"This city is an example of how order is a lie - only in chaos can we live in peace!" -- The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter
Alias The Mad Hatter
Real Name Jervis 'Jerry' Tetch
Age 19
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Location Gotham City
Enemies Batman

Jervis 'Jerry' Tetch was the son of Edward Tetch and his wife, Louise. Jerry had always adored his mother and shared her love for Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. After her sudden death, Edward turned more abusive towards his own son, with Jerry developing a seething hatred for him. After faking his own father's suicide, Jerry took over the family business, Gotham's second-leading corportation, Tetch Enterprises. Tetch uses his wealth and power to fashion himself as a secret criminal, known as the Mad Hatter. It was only until Batman exposed him that Tetch went completely insane, as his resources and apparently, his mother's memory were destroyed and Tetch vowed to bring Gotham into chaos and disorder - seeing that as the only way humanity could live in.




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