Victor Fries was a Chryogenic Scientist working for Daggett Industries. Fries was secretly trying to restore his dead wife Nora. He is voiced/played by Alan Rickman.

Early Life

Fries was born in Berlin, Germany and his family moved to Gotham City when he was one year old. He grew up speaking German and English. Fries eventually went to Harvard University and majored in Chryogenic Science. He went to work at Daggett Industries which supported his project of bringing back his wife with his studies. 

Unconfirmed Sighting and Coma

Daggett stopped funding Fries's project. When Fries ran out of chemicals to support Nora, he tried to make them. He made a mistake which started an explosion in the labratory. Fries was severely injured and only survived because he got into the suit intended for Nora, who was destroyed in the explosion. He wanted revenge on Daggett for letting his wife die. Fries attatched a cannon to the suit that shot out freezing rays that would devour everything it touched using the same technique as frostbite. Fries stormed Daggett's building and the Batman intervened. Batman came and resqued John Daggett. Fries escaped into a lab room. Batman came up and hit him breaking the glass visor of the suit. Fries shot at Batman and hit him in the knee with his freeze-ray. Batman went into a chryogenic coma. Fries was going to kill him but also fell into a coma. When Batman recovered he escaped from the hospital by himself. Fries stayed in the coma for four years longer. Daggett Industries kept watch on his body as it slowly deteriorated from frostbite. The warlord Bane looked at it and took intrest in it becoming a weapon of mass destruction. When Bane died, Fries's body stayed in the coma for eleven years before he awoke. He was put into a prosthetic suit that would give him the ability to move. Fries wasn't human anymore though. He was more robot than man and all he remembered was Nora and the Batman. He remembered not what the Batman did, but that he needed to kill him.

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