If I had a chance to write my own version of the Batman mythos, I would change some things and add some things. I must say, the Batman the mythos is changed and redone once every couple of years so it can be done differently every time.


When Bruce Wayne was young, his parents were killed in crime alley by the criminal that would soon become the Joker. He fashioned a suit and gadgets after the bat and became Batman, Batman's costume is grey with a yellow bat symbol and black cape. He also uses other costumes such as the Freeze suit and a glider suit, his most dangerous suit in this version of the mythos is the Shock Suit which he used once, but it almost killed him and he had to change his suit to a different one for the rest of the mission.
The suit of sorrows

One of Batman's other suits.


The Joker is the criminal that killed Batman's parents, he wears a light purple coat with the traditional Joker design. Catwoman/Selina Kyle is Batman's girlfriend, her costume is the Arkham City only with a mask. The other villains have been also redesigned, including the Riddler and Killer Croc.

The Batcave and Batmobile

The Batcave has been resigned with a suit hanger, a vehicle hanger, a lab and etc. The Batmobile is the same as the Burton Batmobile, but with much more armour. The Batmobile has an autopilot mechanism, this allows Batman to pilot the Batmobile if he can't reach it. Batman also has a Batjet that works in the same fashion but is more adapted to aerial missions. The Suit Hanger has all the Batman costumes Batman had worn in previous incarnations of the mythos.
Batman Arkham Origins Skins

Some of the Batsuits in the Suit Hanger.

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