Missing is the eighth episode of The Young Knight season 1.



  • Ext. City Park - Morning

(Cuts to see the view of the park then we notice two people walking down the park pathway as we see it is Bruce and Gina where we also see him putting his arm around her, as she leans her head on his body, as both of them are still walking)

Bruce: I can’t believe this is a fabulous morning.

Gina: I can’t believe either; you know that the sun is the only planet that is most beautiful and the most mysterious.

Bruce: Why you said that?

Gina: Well because the sun’s beauty is so mystique and unique that can’t describe either further. It’s like the sun had another purpose in the galaxy and seems that you can’t judge a book its cover. (Ironically describing what she is doing)

Bruce: You see that’s why I loved you.

Gina: Me being so unique.

Bruce: No, you being so…you After ten dates over a whole week, I feel we were meant to be together.

Gina: Yeah, I know.

(The camera then views them making out for a long minute and after they kiss, the camera then zooms to a strange man wearing a dark blue jacket covering a white t-shirt; and his face looks like a rocker)

(Shifts back to Bruce and Gina as they hold on each other and continue o walk, until Bruce spots a hot dog stand)

Bruce: Hey, you want a hot dog.

Gina: Yeah, give me one.

Bruce: I’ll be back. (Kisses her then heads to the stand)

(The camera sees him heading to the stand as we shift back to Gina who is waiting and while she waits she then notices the strange man that has been watching them)

Gina: (Seeing the man and realizes who he really is; she tries to turn away, but she can’t when she sees the man watching her)

(As she continues to watch him, Bruce appears)

Bruce: (Holding two hot dogs) Hey, I didn’t know how you dressed it, but I figured the traditional mustard dressing… (Seeing Gina) Gina?

Gina: (Sees Bruce) Hey, you got the dogs, nice.

Bruce: What’s you looking at?

Gina: (Grabbing her hot dog and looking at where the man was before but when the camera spots him he’s already gone; shifts back to her confused and just lie about it) It was nothing.

(Shifts to a kind of worried Bruce, then shifts back to a worried and confused Gina as we fade out) [Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the view of the building)

  • Int. Lab Development

(Cuts downstairs to the labs as we Lucius still trying to solve the puzzle while still cracking the codes he was given, then al of a sudden Wilden appears)

Robin: (Seeing him doing something) So what are you doing?

Lucius: (Hiding the puzzlebox and clues away from Robin’s sight) Just going over a experimental chemical that was in the works.

Robin: Oh, I was just wondering because you were absent in a few meetings the past week.

Lucius: Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know time passes already.

Robin: It’s okay, I could figure staying down here it’s like one day compare to what’s upstairs.

Lucius: Are you insulting my intelligence? Because if you didn’t, you kind of sound like it you did.

Robin: If I did that, I’m sorry, but what I suppose to say is that the meetings are getting lonely and you need, and I mean you half to attend the next one or your job is the one that will be insulted. (Walking upstairs)

Lucius: (Kind of aggravated with what Wilden had to said, but he’s right; we see the camera viewing him taking out the puzzlebox and the clues. He still tries to find what is going on and what does all these clues mean)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to see the view of the manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Room

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce and Gina entering the room; Gina then jumps to the bed and lays down from being tired and Bruce sits on the bed)

Bruce: Well that was fun!

Gina: (Thinking about that man)

Bruce: Gina?

Gina: (Trying to get the image of the man out of his head until he hears and knows what Bruce is saying) Oh, yeah the park was so cool. Bruce: Are you sure you’re okay? (Starting to get upset) Because you been focusing on other things beside us.

Gina: (Running beside him, putting her hand on his face) No, I will never put something beside us after all I’m in love with you, Bruce Wayne. I never had these feelings before meeting you, but ever since we met it’s seems I’m growing on you and I can’t get that out of me.

Bruce: It’s weird to me too because you’re the first girl that I actually love and fully express with it. I so love you, and I will never loose you.

Gina: I will never loose you, too.

Bruce: (Feeling those feelings and all of the sudden he kisses her)

Gina: (Kissing him back)

(The camera then see them in a kissing mod that continues until we then see Bruce taking off his shirt; and then he starts kissing her again until we see Gina taking off her blouse; and then after all of that, we see Bruce moving Gina to the top of the bed and they both soon begin on taking their relationship to the next level)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(Cuts to see his house then inside)

  • Int. Leo’s Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Leo and Julie talking about something he find on the internet)

Julie: Okay, Leo so what’s the emergency that you had to take me out of my house.

Leo: See I notice that you been having not-so-good feelings for Gina and you had been very jealous about her hooking up with Bruce.

Julie: For the first time, I think he should be happy with someone else.

Leo: Yeah, that same someone who has a different identity.

Julie: What?!

Leo: Look at this! (Pointing to the screen)

Julie: What the...

Leo: I found out something about our little miss sunshine.

(The camera views the screen as we see Gina’s face with a different hair color–black–and wearing glasses and we can see a different name)

Julie: So what you saying to me.

Leo: I don’t know if Gina is her real name or not, but she according to the Metropolis’s Driver License goes by the name “Kathy Kane”.

Julie: Are you sure?

Leo: Before I call you, I called the Metropolis DMV to prove it and they said that the picture Bruce gave me of Gina match the description to a Kathy Kane.

Julie: So maybe she’s impersonating her somehow, and that she is just mysterious as her purpose of being here. And kind of weird, a week ago, she appeared out of nowhere.

Leo: Well I don’t know about that, but I do know that if Gina didn’t tell Bruce I figure she kept this as her dirty little secret.

Julie: Yeah, a secret that needs to be out and in the open...I don’t want Bruce to find out the hard way, so I’m going to the manor and tell him myself. (Running)

Leo: Whoa, I think you need to just keep this to ourselves until its time.

Julie: (Stop running) And let Gina have her way to tell the truth...I don’t think so. (Continues to run and leaves Leo’s house)

Leo: (Thinking something bad is about to happen, but feels he can’t do nothing to stop it)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the mansion as we see the exterior view then inside...)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to see Victor sitting on his chair, reading a book, and drinking his scotch until we see Jason with a luggage bag)

Victor: (Seeing the bag and look up at him) Where are you going?

Jason: I’m taking the jet and I’m heading to Chicago.

Victor: Can you tell me why?

Jason: Sorry, that’s not a need-to-know-basis.

Victor: I’m your father and I have the right to know why you taking these numbered business trips lately these past few days.

Jason: Weird, it seems you saying everything you been doing.

Victor: (Looking at him)

Jason: Don’t be surprise I know your frequent trips to Peru from Madre de Dios to Moquegua to Paco to Cusco and not surely not the least, the Amazona. I wonder what’s in Peru that you need so much.

Victor: That is not a need-to-know-basis.

Jason: You’re disgust me, you know that. I’ll be back tomorrow night. (Taking his bag and walking near the door)

Victor: Yeah, you going to walk off from me and go hiding to that skum known as Robin Wilden.

Jason: First off we’re partners; second, he’s not going with me and he never had. (Walking out the doors; we can also hear his last words for today) See you dad!

Victor: (Kind of tempered about Wilden coming between his relationship between his son and thinks abot what to do now that he knows Wilden isn’t going with Jason to Chicago)

(Cuts off Victor thinking sinisterly)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts off to see the manor again)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to see Julie entering as we also see Alfred opening the door)

Julie: Hey, Alfred, is Bruce in his room.

Alfred: Yes...but....

Julie: Thanks! (Running up the stairs yelling his name) Bruce! Bruce!

Alfred: (Trying to warn her)...I don’t think that’s a good idea...(But she don’t listen to her, he puts his head down) I feel so helpless.

  • Int. Bruce ‘s Room

(Cuts to Bruce’s room again as we see Julie opening the door)

Julie: Bruce, I have something about... (Shocked and stunned as she walks in)

(The camera then shifts to what Julie is seeing and that is Bruce and Gina both sleeping in bed and under the covers; we then see his arm around her as she is laying by his body)

Julie: (Is still shocked and now know why Bruce haven’t been calling her back; she then leaves)

(Shifts back to Bruce as he wakes up and sees her leaving; he kisses Gina on the forehead and walks to follow her; as we still see Gina moving a bit, but still sleeping)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts back downstairs as we see Julie about to leave until being stopped by Bruce, wearing a underwear shirt and wearing jeans)

Bruce: Wait!

Julie: Sorry that I ever came.

Bruce: Julie, just wait, please.

Julie: Okay.

Bruce: I’m sorry that I been dodging your calls, but lately...

Julie: I’m happy you’re in love and seeing you made it, but Gina is not the one for one.

Bruce: Alright Julie, I think you’re going overboard.

Julie: Listen Bruce, the reason why I came wasn’t just because of you and Gina doing I have no clue...

Bruce: Just tell me!

Julie: I found out that Gina is lying to you about her past.

Bruce: What are you talking about?

Julie: She lied to you; I found info about a Metropolis DMV license that has Gina face on it, but goes by the name “Kathy Kane”.

Bruce: What!?

Julie: I’m telling you she kept this secret from you.

Bruce: I don’t know what you trying to do, but Gina told me that she went by that name because a Witness Protection gig.

Julie: What? You knew about this?

Bruce: Yeah, and you think she impersonated the real Kathy to do what steal diamonds.

Julie: Bruce, come on, I’m only protecting you.

Bruce: Well if you trying to bust Gina for a false name account, try harder. I love her and I know what she said is the truth.

Julie: And you believe her then your own best friend.

Bruce: As I recalled earlier, you said we’re just friends and I what to do of my love life is none of your business, so back off!

Julie: (Shocked and we see some tears in her eyes) You know what fine by me I don’t care what you do with your love life, and I frankly I don’t care about this friendship! (Getting angry, storming out the doors)

Bruce: (Still angry about what just happen as he looks at the door totally upset and angry not only to Julie but to what she had to say)

  • Int. Bruce’s Room

(Cuts to see Gina still in bed, waking up and notices her cell is ringing; she picks up her Venus and tries to see who is it)

Gina: Hello?

  • Ext. Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts to see a phone booth and inside we see the same man Gina seen earlier as he talks to her)

Man: Nice to see you or talk to you again.

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to the room)

Gina: (Still on the phone) Who are you?

  • Ext. Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts to see a phone booth and inside we see the same man Gina seen earlier as he talks to her)

Man: You know... the man that gave you your job.

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to the room)

Gina: (Still on the phone) Kippler; why are the world you’re calling me and I told you I’m not doing that job again.

  • Ext. Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts back again to the booth)

Kippler: Look, I know we started off not-so-good, but after two years, we’re like one. We think like one.

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to the room)

Gina: (Still on the phone) And you’re still a looser.

  • Ext. Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts to see a phone booth again)

Kippler: Talking to the same one who falsify her birth certificate everywhere she go.

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to the room)

Gina: (Getting pissed off) Look Kippler, I told you once and I’ll tell you again. I’m not continuing that mission, and if you want me to kill Victor Powers, I’m not doing it.

  • Ext. Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts to see a phone booth again)

Kippler: Years ago, you been a dangerous vixen of a spy and now you want to go all peaceful on me.

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to the room)

Gina: Yeah, and I still meant what I had to say.

  • Ext. Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts to see a phone booth again)

Kippler: Gina, listen to me. You know “they” don’t like when their agents are double-crossing them and if something bad happens, I don’t want to be the cause of that. Gina, I’m taking care of your best interests and all of them are saying you need to continue that mission or something will happen.

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to the room)

Gina: Listen, you can tell your bosses from above to screw them. I’m staying here, and this is now my life.

  • Ext. Street Corner - Phone Booth

(Cuts to see a phone booth again)

Kippler: I been trying you warn you and you want to do it the hard way. I see why you doing this, that Bruce Wayne is doing this to you; he’s poisoning your mind and I can’t let that happen...don’t worry Gina, if you can’t come back on your own I’ll do it my way. (Hangs up)

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Bruce’s Room

(Cuts back to the room)

Gina: Kippler... Kippler... what you mean your way?! (Trying to say it, but all she hears is static; she hangs up and wonders what Kippler meant about that)

(Fades out) [Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to see again the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside the study as we see Bruce and Leo talking)

Bruce: And that’s what happened.

Leo: Okay so let put this in fast forward, Julie entered all crazy and see you and Gina doing the nasty, she gets mad and walks off, Bruce stops as Julie tells on what was Gina’s past, yet you already knew from her point of view; then, you protect Gina and get mad at Julie, she storms off and you called me for support. So how was that? Was that a good review or what; I’m not Ebert and Roeper, but I can do a fine review.

Bruce: You did good.

Leo: Thanks. (Turning his head a lot) I was wondering where is Gina?

Bruce: She using the limo to go shopping.

Leo: I was wondering where Alfred was.

Bruce: Hey since you know me and Julie had the huge fight, can you talk her. I know she won’t op with me to talk to her, so can you...

Leo: No problem. (Getting up) I was just heading out.

Bruce: I was wondering did you researched that DMV stuff about Gina.

Leo: Alright...I guess I have to admit, I did, but I told Julie not to do it earlier and something bad was gone to happen.

Bruce: Guess whatever is going on with her is blocking her better judgement.

Leo: I don’t know about that, but I do know is that you two need to refix this void between you two. (Heading to the foyer)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts as we see Leo leaving and Bruce walking him out, but they both are stunned to see Victor on the other side of the door)

Victor: Gentlemen...(To Leo) Mr. Foster, you don’t mind if I talk to Bruce.

Leo: Find by me, I was just heading out...I didn’t know that leaving will attract the strays.

Bruce: (Smiling at him)

Victor: (Not smiling)

Leo: Okay, I guess I’m out see ya Bruce. (Leaving)

Bruce: Yeah, see you. (Looking at Victor)

Victor: Can I come in?

Bruce: Sure, there’s other strays with you.

Victor: I was just here to see how you been; I heard you had a girlfriend. (Knowing its the same girl that spied on him last week)

Bruce: I don’t need your gratitude.

Victor: I guess I’m not the kindest nor greetful man I once was...

Bruce: You greetful, what the world is coming to.

Victor: Listen, I’m sorry for whatever I did to you, but I don’t want anyone to be hurt to what I have to say.

Bruce: And what’s that you’re not Jason’s father?

Victor: What I’m saying is that you know Robin Wilden, the CEO of your father’s company.

Bruce: What are you saying?

Victor: Don’t trust him...

Bruce: And in a twisted reality, I can trust you. Why I can’t trust him?

Victor: He’s hiding the fact that he knew something about your father’s death.

Bruce: Excuse me?

Victor: He knows something about your father’s death and might have a clue about the killer.

Bruce: You’re lying!

Victor: Listen, Bruce you have the choice not to trust me, but I do trust you. I know you can do the right thing. (Exiting)

(Cuts off to see Bruce stunless and confused on what just happened)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the view of the building)

  • Int. Meeting Room

(Cuts inside the meeting room as we see Wilden and other seven execs about to start the meeting until we see Lucius coming in just in time)

Robin: Well, well...look who came in to join us.

Lucius: I’m just here because I love my work. (Sitting down) Can we get on with it?

Robin: Sure...Let’s begin.

(Shifts to Lucius as the meeting is beginning and Wilden lecturing, we see Lucius listening to what he had to say, but his PDA rings him a message)

Lucius: (Checking off the PDA off everyone’s sight including Wilden; the camera sees the message on the PDA, “A CASTLE BAN”; shifts to him being confused, he pauses the meeting) Excuse me! I have to minus this meeting.

Robin: I didn’t even say everyone to be dismissed or the meeting is adjoined; Lucius, you are making a big mistake.

Lucius: (While walking off) What are you going to do, fire me?

(Cuts off to a very angry Wilden)

  • Ext. Julie’s house – Night

(Cuts to see her house)

  • Int. Julie’s room

(Cuts to see Julie relaxing on her bed)

Julie: (Almost about to go to sleep, until her phone rings; she answers it) Hello?

Leo (phone): It’s me.

Julie: I’m about to go to sleep.

Leo (phone): Ain’t you too early to go to sleep.

Julie: Well things change.

Leo (phone): You surely don’t.

Julie: Like I said, things change.

Leo (phone): Okay, first off, I told you to keep that secret to ourselves until it was a right time, yet I didn’t know Bruce already knew.

Julie: So he talk to you after...

Leo (phone): Yeah, after you two had a huge fight.

(Shifts to see her getting off the bed and heading downstairs)

  • Int. Living Room

(Cuts downstairs to see Julie still talking through the house phone)

Julie: That fight was coming after all the stuff Bruce pulled on me.

Leo (phone): And what you did to him.

Julie: What I did to him has nothing to do with that fight.

Leo (phone): All I know is that you two need to make up and fast...after all maybe you can tell Bruce about...(And all of the sudden the phone is knock out of Julie’s hand)

Julie: What the?

(The camera shifts to see a mysterious man sees her phone and steps on it as it breaks; Julie tries to run, but the man runs after her; she sees a book on the living room table and picks it up while smacking it to the man knocking him down; she then pushes him to the ground and throws more books at him, then she runs to the kitchen; the man gets up and runs after her)

  • Int. Kitchen

(Cuts to the kitchen as she tries to find the phone and when she does by calling 911, the phone line is cut)

Julie: (Trying to find something else to help defend her)

(The camera views to see Julie turning around as the camera zooms in, but as she turns around a object quickly knocks her out unconscious and she collapses on the floor; the man reveals to be holding a lamp post, and we see the man taking off a mask which reveal to be Kippler)

(Fades out) [Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham City - Night

(Cuts to a view of the city)

  • Ext. Docks Warehouses – Dock 64 Warehouse

(Cuts to the docks see a lot of warehouses, but the camera narrow the view to Dock 64)

  • Int. Dock 64 Warehouse

(Cuts inside the warehouse of Dock 64 as we see a old, racket room where we see Julie still unconscious, but all of the sudden she wakes up and is seen tied up in a chair with her mouth being gag with duct tape; we soon see Kippler taking off the tape)

Julie: Get me out of here! (Shaking the chair up)

Kippler: Wow, you’re a handful.

Julie: Why you kidnaped me?

Kippler: You’re my leverage.

Julie: Leverage for what?

Kippler: To get my Gina back from your Bruce.

Julie: First off, Bruce is not mines...he’s my...

Kippler: Your best friend, why did you think I kidnaped you. Bruce is poison Gina, so the best way to attack back is to attack his heart. Trying to get rid of the ones he really care about the most, that’s the only way to get her back.

Julie: And what happen if she don’t come back to you...what then?

Kippler: (Pulling out his gun and shifting the cartridge) There’s a lot more to change her mind.

Julie: (Seeing the gun and rocking back and forth, she has no choice but to yell) Help! Help me!

(He soon gags her mouth back with duct tape)

Kippler: Maybe you should keep your mouth shut after all no one can listen to you. (Heads out)

(Cuts off to a gagged Julie as she continues to struggle herself out of the ropes)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the view of the building)

  • Int. Lab Development

(Cuts downstairs in the labs as we see Lucius about to find something else about the puzzlebox)

Lucius: (He starts moving the box physically trying to force out the last big clue and then see the box doing something strange; he starts writing the new info as the puzzle pointer points to two numbers 1 and 2. He is then confused and trying to see all the clues he had received: kings, chalice, Reblix, A Castle Ban, and now the numbers 1 and 2. He then breaks down the big clue, “A Castle Ban” and in a uncertain twist of unexpected turns we see him changing the phrase as he keeps the two A’s, C, B, and then he notices the n is upside down and is reveal to be a u. Now he sees another huge clue just from that...and that is Cabua. He still is perplexed about the numbers 1 and 2 as he thinks he is getting really close to the final clue)

  • Int. CEO office

(Cuts upstairs then inside the CEO office as we see Wilden working on a few files and we see Bruce entering)

Robin: Well, well, how you been doing this past week. Getting to know Ms. Faust a little bit.

Bruce: I’m not here for pleasantries; I’m here because someone tells me you can’t be trusted.

Robin: (Laughing) You can’t believe that, that stuff is ridiculous. You can trust me.

Bruce: You see that’s the problem you say you can be trusted, but the question is can you trust me.

Robin: I...I...

Bruce: Can you?

Robin: It’s just that it’s too complicated.

Bruce: Why its complicated.

Robin: I been hiding this from you, but you need to know.

Bruce: Yeah, I need to know what’s your secret if you have one.

Robin: I know that Sczoneri character.

Bruce: Yeah, I knew he was the gangster that was messing around with my dad (Feeling he had a hand in his death).

Robin: I wanted to keep this out the door, but...

Bruce: So what’s up with you and Sczoneri.

Robin: He is my uncle.

Bruce: (Stunned) What!

Robin: I’m sorry Bruce, (Getting up) I didn’t want to tell you.

Bruce: (Knowing Victor was right all along) He was right.

Robin: (Seeing what Bruce is doing) Wait, who told you that I have a secret and that you can’t trust me. Is it Victor, if it is, I told Jason that his father will go all lengths to find harmful stuff about me; I should have known; I should have told Jason to steal all his personal checks.

Bruce: Why are you keep on popping up Jason’s name.

Robin: Didn’t Victor tell you about my partnership with Jason.

Bruce: He didn’t, but you sure have.

Robin: (Now realizing he is spoiling everything to Bruce) I’m sorry...

Bruce: Save it... I can’t even realize what my dad saw in you. (Heading towards the door)

Robin: I can explain.

Bruce: See you, Robin! (Leaving)

(Shifts to Wilden as he is shocked and can’t know what to do to the person he trusted the most, if he even trusted Bruce at all; and now he realizes Victor is winning the war)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts to the study as we see Gina putting her shopping bags down and notices she has a call and it’s from Kippler; she answers it)

Gina: (on the phone) What do you want?

Kippler (phone): I’m just here telling you, you have another chance to come back to me or something will eventually happen.

Gina: I know you Kippler, what did you do and what was your plan?

Kippler (phone): If you want to know here I’ll let her talk to you...(and all of the sudden we hear Julie voice)

Julie (phone): Hello? Help!! (And then we hear nothing)

Gina: (Knowing that voice) Julie? Julie!

Kippler (phone): (And then we are back to Kippler) If you want your boyfriend’s friend to stay alive in one piece, you need to come back.

Gina: Listen, Kippler, I’m telling you don’t do this...

Kippler (phone): Come back to me and I will stop!

Gina: I’m sorry, but I cannot and will not do that mission; consider my mission days over.

Kippler (phone): And consider the time of Julie’s life over! (Hangs up)

Gina: Hello! Hello! Kippler! Julie!

(All of the sudden we see Bruce in the background)

Gina: (She soon sees Bruce) Huh...when did you came back?

Bruce: The time you said “I’m telling you don’t do this”, what you mean by that? And who is Kippler and why you also said Julie.

Gina: (Caught in a hard spot has to give her secrets in before Julie is dead; hesitating)

Bruce: I’m waiting.

Gina: (Still hesitating and begins to give in) Kippler was the man I saw earlier this morning.

Bruce: Okay.

Gina: And he’s my boss.

Bruce: Okay?

Gina: What I mean...(not trying to tell him, but has no other choice) he sent me here to go after someone.

Bruce: What?

Gina: I didn’t want to do this, but I have no choice... I’m a spy, a double agent sent to spied on Victor Powers.

Bruce: (Seeing she been lying to him and realizing Julie was right) You lied to me.

Gina: (We see a tears in her eyes) I’m so sorry...

Bruce: What else you been hiding. Let me guess that Witness Protection program gig was a fluke and let me also guess you disguised as different aliases to do what spy on the rich, powerful, and successful.

Gina: It’s not like that.

Bruce: Oh yeah well tell me, because I’m really having a hard time figuring this one out.

Gina: (Starting to cry) I love you!

Bruce: And let me guess, you using my love as another part of your tricks.

Gina: No! This is my love and it is not a hoax nor trick.

Bruce: Tell me right liar, are you lying to me about Julie.

Gina: (Can’t escape from that either) No, Julie was abducted by Kippler, because he want me so badly to return to him. If I don’t do what he said, she will die.

Bruce: Well go!

Gina: Bruce!?

Bruce: You don’t love me, and I have one of my best friends being held as leverage because of you.

Gina: I know this is all my fault, but I can’t continue my mission...if I do, I half to kill Victor Powers.

Bruce: Hmm, so my heart was another one of your missions; guess that mission got completed.

Gina: Bruce! Our love is not part of who I used to be; it’s the new me.

Bruce: Well face facts, the old you will always come always does. Now giving you up to that Kippler guy to save Julie is the only way to save her, guess it’s a done deal.

Gina: Bruce...

Bruce: Julie is my friend, if something happens to her, you will be the one responsible for her death.

Gina: It’s either me or her, so choose.

Bruce: (Hesitating) I...I can’t and I won’t.

Gina: You still love me.

Bruce: If you think I love you, you should know what you have to do.

Gina: (Thinking about that as she heads to the front door)

(Shifts to a worried Bruce, but in his mind and heart which girl did he choose...Gina or Julie)

  • Ext. Dock 64 Warehouse - Int.

(Cuts inside the warehouse and back to the old, racket room)

Julie: (Trying to escape as she unties her hands, and tries to escape; she eventually does and pulls the duck tape off, but as she gets close to the door)

(To the door, she almost escape until Kippler waits on the other side)

Kippler: (Sees her and uses the gun as a weapon as he hits her with it)

(Julie falls down getting a bruise on her forehead and we see the gun pointing)

Kippler: (Holding the gun and pointing it in her direction) Escape again, and I’ll make sure you won’t make it out of this situation alive.

(Shifts to a bruised and terrified Julie as their no way out and the next time will be her last)

(Fades out) [Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to see the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside the room as we see Jason returning)

Jason: (Sensing his trip was cut short for some strange reason; he tries yelling to his dad) Where you at?! My trip was cut short... Dad! Dad! Where are you?

  • Ext. Dock 64 Warehouse - Int.

(Cuts to the docks then to the warehouse; we go inside the warehouse and back to the old, racket room as we see a bruised Julie tied up again, and about to find a way to get out, but sees Kippler)

Kippler: (Holding his gun) I told you if you tried to escape, it will be your last. (Pointing the gun to her head)

(We see Julie being terrified as Kippler about to pull the trigger and we see the camera shifts to the door as we see a man figure around a white light, shift to back to Kippler and Julie as they are looking at whoever it is and both are stunned; shifts back to the figure as he holds out a gun and shoots it)

(We see one bullet takes down Kippler as he falls to the floor; the camera shifts to the figure who reveal to be Victor; we now see Victor just saved Julie; he reaches to her and unties her)

Victor: Are you okay?

Julie: (Still bruised) I’m okay.

(As they are about to leave, we see Kippler getting up after we soon learn the bullet only brazed him, and in a total bezerk mode he tries to have to chance to shoot his gun at them, but Victor sees him and fires one more shot and this time the bullet hits him in his head; Julie is shock)

Victor: It’s all over now.

Julie: (Still shock about what just happened)

(Shifts to the dead Kippler then to Victor and Julie both leaving)

(Fades out) [Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Gotham Memorial Hospital

(Cuts to see the view of the medical center)

  • Int. Julie’s Room

(Cuts to see Julie in lying on the bed, just relaxing as we see Bruce entering as we also hear the song “Where I Stood” by Missy Higgins starting to play in the background)

Bruce: Hey, guess I didn’t know you were like this…

Julie: I’m fine.

Bruce: Oh, I just felt weird because you were kidnaped.

Julie: Like I say, I was fine.

Bruce: What happened?

Julie: I escaped and he killed himself.

Bruce: A little strange, but as long as you are alive and well; I’m sorry what I said earlier...and I truly feel proud to be your friend.

Julie: Thank you.

Bruce: So, I’m about to go back to my house to do whatever…

Julie: How is Gina?

Bruce: I wish I never knew; she was wrong, you were right.

Julie: I never wanted to be right.

Bruce: (Getting upset) Yeah, but you just had to. (Heads out)

(Shifts to see Julie totally upset)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to see a view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts first to the foyer as we see Bruce entering after going to the hospital; when he was going to the study room, he sees Gina waiting for him. We continue to hear the song “Where I Stood” by Missy Higgins playing)

Gina: I had been trying to call.

Bruce: I been busy.

Gina: Seeing Julie at the hospital, I hope she is okay.

Bruce: She is, but I don’t think “we” won’t survive.

Gina: What happened between us?

Bruce: What happened is the point you lied, betrayed, and almost gone one of my friends killed by your psycho of a boss.

Gina: I’m glad it’s over, and I am thankful that he is gone. I wouldn’t want to loose you, because I love you.

Bruce: You sure you love me? After all I did, what we did didn’t mean anything.

Gina: (Starting to cry) It did…it really did I don’t know, but my love for you changed me.

(The song continues)

Bruce: (Getting emotional) I can’t do this again.

Gina: I didn’t mean to hurt you…I didn’t mean of any of this to happen to you. I love you Believe me

Bruce: Second chances are then and gone; I don’t know if you deserved another one.

Gina: Please, please, please. (Starting to cry) Your love changed me…please, Bruce!

Bruce: I trusted you. When my parents died, I thought I had a void in my heart and nothing else can change that, but when I met you it seem you got rid of my void. But it also seem that pain I felt for years never faded away…and now knowing you…It seems that pain will be with me forever.

Gina: How many times can I say I’m sorry because I’m sorry.

Bruce: I thought I love you, guessed that just part of your game.

Gina: (Shocked and can’t say nothing else, she just starting to cry)

Alfred: (Appearing) Master Bruce, will Ms. Faust be staying for dinner?

Bruce: No Alfred, she was just leaving. (Heading out of the study)

(As the song is about to reach to the end, Bruce walks away not wanting to see her face as Gina, crying as she heads out the door and before she leaves)

Gina: (Still crying) And just for you to know, I will always love you…always. Bye Alfred, bye Bruce. (She kisses Bruce on the left cheek and cuddle her nose on it, then she exits out the door still crying)

Alfred: (a little depressed) At least she was nice.

Bruce: (We see him so heartbroken, the camera zooms into him long enough as we see a tear coming down from his eyes)

(Cuts off as the song “Where I Stood” ends)

  • Int. Powers Mansion – Library

(Cuts to see the mansion then we notices to Victor talking to the phone as we soon to see Julie entering the door as we hear Morcheeba “Gained the World”)

Julie: (While carrying her purse) Hello?

Victor: (Talking to an associate) I want that project done as… (He sees Julie) Call you back. (Hangs up) Well, hello Ms. Madison.

Julie: You can call me Julie and thank you for saving my life. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

Victor: Don’t mention it. I understand your problems, I was so disappointed you got into the middle of this.

Julie: Excuse me?

Victor: Your friend and my son’s friend, Bruce Wayne as well as I was targets of this organization.

Julie: What organization?

(The song continues)

Victor: (Giving her the file) They called themselves Starlix; their field agent, Kippler, was the one who kidnaped you and…

Julie: (Reading the files) Gina is one of them and Kippler was her boss.

Victor: He seen Bruce’s girlfriend hanging out with him and realizes her love over him will be her undoing. So in order to continue her mission, he wanted to hurt Bruce’s love ones, so he kidnaped you.

Julie: But how can this be durable.

Victor: I want to help you by twisting the story and pay for your club.

Julie: I…

(As the song reaches to the end)

Victor: Keep this between ourselves.

Julie: And what do you want in return?

Victor: I want you to become partners with me; in this way, we can stop Starlix.

Julie: I don’t know. (Turns around and is about to leave until…)

Victor: Well not for me, but for Bruce?

Julie: (Stunned and not knowing what to do, she can’t find a way to solve this case; she continues to struggle, but doesn’t know what to do, and then she decided…)

(The song “Gained the World” soon ends and then the camera fades out) [Act V ends]


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