Once the first Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson now assumes the identity of vigilante Nightwing.

Character Type


Special Attacks

Escrima Strike-Nightwing strikes the opponent with his Escrima Sticks

Batclaw-Nightwing uses the Batclaw to draw in his opponent

Batclaw Slam-Nightwing smashes a Batclawed opponent into the ground

Wrist Dart-Nightwing fires a dart from his wrist

Wingding Throw-Nightwing throws a wingding at his opponent

Super Attacks

Level 1-Escrima Attack-Nightwing roundhouses his opponent in the side of the head, and throws an escrima stick at them

Level 2-Escrima Wave-Nightwing smashes his two Escrima Sticks together, sending out a massive wave of electricity.

Level 3-Escrima Combo-Nightwing throws both of his Escrima sticks at his opponent. Then he leaps towards them, grabs his Escrima Sticks, and unleashes a shockwave on the ground.

Finishing Blow

Shocking Blow-Nightwing jabs his Escrima stick into his opponent's neck, knocking them uncontious


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