Marvel Vs. DC is a fighting-game featuring Batman. There are several playable characters, and several story modes. Marvel Vs. DC: Upgraded is an uograded and newer version of it with more characters and story modes. The sequel will be Marvel Vs. DC 2: Worlds Collide. The games final boss for all story modes is Galactuseid.

Plot Synopsis

Superman and Iron Man decide there 2 worlds should team up once more after the special comic event, Marvel Vs. DC, since Galactus and Darkseid formed a portal between there worlds. They also find another world... hidden forever. A world that should have never existed... The Amalgam Universe. When Amalgam is unleashed, theheroes must stop every reality within the multiverse from combining into a huge, deadly, twisted world of endless mayhem.




Story Mode

See: Marvel Vs. DC/Story Mode

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