This is the second chapter in the NightWing series by Goku484.

By the way this replaces Batman Beyond. Bruce Wayne does still play mentor to Terry McGinnis, but Babara is not there to aid, as she is young

So this chapter continues where the last one left off. Robin is done with the Team Titans.

On the rooftop of a building across from Titans Tower, Robin takes one last look at the place he had, for so long, called home.

"Sorry Team, but its time to move on. Besides, I have some unfinished buissness to attend to in Gotham City anyway." said Robin to his teammates who he knew couldn't hear him.

Robin continued to leap on roof of each tall building until he arrived at the jump city sign.

"Goodbye Jump City, goodbye Titans Tower, goodbye Teen Titans." Robin said sadly. He then left and headed for Gotham.

Meanwhile, in Gotham City

Bruce Wayne had quit crime fighting due to a heart attack while fightning Mr.Freeze. He has unwillingly recruited young 17 year old Terry McGinnis from Gotham High after he stumbled into the Batcave.
Robin Grown Up

Adult Robin looking back to Jump City.

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