Mr. Freeze (Knight of Gotham)

Full Name

Victor Fries


Dr. Fries, Mr. Freeze, the Iceman, the Ice Warrior










Eye Color(s)


Hair Color


Professional Information


Wayne Enterprises (formerly)


Professional criminal, cryogenic scientist

Base of Operations


Personal Information

Marital Status



Nora Fries (wife)



Abilities & Tools


Knowledge of cryogenics and other types of sciences
Genius-level intillect
Skilled inventor and gadgeteer


Various types of freeze weaponry.


"Everything I do, I do to save my beloved Nora. And if that means I have to leave Gotham in a deep freeze, then so be it."
―Mr. Freeze to Batman, during a conversation at Arkham Asylum.

Dr. Victor Fries, also known as Mr. Freeze is a recurring antagonist on the television series Knight of Gotham. He is a cryogenecist working for Wayne Enterprises as it's liaison to the U.S Government and Military, but later becomes a criminal after an accident where armed thugs attempt to break into his lab leads to a vat of chemicals exploding, infusing his body with said chemicals.

He was portrayed by David Strathairn.

Knight of Gotham

Not much is known of Victor's early life. It is known that his father was a German immigrant who worked as a steel worker who married a businesswoman.

Season Three

Victor returns to Gotham City in Season Three, and has since become a leading cryogenics expert. He joins Wayne Enterprises and applies his genius to most of their fields, other than cryogenics.

Season Four


Dr. Fries before his transformation into Mr. Freeze.

When his wife, Nora, is stricken with a disease leaving her in a catatonic state, he attempts to create a cure. Wayne Enterprises allows Fries to continue working on his research, both for freeze technology and for finding a cure for Nora. Later on, he is promoted to Head of the Research & Development division.

Season Five

Season Six

When a mole within Wayne Enterprises alerts Bruce Wayne's business rival, Roland Daggett of Daggett Industries, of Dr. Fries' work, Daggett send a group of thugs to infiltrate Dr. Fries' personal lab, a Wayne Enterprises-owned workshop called Fries Cryogenics . However, Fries happens to be present in the lab himself when Daggett's thugs break in. Demanding that Fries give them all his research, Fries refuses, and the confrontation soon gets physical. When one of the goons threatens the comatomse Nora, Fries becomes angry and charges him. While these two are fighting, another goon grabs an experimental freeze bomb and throws it at Fries. Fries begins to ice over, and in the chaos, he knocks into a computer console, which causes a large vat of chemicals to go critical. Panicking, the goons flee, and the vat explodes, leaving the lab in ruins and supposedly killing Fries.

However, Fries survives, but his body becomes infused with cryogenic chemicals, rendering him only able to survive in subzero climates. Also driven insane by the chemicals, he decides to turn to a life of crime. Salvaging what he could from the ruins of his lab, Fries constructs a special cryogenic bodysuit with an internal subzero temperature and decides to call himself "Mr. Freeze".


  • This was the first time the Mr. Freeze character appeared in a live-action work since Arnold Schwarzenegger's disastrous portrayal of him in 1997's Batman & Robin.
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