as a jailbreak occurs in Arkham. In the chaos they manage to locate Floyd/Deadshot (Micheal Rowe), they assist Floyd while telling him that if he worked for Slade he would get a handsome reward, but never actually directly mentioning the League. Floyd accepts. During the jailbreak they encounter the Joker (Mathew McConaughey), who used a very similar makeup to the TDK Joker, and with Computer modifications made to sound more like Heath Ledger. The Joker was the first obstacle to escaping, however the Joker this time was quickly handled and knocked out, however just when they were about to leave, Nightwing (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) appears, and the episode ends off with this cliffhanger.

"Extraction" June 22, 2015 104 3

Nightwing appears to be using a unmodified version of the batsuit, even with the symbol on it, however instead of the mask he wears a blue eye-mask. The League attacks Nightwing while Floyd watches as the riot happens. During the riot Joker appears again, wanting revenge he attacks Floyd. While the League fights Nightwing, Floyd fights the Joker, the League and Floyd, eventually come out victorious. Nightwing at the time was relatively inexperienced, and untrained. The helicopter arrives to extract them, they jump on, and Floyd puts on the gear the League brought for him, however the soon the helicopter is shot down, the League members and Floyd jump out, and tries to find the means to contact the League in Gotham. They purchase civilian clothes, and head to an unspecified building.

"Back to Nanda Parbat" June 29, 2015 105 4

The League, and Floyd enters the building. It is revealed that it is a League safe house. In the safe house the League members tries to contact Nanda Parbat, but without no success. The episodes then cuts off to show police officers looking at a security camera that saw Floyd, they head to the building. Meanwhile back at the safe house the group hears the sirens, and takes weapons before leaving the building, and blowing it up with explosives left in there. They are chased, but they eventually loses the police. They end on the docks, where it turns out the League did get their distress message, they enter the League helicopter, and for the first time in the show we see Deathstroke in full armor.

"Bodies" July 6, 2015 106 5

Deathstroke reveals that ARGUS has the bodies of Talia and Ra’s Al Ghul located in separate facilities, he has himself, Andrew, Andrew’s team, and Floyd go to obtain Ra’s’ body, while another team tries to obtain Talia’s. Team 1 heads to the ARGUS facility in Gotham with contains Ra’s’ body, and successfully breaks in, but ARGUS agents are quickly alerted. Deathstroke quickly kills the ARGUS agents as they make their way to the chamber containing Ra's Al Ghul, and breaks in. In there they see Ra's' body secured in a body bag, they snatch eh body bag and try to make their way out. On the way out they are stopped by ARGUS Agents, and the Knight, a ARGUS agent in armor very similar to the Batman's, expect with a small ARGUS written on it, and the mask without the ears, and covers entire face.

"The Knight" July 13, 2015 107 6

Deathstroke is fighting with The Knight, while Floyd, and the League members take out the ARGUS agents, the ARGUS agents are easily dispose of. Floyd, and the League grabs the body bag, and Slade tells them to run, and bring the body back to Nanda Parbat, which they try to do and manage to get out of the facility. The Knight gains the upper hand, and stabs Slade's eye, causing a wave of rage from Slade, which allows him to gain the upper hand. Slade slices the Knight's arms off, shoots him in the chest, and kicks him to the ground before proceeding to leave the facility. 5 ARGUS elite teams exit the facility, and chase the League members, while being chased, Slade catches up to the team. They run to a helicopter extraction, and jump on, Floyd misses. They leave Floyd behind, and you can see ARGUS members taking Floyd into custody. Ra's body is seen being put into the place labelled LZP we saw in Nanda Parbat.

"Rise" July 20, 2015 108 7

This takes place months after the previous episode, shortly before the events of Batman: A New Dawn. In the episode Andrew, and his team attempts to rescue Floyd, they head to the ARGUS facility holding him, trying to find a section known as Task Force X, where their Intel says Floyd is, however ARGUS agents manage to push them back, and they return to Nanda Parbat. Andrew trains for a while, before going to Slade, where Slade reveals his plan to attack Gotham once again, Slade shows him that he has had all League members prepped for battle, but will only send parts of the League in case it fails. This is when Slade leads Andrew to the place labelled LZP. Where it is revealed to be a Lazarus Pit, and Andrew sees Ra's, and is quite shocked. This revealed that Ra's is truly immortal. This was meant to set Ra's up for Batman: A New Dawn.

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