Emerging from the Lazarus pit.

Dr. Fred Reeze was a nice and happy man. He had a loving wife, 2 sons and 1 beautiful daughter. He didn't care for money... but he needed it for his family. He had no choice but to secretly work for Raa's Al Ghul. One time, however, Fred crashed his car and fell into freezing cold water and freezed to death while trying to swim to the surface. Raa's brought him to the Lazarus Pit and revived him, but he was a frozen cold freak of nature. Raa's equipped him with freeze rays and had him go to kill Terry McGinniss, and poor little Fred, who was forced to do evil, became Raa's Al Ghul's personal hitman... Mr. Freeze! He's a member of the New Secret Society of Super-Villians, The League of Assassins, and Injustice League Beyond. His first appearance is DC: Tales from the Beyond #1.

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