Observer is the twentieth episode of The Young Knight season one.



  • Int. Wayne Manor – Bruce’s Room

(Cuts inside to Bruce’s bedroom as we see Bruce and Gina sleeping on both sides, and the camera slowly closes up to the left side where Bruce is; as we see him, he starts moving convincing he’s dreaming then flashes in very bright light)

  • Int. Dream

(Fades to a very bright background as we see a it’s a beautiful garden oasis and a grandeur lake)

(The camera zooms out to see the lavish landscape as we see a small pond and then a gazebo and then a female wearing a long white dress)

(Shifts as we see Bruce wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots and we see him noticing the female at the gazebo)

Bruce: (Seeing her, pursues to meet her, so he heads to the gazebo)

(We see him approaching her and as we see the female closer its reveal she is facing the lake wearing a veil masking her identity)

Bruce: (Unaware she is masked in that veil and figuring it’s the girl of his dreams) You’re the one…you’re the one I been wanting for all time…that person who will stand by me in the darkness, get away to (checking around the area) the light.

(As he still talks, the masked female understands him but not responding)

Bruce: You’re the one…You’re the girl of my dreams…I love you!

Female: (Finally responding) I love you too!

(As she is about to turn, we hear Bruce in the background; shifts to the Bruce in the dream as he is aware of it and hears it and the female in the masked veil turns the camera flashes)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Bruce’s Room

(Flashes back to Bruce’s bedroom as we see Bruce waking up instantly and startle and next we see Gina worrying)

Gina: You’re okay? You keep on saying; you’re the one and dream; who’s this person of your dreams.

Bruce: (Not wanting to reveal it) My future dog; I always want a pet since I can’t let me and poor little Alfred staying in this huge manor for long.

Gina: You’re sure it’s a dog.

Bruce: Promise.

Gina: Okay. (Trying to forget as she heads back to sleep)

(Shifts to Bruce as we see him still reeling from that dream, knowing it wasn’t a dog but a girl of his dreams…but can’t tell if it’s Gina)

  • Ext. Kinetic Labs - Night

(Cuts to the view of the labatory still nighttime)

  • Int. Labs

(Cuts inside a labatory as we see three scientists working nonstop at a strange device and in the center a light blue crystal; then the scientists back off all of sudden the devices starts working and the crystal is circling in a spiraling position from up to diagonal to down and all over again… and seconds later the device starts leaking spots and a small explosion happens; as the device shuts down, the scientists trying to figure out what happened)

  • Int. Observation Room

(Cuts to the room as we see a research philosopher glancing at the scene and then we see a man entering as its reveal its Rupert Thorne)

Rupert: Dr. Kingston.

Dr. Kingston: (Turning to see him) Mr. Thorne.

Rupert: I see our experiment failed again.

Dr. Kingston: Seeing this makes it a third, but once again it’s a fake.

Rupert: What you mean fake. I give you whole lots of money to pursue this experiment doctor.

Dr. Kingston: I know, but these tests I been doing are simply trial runs; they’re not the real tests, until we find the real one we have to keep avoiding using fakes like this one and the others.

Rupert: This crystal holds powers you never seen before. I won’t let a stump up businessman ruin my reputation.

Dr. Kingston: And trust me Mr. Thorne, your reputation is being held as the highest regard.

Rupert: I hope you know what are you doing here.

(As they talk, we notice Dr. Lillian Rochl entering unannounced until she sees both Thorne and Kingston talking)

Dr. Rochl: I’m so sorry.

(They notice)

Dr. Kingston: It’s okay, Lillian why are you here.

(Rupert looking at her like in disgust)

Dr. Rochl: I was waiting to give you my report on the experiment with Zion.

Dr. Kingston: Just leave it on my desk.

Dr. Rochl: (Shaking in agreement and notices the scene with the device and the crystal down in the lab; she then looks back to Kingston and Thorne, and then she heads out closing the door)

Rupert: I don’t trust her.

Dr. Kingston: She is one of our best scientists here at the lab.

Rupert: I seen her glanced at the device in the lab, if she finds out…

Dr. Kingston: Don’t worry, I know her. She isn’t capable of what you’re thinking.

Rupert: Maybe you should forget about befriending your workers, and actually start knowing more about them.

Dr. Kingston: (Ponders about it)

Rupert: (Knowing what he saying, heads to the big looking glass viewing the damage)

Int. Dr. Kingston’s Office (Cuts inside the office as Dr. Rochl enters with her file, and as she is about to put the file down on his desk and head out, she notices his computer on a screen saver)

Dr. Rochl: (Leaving the file on the desk, and ponders about the computer; seeing no one coming, touches the computer and notices the screen saver turns back to what Dr. Kingston had originally, schematics of a interesting generator-like device and a crystal)

(She then ponders if it was that same crystal she saw with him and Rupert Thorne and then spots a jump drive in the processor figuring it connects to the schematics; she see the label “A 2.0” and then look at the digital schematics labeling “A 2.0”. She suddenly out of warning takes the drive out and leaves the screen as it is not knowing the key information is inside that drive)

(The camera then see Lillian putting the drive inside her jacket hiding, and proceeds to head out; however unbeknownst to her, the camera zooms to a security camera in front of the computer on top of the ceiling and top wall corner)

(Cuts to the camera she didn’t see as it starts blinking red indicating its recording)

(The camera goes to the credits)

[Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. PowerCorp – Next Day – Morning

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts inside as we see Jason still thinking about what happened at that alley with him and that assassin)

Jason: (Sitting on the couch wondering about that fight with Belle)

(Victor enters seeing Jason lying in depression)

Victor: Is this relaxing or what?

Jason: (Noticing him) What you want dad?!

Victor: I never told you that I appreciate what you done for your father last week.

Jason: Oh, I thought I was just being a son more than a hero.

Victor: You are!

Jason: (Standing up) If I am, why you treating me like your business partner huh…making deals with your son, with high schoolers…

Victor: (A little stunned)

Jason: Oh you never knew I found out you hustling a teenager in high school, dad, are you that desperate.

Victor: No, I want to find out everything about Starlix and she failed her bargain.

Jason: Julie didn’t fail, she just didn’t care. Something I should have done last week.

Victor: You would have let your old man died.

Jason: When you disappeared months ago, I didn’t felt nothing…I regretted why I wanted to find you, but all in all I didn’t cried nor I was angry…the thing was I acting more and more like you.

Victor: (Smiling)

Jason: Just looking at that smile, now it proves my point.

Victor: What?

Jason: Being you, I felt nothing! (Walking out)

(Cuts off to Victor wondering what was that all about and shows a disgruntled look)

  • Ext. Kinetic Labs

(Cuts to the view of the labatory)

  • Int. Dr. Kingston’s Office

(Cuts inside the office as we see the man searching for something desperately and we then see Kane Thorn entering wondering what’s with him)

Kane: What are you up old man?

Dr. Kingston: I lost something literally I did.

Kane: Okay, where is it?

Dr. Kingston: I don’t know!

Kane: What was that thing you lost?

Dr. Kingston: (Hesitating) The flashdrive that had the schematics.

Kane: You idiot! My father promised you to protect that drive and not let anyone to get a hold of it! What would have happened if he finds out, huh!

Dr. Kingston: I don’t know.

Kane: Find it! (Walking out)

Dr. Kingston: (Afraid of what the Thrones could do to him if that drive isn’t back)

(Cuts off as we see the view of the security camera from earlier)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Bruce’s Room

(Cuts to his room as he gets ready to go to school, and he then he spots Gina entering)

Gina: (Remembering of last night) Maybe I should sleep in the guest room.

Bruce: No, you can stay here if you wish.

Gina: Nah, besides with my new job I think need to be more agile more.

Bruce: What that supposed to mean?

Gina: I mean I’m running Rave for a while just because Julie has so many other things to do; it would be nice if I do something for her for once.

Bruce: That’s good. I’m proud of you.

(Approaches Gina and kisses her on her lips)

Gina: Thanks. (Seeing the time) I got to get there so I can clean up.

Bruce: (Realizing the time as well) I got get Leo.

Gina: Okay see you tonight. (Smiling and heads out not too happy)

(Kind of upset and happy, Gina heads out; shifts back to Bruce getting depressed about the whole thing)

(Cuts off to Bruce getting depressed)

  • Int. 2nd Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Gina leaving and run into Alfred)

Gina: Hi, Alfred!

Alfred: Hi, Ms. Faust… where are you going this early?

Gina: The Rave.

Alfred: Oh! Well good luck.

Gina: (Before leaving) Alfred, can I tell you one thing.

Alfred: Yes?

Gina: Do you think I’m right for Bruce?

(Alfred kind of shocked)

Gina: (Seeing the time again) I’m sorry Alfred, I got to go. See you… (Heading out)

(Cuts off to Alfred’s still confused look)

  • Int. Kinetic Labs - Lab

(Cuts back to the labatory then straight to lab as we see the three scientists from last night; then we see one of them is Dr. Birch and then Dr. Rochl enters)

Dr. Birch: What happened to you last night?

Dr. Rochl: I had an errand.

Dr. Birch: Well, the powers to be weren’t so happy last night. So we need to pull an overnighter.

Dr. Rochl: I can’t.

Dr. Birch: Why not?

Dr. Rochl: (Before she could say anything….)

(Shifts to Dr. Kingston and Kane walking in the lab checking on the progress and what happened to the drive)

Dr. Kingston: Are everything all right?

Kane: Are there!?

Dr. Birch: Everything is all right.

Kane: Good, now we are looking for a black metallic flashdrive…if anyone sees it give to me pronto.

Dr. Kingston: (Surprised)

Dr. Birch: We will check sir.

Kane: (Walking off)

Dr. Kingston: Is everything alright Lillian?

Dr. Rochl: (A little scared that no one knows she has it) Everything’s fine… (she then walks to the back)

Dr. Birch: (Worrying about her)

Dr. Kingston: (Feeling something is wrong)

Kane: (Before heading out the door, feels something is suspicious about her)

  • Int. Julie’s House – Julie’s Room

(Cuts inside Julie’s room as we see her getting ready to leave for school until her Aunt Sue stops her)

Aunt Sue: Julie, this came in for you. (Giving her a strange brown envelope)

Julie: You’re sure?

Aunt Sue: Positive, came in this morning. I’ll drop you off school okay. (Heading out)

Julie: Sure Aunt Sue. (Then paying attention to the package)

(She opens it, as the camera views the open package and it reveals a key; she then sees a note, and reads it)

Julie: (Reading the note) Here’s the key, now find the lock. Signed Mr. Powers… (Now thinking this is Victor is talking)

(Cuts off to a confused Julie)

  • Ext. Leo’s House

(As Leo exits out his house, he sees Bruce at the sidewalk)

Bruce: You’re ready?!

Leo: Yup.

Bruce: Cool. (He then heads inside his car as we see a hot silver convertible)

Leo: Whoa, man nice wheels!

Bruce: Thanks. Oh and Leo, don’t even think about riding it.

Leo: Alright, I’ll let that time you destroyed my car go, but don’t think karma’s going to get you because usually it always has.

Bruce: Okay?!

(We then see the convertible begins to drive off to their destined location which is school)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Porch

(Cuts to the manor then to the porch as we see Dr. Birch knocking on the door; minutes later, Alfred enters)

Alfred: Yes?!

Dr. Rochl: Is this the Wayne residence?

Alfred: Yes, madam.

Dr. Rochl: Is Bruce inside?

Alfred: No he’s not, but if I can take a message…

Dr. Rochl: That’s okay because I was actually wondering if I could come inside.

Alfred: Madam, I don’t know.

Dr. Rochl: I’m Doctor Rochl.

Alfred: Oh, well doctor, I still don’t know if you can come in since my master isn’t even here.

Dr. Rochl: Even if my life is in danger.

Alfred: (Stuck in the moment that he can’t get out of and wondering about this)

Dr. Rochl: Please… (Wondering about his name)

Alfred: Alfred.

Dr. Rochl: Well, please Alfred…you’re my only hope.

(Alfred questioning what to do next, and then do something out of the blue)

Alfred: Come in!

Dr. Rochl: (Feeling safe for now) Thank You!

(As heads inside, Alfred questions if this was a good idea)

(Fades out)

'[Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts back to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside to the study as we see Dr. Rochl sitting on the couch as Alfred is bringing out a tray of iced tea)

Alfred: Here you go, Dr. Rochl. (Lying the tea down on the coffee table)

Dr. Rochl: (Grabbing a cup) You can just call me Lillian.

Alfred: Well Lillian, can you at least tell me why you are hiding here and who is after you?

Dr. Rochl: (Sipping some tea then explaining) I’m running away because a place I’m working at there are evil people who wants to do something with a crystal but I don’t what else except this! (Showing him a flashdrive)

Alfred: (Seeing the jump drive) What is this?

Dr. Rochl: It contains key information for a project I believe holds the answers of whatever the codename is A 2.0.

Alfred: Good g… (Viewing the file over again)

Dr. Rochl: (Feeling someone might watch her) Do you have a guest bedroom besides I’m feeling a little sleepy.

Alfred: I’ll show you to the room, Lillian. (Following her to the guest bedroom)

(We see Alfred still wondering if this is a good idea)

  • Ext. Kinetic Labs - Night

(Cuts to the view of the labatory)

  • Int. Observation Room

(Cuts to the room as we see a Dr. Kingston entering the room seeing Rupert Thorne with his son, Kane)

Dr. Kingston: Mr. Thorne, I could explain…

Rupert: Don’t worry Jerry, it’s not your fault you misplaced the flashdrive even though it was your fault that you didn’t secure it better than this.

Dr. Kingston: What you mean by this?

Rupert: (Holding a remote and clicking a button)

(The camera shifts from the big observing windows to three TV screens on the other side of the room as we then see feed from the other night, the security camera capturing the real person who had retrieved the flash drive…a female)

Rupert: You know this isn’t an ordinary female…

Kane: (Smiling)

Rupert: Let me zoom in so you can see her face.

(Shifts to the screens again as the security camera feed gets zoomed in as we see the female’s face close who is none other than Dr. Rochl)

Dr. Kingston: (Shocked) Lillian!

Kane: It seems the good ol’ doctor has an agent of darkness personality. Now why would that interested scientist have your flash drive?

Dr. Kingston: I don’t know, but I half to get it back from her.

Rupert: You are going to do that, but Kane and his gang will find her; you and I will handle this traitor when she comes back, but I see in that lab lies another traitor.

Dr. Kingston: Who?

Rupert: That’s what we intend to find out. (Smirking devilishly)

(Shifts to a very confused Dr. Kingston then a confident Kane)

  • Ext. Street – Aunt Sue’s car

(Cuts to a street as we see Aunt Sue’s car driving and we see her holding the wheel while Julie holds up the strange key given by the Powers)

  • Int. Car

(Viewing inside the car)

Aunt Sue: So you found out what was in that envelope?

Julie: Yeah, this key.

Aunt Sue: Where does it lead to?

Julie: I have no clue, but I can thank Mr. Powers for giving it.

Aunt Sue: Victor Powers, what does that crazy man want now.

Julie: No clue, Aunt Sue, but I hope this could go away. Yet, can I tell you one thing…

Aunt Sue: What is it my niece.

Julie: How much you know about my mother and her brother, Rufus?

Aunt Sue: (Seeing her with a bizarre look of something she never heard from in a while)

Julie: (Viewing her too)

Aunt Sue: (Before she can answer, she sees a police car following her) What now?

Julie: Aunt Sue?! (Checking behind them noticing the police car and is stunned of what either of them has done)

(Shifts to view a police car following them and alarming its alarms, Sue stop her car and park it as the officer heads to their way: Julie stressing what now)

  • Int. Car

(Back to the interior of the car as we see the cop talking to the girls)

Officer: Excuse, ladies can I speak to a Mr. Chaplin?

Aunt Sue: That is my ex-husband’s name, he’s not even in this car?.

Julie: (Still trying to see what the officer want)

Officer: Actually miss; you’re the one I really want. Can you step out vehicle?

Aunt Sue: I don’t know what I did wrong.

Julie: Hey officer, what is this?

Officer: Miss, I won’t say it again! Can you step out of your vehicle!

Aunt Sue: (Seeing this is serious, she steps out)

Julie: No, Aunt Sue!

Aunt Sue: It will be okay Julie. Officer, I… (Trying to say something before all of the sudden)

Officer: (Cuffing her) Miss Susan Chaplin, you are under arrest for forgery; you have the right to remain silent… (Continuing saying the Miranda rights)

Julie: (Shocked and stunned) Aunt Sue! Aunt Sue, you get your hands away from her!

Officer: (Feeling threaten, pulls out his baton stick and warns Julie) Miss, you better you stay in that vehicle or I arrest you for disturbance.

Julie: The only disturbance that is going on is you arresting my aunt for nothing.

Officer: Four charges for forgery isn’t nothing. (He then takes a cuffed Sue to his patrol car)

Julie: Aunt Sue! (Still can’t believe what in the world is going on; she pulls out a phone and calls a number; soon she gets something from the other line and she begins to talk to the person she wants to talk to) Hey, I need to tell you something…something fast.

(Cuts off to a despondent Julie)

  • Ext. Gotham High

(Cuts to the view of the high school)

  • Int. Dream Scene

(Cuts to a dream sequence as we see Bruce in the same landscape from last time seeing the unknown woman in the gazebo wearing a masked veil and as she is about to reveal it…we hear Bruce)

Voice: Bruce, wake up!

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to Bruce waking up from a strange dream as he see he was packing his books in his booksack and notices Leo right by him)

Leo: Man, what’s been eating your nerves?

Bruce: It’s these strange dreams I been having for a while now.

Leo: Tell me, I’m good at interpreting dreams.

Bruce: Oh you do huh?! (Smiling)

(They start walking)

Bruce: I don’t know, but I see this girl in a garden every time and I feel this girl is probably the one I’m destined to be with.

Leo: You sure?

Bruce: I know I’m sure. Whoever is this girl, when I unmask her she will be the love of my life?

Leo: Huh, the classic “girl of my dreams” archetype, figure that could happen to you eventually.

Bruce: What’s that supposed to mean?

Leo: I mean with you gaga over Julie for years and then Gina pops in and you fell for her…

Bruce: I know. It seems I fell more in love with Gina than Julie.

Leo: But I thought Julie is the one…

Bruce: Maybe she was just a shadow to the one I’m really destined to be.

Leo: Or maybe you got it backwards?!

Bruce: (Confused) I don’t know what to do.

Leo: Here’s my best opinion, unmask her…I mean the girl in your dreams. Like you said, once you unmask her you know she’s the one for you.

Bruce: Yeah, and I already know its Gina. (Walking ahead)

Leo: (Thinking) Julie?!

Bruce: No, I mean Gina.

Leo: No, Bruce, I mean where is she? Where’s Julie? She hasn’t missed school for a while.

Bruce: This is unlike her.

Leo: I have a bad feeling about this.

Bruce: Well see if you can control that feeling when we have History.

(As Bruce leaves, Leo struggles this bad feeling of his)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Guest Bedroom

(Cuts to the manor then to the guest room as we see Lillian about to head to bed until she gets a call from work)

Dr. Rochl: (Skeptical about it answers it and is relieved it’s Dr. Birch on the other line) I’m glad to hear from you!

  • Int. Kinetic Labs – Labs Secret Room

(Cuts to the labs then to a secret room as we see Dr. Birch in hiding)

Dr. Birch: You glad, I’m not!

Dr. Rochl (phone): What’s wrong?!

Dr. Birch: What’s wrong! What’s wrong is that your little stunt the other night prompt Jerry and Rupert Thorne into investigate every scientist who has access in his room…and see who has that file.

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Guest Bedroom

(Cuts back to the guest room)

Dr. Rochl: Mitch, I know what I’ve done is inexcusable but I can’t just be here and let you rot in my troubles.

  • Int. Kinetic Labs – Labs Secret Room

(Cuts back to the labs)

Dr. Birch: Such so, where is “here”?

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Guest Bedroom

(Cuts back to the guest room)

Dr. Rochl: I can’t say.

  • Int. Kinetic Labs – Labs Secret Room

(Cuts back to the labs)

Dr. Birch: Why not!?

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Guest Bedroom

(Cuts back to the guest room)

Dr. Rochl: Because I don’t want to put you in any more harm than you already are.

Dr. Birch (phone): Lillian, please, I’m your only friend that might get you out of this mess!

Dr. Rochl: Oh yeah how?

  • Int. Kinetic Labs – Labs Secret Room

(Cuts back to the labs)

Dr. Birch: I have another boss, and I have to head to him before…

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Guest Bedroom

(Cuts back to the guest room)

Dr. Rochl: Before what Mitch? Mitch!? Mitchell! (Then the line ends and she is left wondering what just happened)

  • Int. Kinetic Labs – Labs Secret Room

(Cuts back to the labs as we see Dr. Birch and Dr. Kingston holding his phone)

Dr. Birch: Jerry, what are you doing here?

Dr. Kingston: That’s funny, because I was asking the same question.

(Red Dragons soon appear and get hold of him; holding him down while Dr. Kingston holds up a gun to Birch’s face)

Dr. Kingston: Now you are going to tell me where is Lillian or you going to suffer a worse fate than death.

(Shifts to Dr. Kingston smiling as he pushes the gun towards Birch’s skin as Dr. Birch is left helpless)

(Fades out)

[Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Jason walking around talking to someone)

Jason: Are you sure I’m the one you need for help?

(Shifts to the person who it’s Julie)

Julie: I couldn’t count on anyone but you.

Jason: What about Bruce? You two are closet friends, why should I get involved if he has contacts like me.

Julie: I trust in Bruce, I do, but I believe your father is doing to this me.

Jason: I have a feeling you would have speak his name. I figure it has to be my father.

Julie: Why is he doing this me?

Jason: It has to be something damaging you did to him? You didn’t pay for the Rave bills on time… (Smiling)

Julie: (Remembering) No, I made a pact with him.

Jason: (Depressed and surprised) Julie…

Julie: I had no where to go, he surprised me with the pact he’ll help me bring Rave up and open while I help him giving information with Starlix.

Jason: And did you?

Julie: No.

Jason: And let me guess, you told him off that your pact with him was over and you walked off.

Julie: Exactly.

Jason: And you didn’t have that inky feeling that he would strike back and get revenge for what you done.

Julie: (Now that she remembers; she starts getting really afraid) What I’m going do?! My aunt is innocent; she didn’t need to be part of this mess that I caused.

Jason: Trust me Julie; I will get your aunt out as soon as I get even on my dad. And I’ll make sure you and your aunt is safe from him.

Julie: Thanks. (About to head out until she gets out the key, the camera looks upon it as she turns around)

Jason: What’s that?

Julie: Something your father would rather give me to through mail than personally.

Jason: Give me that key.

Julie: (Giving it to him) You know where it leads to.

Jason: No, you?

Julie: No!

Jason: Okay, listen, I’ll take care of my dad with everything; you go back home, school, work, whatever just becareful because my father is capable of doing a lot of things.

Julie: I just hope he dies before anyone else besides you and me gets hurt. (Heading out)

(As she leaves, we shift back to Jason as he wonders if that would be a good thing to do to end his father’s reign of terror)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the building as its open and we see people coming in and some coming out)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside to the bar area as we see Gina doing the drinks and giving out to the three waiting tables; shifts to Kane Thorne and a couple of his Red Dragons entering while wondering if Dr. Rochl would hide here)

Kane: (Seeing the person in charge) Hey are you the owner of this place?

Gina: No, just managing around for a bit. Why? Seeking an application…

Kane: Trust me; I have a field all on my own.

Gina: Wait a minute, I think I know you.

Kane: (A little surprised)

Gina: You owned that nightclub, Zeta. I always wanted to go there with my boyfriend.

Kane: Well maybe if you can help me, I can at least help you and mate getting in the club for free.

Gina: Awesome. So why are you here?

Kane: I’m wondering if this doctor… (Showing a picture of Dr. Rochl) ever came here.

Gina: (Second checking) Nope. She never came here, not to my knowledge.

Kane: Thanks. (Feeling something is not right, he proceeds to head out; about to head out Gina stops him)

Gina: So that get in free card is still available.

Kane: I will see.

Gina: (Smiling)

Kane: Just out of curiosity, who is your boyfriend?

Gina: (About to say Bruce’s name until she sees him behind Kane) He’s coming in right as speak.

Kane: (Turning around)

(Shifts to see Bruce coming in seeing Kane and his men walking out; Kane and Bruce passed each other with a stern straight look; Bruce then heads to Gina)

Bruce: Hey!

Gina: Hey, how’s your day?!

(They kiss on the lips)

Bruce: Fine I think. (Taking a look back then talk to her about what just happened) What did Kane want?

Gina: I don’t know; he showed up looking for a doctor he thought was here.

Bruce: (Interested about it) What the doctor look like?

Gina: Um, middle-aged female, brunette hair, have a logo near her name tag I believe I seen Lillian…

Bruce: (Shocked a little bit) Dr. Lillian Rochl.

Gina: That’s her. Wait, you know her?

Bruce: No, but I seen her around the Kinetic Labs.

Gina: Huh.

Bruce: I have to go okay. (Kissing on her right cheek)

Gina: Wait…

Bruce: (Stopped)

Gina: Can you at least tell me where you going?

Bruce: I can’t. (Heads out)

Gina: (Kind of depressed on what just happened)

(Cuts off to a depressed Gina continuing what she originally was doing)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts off to the exterior as we see Bruce walking out of the place; entering in his silver convertible and zooms out)

(Shifts to a near alleyway as we see Kane smiling as he hops into a black van; the van then proceeds the opposite direction figuring they may have a lead)

  • Int. Kinetic Labs – Lab

(Cuts to the labs then to the empty lab room we see Dr. Birch tied up in a chair and we see him being interrogated by his former friend, Dr. Kingston)

Dr. Kingston: Tell me again, where is Dr. Rochl!

Dr. Birch: I don’t know!

Dr. Kingston: (Pulling out his gun and then shoots point range at his right knee)

Dr. Birch: (His right knee gets hit and he screams profusely) I told you I don’t know where she is!

Dr. Kingston: Good enough. (Shoots again this time at his left knee) Where is she!

Dr. Birch: (His other knee gets shot at) Ouuucch! I told you Jerry, I don’t know where she is!

Dr. Kingston: Where is she! Where is she! Damnit, Mitch where is Lillian!

Dr. Birch: (Screaming) I don’t know!!! Get me out!

(We see Birch’s legs bleeding profusely and then we see Kingston looking up on the observation view)

  • Int. Observation Room

(Cuts inside the room as we see Rupert Thorne watching the whole thing and smiles)

  • Int. Lab

(Cuts back to the lab as we see Dr. Birch bleeding from his knees and Dr. Kingston about to shoot again)

Dr. Birch: Please, I told you everything…please my friend.

Dr. Kingston: Good, it’s time to move on my friend. I should I say former…

Dr. Birch: (Looking at him)

Dr. Kingston: (He then fires another shot this time permanently)

(The bullet hits through Birch’s lungs and he sees his former friend one last time and then he dies)

Dr. Kingston: (Smiling)

  • Int. Observation Room

(Cuts back to the room as we see Rupert Thorne watching everything and smiles; then he see his son coming in)

Rupert: You just missed one excellent kill. (Seeing his look) What is it?

Kane: Father, we found her.

Rupert: (Smiling) Good! Very good.

(Shifts to Kane smiling)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside as we see Victor signing off a few papers and then a key drops on his table)

Victor: (Seeing the key; he then looks up to see who could have thrown it and reveals to be his son) Jason, what in the world…

Jason: Here’s the key, dad, something you should at least share about before sending it to Julie Madison’s house.

Victor: There are things I don’t need to share son.

Jason: Oh, and while I am at it; I’m releasing Susan Chaplin from custody.

Victor: On what grounds, son, she committed forgery.

Jason: No I checked the records…it was husband, Anthony Chaplin.

Victor: But all in all she was a co-conspirator.

Jason: You’re unbelievable.

Victor: (Not amused to his antics) Where are you going with this?

Jason: I can’t believe you would battle a teenager in high school and your very own son.

Victor: It’s call business son. You did it and so has Ms. Madison.

Jason: But you are trying to ruin her life for what, just because she didn’t go as well with your plans to take down Starlix.

Victor: (Not saying a word)

Jason: Face it dad. I thought you was senile, but conning a teenager to help you to face off your toughest opposition, cold.

Victor: Jason, I helped her…

Jason: You manipulated her, like you manipulated me!

Victor: (Wondering what he is going at with this) What are you talking about?

Jason: I mean the months and the years you put me through.

Victor: Jason, you don’t make me sense!

Jason: Oh I’m making sense alright because you see; every time I wanted to be your son you treat me like your equal.

Victor: Because you are!

Jason: (Now realizing) No I am not. Not today. (Heading out)

Victor: (Surprised to see his son in this behavior) Jason! Jason!

(Jason walks out of the office)

Victor: (Still can’t believe what just happened)

(Cuts off to a surprised Victor)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Guest Bedroom

(Cuts to the manor then to the guest bedroom as we see Dr. Rochl is nervous about what else could go wrong)

Dr. Rochl: (Lying on the bed, relaxing until she hears someone knocking) Come in.

(Alfred coming inside)

Alfred: Dr. Rochl, I was wondering if you were hungry. I could fix dinner earlier.

Dr. Rochl: That would be awesome, Alfred.

Alfred: (As he heads out)

Dr. Rochl: I was wondering…

Alfred: Yes.

Dr. Rochl: You are the one person that has been so sweet and so kind, I hardly know you.

Alfred: Well, it’s just the years of being a butler to one of the wealthiest families in the world.

Dr. Rochl: (Smiling) It just that you been kind to me, and I don’t know how to repay you back.

Alfred: That’s okay. Just seeing a smile on your face is the only repayment I can be satisfied.

Dr. Rochl: It’s been a while since I smiled; it would take one pure person to help me bring it back.

Alfred: In deed it has Dr. Rochl, in deed it has.

Dr. Rochl: (Smiling)

Alfred: (Smiling back)

(Then out of the blue we hear a voice)

Voice: Alfred!

Alfred: Master Bruce?! (Heading out)

Dr. Rochl: (Curious, she follows)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts to the study as we see Leo as he turns around and sees Alfred)

Leo: Alfred!

Alfred: Master Leo, why are you here?

Leo: Bruce got caught up in traffic, and since I was around, he told me if… (Seeing Dr. Rochl entering the room) she was here.

Alfred: (Noticing what is going on)

Dr. Rochl: (Discovering that they found out about her whereabouts) How do you know?

Leo: No, it was Bruce. He figured out that if you were in trouble, this would be the first place you check.

Dr. Rochl: Hope no one other than Bruce, Alfred, and you know I’m here.

Alfred: (Hearing the doorbell) I’ll get that. (Walking off screen to the door)

Leo: Why here if you want to tell me?

Dr. Rochl: Actually, Bruce told me if I get in trouble again I can come here. And since I didn’t see him here, I was still given the same hospitality by his butler, Alfred.

Leo: Yeah, Alfred knows how to take care of people.

Voice: And so do I.

(Both Leo and Dr. Rochl are surprised when they heard that voice; and then we see Alfred being pushed towards them as all of them walks back as the camera shift to the person behind the voice as we see its Dr. Kingston holding a gun, the same one that killed Dr. Birch, as he points it to them)

Dr. Kingston: I’ll make sure the opportunity is all mines.

(Leo, Dr. Rochl, and Alfred all are petrified as the gun points to them, and we shift back to a sinisterly smiling Dr. Kingston holding the gun)

(Fades out)

[Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Julie’s House – Evening turning to Night

(Cuts to the view of Julie’s house)

  • Int. Living Room

(Cuts inside as we see Julie sitting on the couch as then we see Aunt Sue coming inside the house after spending plenty of hours in jail)

Julie: (Relieved as gets up from the couch) Thank goodness! (Hugging her) Are you okay?!

Aunt Sue: (Hugging back) Yes, are you?

Julie: I’m fine. I’m just glad you’re safe.

Aunt Sue: How did you…?

Julie: Jason Powers.

Aunt Sue: (Being a little sassy as she says his name) Jason!

Julie: Aunt Sue…

Aunt Sue: Okay, so if his daddy is the devil incarnated…he’s a fallen angel.

Julie: I can’t say it like that. Just out of curiosity, why did they arrest you for four counts for forgery?

Aunt Sue: Because I’m the only one they could since it was your uncle who did it.

Julie: Uncle Rufus?!

Aunt Sue: No, not your mother’s brother, my husband, Anthony.

Julie: Oh. There are things I don’t even know about my family. (Sitting back on the couch wondering about what’s been going on around her)

Aunt Sue: Speaking of your mother, I do know something about your mother.

Julie: (Feeling interesting) I’m all ears!

Aunt Sue: She was a good mother! Don’t think that she doesn’t care about you, yet she does.

Julie: (Feeling angered) If she does, why she hasn’t come back! I’m about to start my senior year soon, there will be prom, and graduation. Where is she?

Aunt Sue: Maybe you should tell Rufus about that. He knows more about her than either me or your dad do.

Julie: (Feeling embarrassed and pondering if meeting with her uncle is the best thing to do about finding more about her mother)

(Cuts off to Julie)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts to a street as nearby we can see the Wayne Manor and then we notice a car heading that way; shifts to the car in a closer view as we see its Bruce’s silver Ford Mustang convertible)

(Shifts as the car speeding away to the Manor)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor – Driveway

(Cuts to the manor then to the driveway as we see Kane and some of his Red Dragons watching by; one of them notices a nice hot car is heading their way)

Red Dragon# 1: Sir, I think we have trouble!

(Kane and the others noticing what he is seeing)

Kane: It’s the Wayne boy.

Red Dragon# 2: What are we going to do?

Kane: We leave!

Red Dragon# 2: What?!

Red Dragon# 1: You’re serious, what about Dr. Kingston?

Kane: (Smirking as he doesn’t care) What about him?! (Heading inside the black Dodge Magnum)

(The others seeing there is no other way and realizing he is their boss; they all enter in the Magnum)

(The camera then sees as the Magnum zooms away)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts back to the same street Bruce is on)

(Shift to the middle of the road as we see the Magnum passing the Mustang convertible; Bruce glancing at Kane, whose driving the Magnum, as he heads the opposite way; shifts back to a confused Bruce as he ignores them and heads to the manor)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Study

(Cuts inside the manor then to the study as we see Leo, Dr. Rochl, and Alfred are held like prisoners as Dr. Kingston is holding a 9 millimeter gun as he is about to shoot one of them)

Dr. Rochl: You don’t have to do this!

Dr. Kingston: You see Lillian; you left me with no other choice!

Leo: Why her?!

Alfred: She never did anything wrong!

Dr. Kingston: Oh no! You see she has. She has that flashdrive I need for my project.

Dr. Rochl: And what project is it? What is A 2.0?

Dr. Kingston: None of your business scant! (Pointing the gun towards her) You know you have it, so tell me where it is! I killed your friend Mitch, so you better tell me where it is!

Dr. Rochl: I don’t know!

Alfred: She is telling you the truth!

Dr. Kingston: Don’t lie to me! (Shooting up in the ceiling as a fair warning) Next time, I’m aiming at one of your heads unless you tell me where the flashdrive is!

Dr. Rochl: Honesty, I don’t know!

Leo: Come on, you can leave us alone and maybe you might have misplaced it.

Dr. Kingston: No! I didn’t misplace it because I saw the camera; and I saw you putting the drive underneath your clothes, so tell me where it is!?

Alfred: Leave her alone!

(Feeling he has no time left, a sweaty nervous Dr. Kingston heads to the foyer side windows trying to see Kane and the others, but they are all gone)

Dr. Kingston: (Can’t believe it) What!?

Leo: (Guessing what the problem is) Guess your ride ditched you man., so maybe you can let us go and we can forget all about this!

Dr. Rochl: Jerry, you have to believe me I do not have the flashdrive because I didn’t take it away.

Dr. Kingston: I saw you on that camera!

Dr. Rochl: And you think an electronic device can solve the mystery on who could have stolen your file.

Dr. Kingston: I don’t believe you! (Pointing the gun back to Lillian)

Alfred: (Seeing her in peril, gets in front of her) I’m not letting you harm her!

Dr. Kingston: Well, let’s just see how far you can save her… (About to shoot)

(The front door opens quietly as we see Bruce noticing what is going down and he sees Dr. Kingston in front unaware he’s behind him; he suddenly tackles Kingston to the floor, but unbeknownst to everyone he shoots the gun before being tackled to the ground)

(The camera views the bullet heading to Alfred who is protecting Dr. Rochl, but Lillian sees at a act of justice pushes Alfred out the way as the bullet heads straight to them)

Dr. Kingston: (Tackled to the ground, he goes to unconsciousness)

Bruce: (Stopping the mad doctor, he gets up and notices Alfred and Dr. Rochl on the floor) Alfred! Dr. Rochl! (Heading to them)

Leo: (Seeing them on the floor as well, he heads to them)

(The camera shift to see Alfred all fine as he sits up feeling no gunshot wounds, but then we see Dr. Rochl still on the ground as she has gotten hit by the bullet)

Alfred: (Seeing her in shock) Lillian! (Cuddling her with his arms)

Dr. Rochl: (Barely breathing, but is able to speak) Thank you again.

Alfred: For what?!

Dr. Rochl: For saving me!

Alfred: But, I think you saved me…I think.

Dr. Rochl: (Smiling) Like I said before, you are the only one that has been nice to me…

Alfred: And the only one that given you a smile.

Dr. Rochl: Yes. (As she continues to fade away)

Bruce: (Seeing the sadness)

Leo: (Seeing the sadness as well)

(Shifts backs to Alfred cuddling a declining Lillian)

Alfred: Why you got shot, you didn’t have to protect me…I was protecting you.

Dr. Rochl: You were, and I loved you for that, but we never even knew each other, yet I felt you were the only one I can trust more with this.

Alfred: And for that, I given you my greatest sympathy.

Dr. Rochl: (Smiling) Look at me… you putting a smile on my face. I always knew there was someone out there who knows more from being a scientist, and I guess you was the one.

Alfred: Lillian…

Dr. Rochl: Just to let you know, I lo… (As she smiles by saying it, she then passes away)

Alfred: (Seeing what is just happened; as he shares a tear down by his eye)

Bruce: Alfred?!

Alfred: (Not saying a word as he closes her still eyes and blesses her) Thank you for saving me!

(Zooming out as we see Alfred still holding her and Bruce and Leo standing near them)

(Fades out)

[Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor - Night

(Cuts back to the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts back to the study two hours later as we see Alfred sitting on the couch chair remembering what just happened in this room; as he ponder on Lillian and then we see Bruce)

Bruce: Everything’s okay Alfred.

Alfred: (Trying to say another thing) Yes Master Bruce, everything’s okay.

Bruce: (Seeing as a disguise) Come on Alfred, I played a better fake actor than anyone.

Alfred: Well that’s true!

Bruce: (Smiling and giggling)

Alfred: See, even I pull another unexpected smile from anyone.

Bruce: Dr. Rochl was right; you are a good person, and you are fun, but you never know.

Alfred: Maybe I was wrong; maybe I’m not the one who protected her.

(We then hear the song “Running Up That Hill” by Placebo as it starts playing in the background)

Bruce: (Not feeling okay about what he just said) No! You may think you didn’t protect her, but she protected you. She pulled herself on the line to save you from that bullet.

Alfred: And you sir? What about your miraculous savings?

Bruce: I do that because of fate.

Alfred: No Master Bruce, fate didn’t bring you…choice did.

Bruce: So its choice?!

Alfred: Everyone makes a choice. Your parents made the choice to go to the backway alley at the opera, you made the choice to reconnect with Leslie, and I even made a choice to help out Lillian.

Bruce: (Smiling)

Alfred: What?!

(The song continues)

Bruce: It just that you have been the father-figure in my entire life since my dad died.

Alfred: I do it because of love.

Bruce: Just like Lillian did for you.

Alfred: (Looking at him) She might have say “I love you”, but I can’t love her.

Bruce: (Feeling he knows why) Peggy.

Alfred: She’s my first true love. Even if I say I love Lillian, Peggy is my true love and she always will be.

Bruce: (Pondering about what Alfred just said) I’m heading to bed, night Alfred.

(As we see Bruce heading to bed, Alfred heading to the fireplace)

Alfred: (Seeing no one watching, pulls up the flashdrive containing the schematics of whatever project Dr. Kingston and Rupert Thorne was working on, as he hides it inside a vase as it lies near the self family portrait of the Wayne family) This one for you Lillian. (Smiling and heads off screen)

(The song continues)

  • Ext. Kinetic Labs

(Cuts to the view of the labatory)

  • Int. Observation Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Rupert Thorne glancing on the TV screens containing footage of Dr. Lillian Rochl taking the flashdrive from Kingston’s office)

Rupert: (Viewing it all)

(His son, Kane, then enters)

Rupert: (Seeing him) Where’s Kingston?

Kane: Being held against his will at Blackgate Prison.

(The song continues)

Rupert: Perfect. (Walking across the room) The plan is set.

Kane: Good. So what’s our next plan?

Rupert: (Seeing him) We go after the crystal and soon Power’s plans to restart another Project Avalon will be avoided.

Kane: Great father, so who is going to be our next pawn.

Rupert: (Smirking sinisterly as he flickers the remote to the TV screens)

(The camera shifts back to the screens as we see the entire image of Jason Powers etched throughout all the screens)

(The song continues as we shift back from Rupert smirking to Kane smiling then back to Rupert)

  • Int. Julie’s House – Living Room

(Cuts to the house then to the room as we see Aunt Sue enjoying some coffee as she is reading books and then Julie enters)

(The song continues)

Julie: Hey Aunt Sue, about earlier today it was my fault you got arrested.

Aunt Sue: What?!

Julie: Yes, it was me because if I didn’t have to console to Victor helping me start Rave, I wouldn’t be in this mess.

Aunt Sue: It doesn’t matter along as he didn’t harm you, its okay. (Remembering) And what about that key?

Julie: I gave it to Jason; he’ll find it out for me. (Feeling that’s it, she turns around and heads back to her room until)

Aunt Sue: (Stopping her) Wait! I need to tell you something I should have told you before.

Julie: What is it?

Aunt Sue: Remember you told me if I have anything to share you about your Uncle Rufus.

Julie: Yeah, so?!

Aunt Sue: There’s something you should know.

(Cuts off to Aunt Sue then to Julie a little stunned as the song continues)

  • Int. PowerCorp – Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside to the building then to Victor’s office as he brings in a cube-like container as it holds something special and then he sits it on top of his desk)

Victor: (As he glances at it, he holds up the key his son given to him the same one everyone thought he send to Julie) Now let’s see what this key reveals… (He opens up the container to reveal the blue crystal last seen in Perdition, the same crystal he been looking for and the same crystal that caused his disappearance)

(As he glances at it, he smiles)

Victor: Now Avalon 2.0 will begin! (smiling)

(Cuts off as the song continues and to the crystal)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Bruce’s Room

(Cuts inside the manor then to Bruce’s room as we see Bruce sleeping in his bed)

Bruce: (As he is sleeping, the camera flashes to a white light as we go back to his dream)

  • Int. Dream

(Fades back to the very bright background as we then see again a beautiful garden oasis and a grandeur lake)

(The song is reaching to its end as it continues to be heard)

(The camera zooms out to see the lavish landscape as we see a small pond and then a gazebo and then a female wearing a long white dress)

(Shifts as we see Bruce wearing the same clothes: white shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots and this time he runs to the gazebo)

Bruce: (Seeing her as he heads to the gazebo)

(We see him approaching her and as we see the female closer its reveal she is facing the lake wearing a veil masking her identity)

Bruce: (Feeling it’s the time) You’re the one…you’re the one I been wanting for all time…that person who will stand by me in the darkness, get away to the light.

(As he still talks, the masked female understands him but not responding)

Bruce: You’re the one…You’re the girl of my dreams…you’re my true love…I love you!

Female: (Finally responding) I love you too!

(The female turns around showing her face covered in the masked veil)

Bruce: (Seeing no time left, he lifts up the veil to reveal her true identity)

(It’s revealed that she is…)

(As he about to reveal her identity, we quickly flashes back to reality)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Bruce’s Room

(Flashes back to Bruce’s room as we see Bruce sleeping in his bed until)

Bruce: (Sits up as he thought it was a nightmare until he notices what Leo said, what Alfred said about true love, and then his dream now figuring out who his true love is) I know!

(The song “Running Up That Hill” ends as the camera cuts off)

(Fades out)

[Act V ends]


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