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Open is the fifth episode of The Young Knight season 2.

Guest Stars

  • Rick Fox as Reggie King
  • Bryan Greenberg as Mitch
  • Stephen Schnetzer as Gideon Dobson
  • Michael Shanks as Det. Will Bourne
  • Geoff Pierson as Commissioner Woods
  • ??? as Carla Dial
  • Lisa Weil as Dr. Leia Rivers
  • ??? as Roberts
  • ??? as Samuel Craig
  • ??? as Richard Hanson
  • ??? as Jacob Willis
  • ??? as Patricia Seville
  • ??? as Henry Mendel



  • Ext. PowerCorp - Morning

(Cuts to the exterior view of the company)

  • Int. Board Room

(Cuts inside the board room as we see the board members and Roberts waiting patiently for someone probably Victor)

(A 59 year old man sitting on left side seeing Roberts questions the agenda)

Man: How long?

Roberts: Any minute, Mr. Willowbrook.

Mr. Willowbrook: We’re growing impatient every second.

Roberts: He’s coming.

(Another two minutes pass and some of the members have given up including Mr. Willowbrook)

Mr. Willowbrook: That’s it! (Standing up) I will not stand for this nonsense.

(Soon enough, Victor Powers enters the room)

Victor: Don’t worry Pat, I’m here.

Mr. Willowbrook: (Sitting down and saying quietly) Finally!

Victor: Now let’s get to business.

Mr. Willowbrook: Let me guess, our banks is failing and the Company is under this investigation for fraud and embezzlement

Man#2: I hope this isn’t a joke Victor?

Victor: It’s no joke. The company is being investigated, but I can handle things.

Woman: Like the failed Avalon project. It still loom this company and as well Wayne Industries.

Man#2: We put in almost $40 million to oversee that project and what happened we had to see one of the most brilliant businessmen, Thomas Wayne and his wife murdered and all the efforts to putting that project into fruition just went downhill.

Mr. Willowbrook: Don’t just blame Mr. Powers over here, what about Rupert Thorne. That cunning snake stole our project to resurrect it.

Victor: I can assure you Thorne wouldn’t make that same mistake again.

Woman: Of course, now that’s he is missing without a trace.

Mr. Willowbrook: Something that should feel similar to you Victor.

Victor: (Overhearing this mouthful, and is starting to get annoyed) Listen I’m back to regain control of my falling company.

Mr. Willowbrook: Your company is falling into an abyss if we don’t do something fast and suspend the rest of the borderline projects.

Victor: What you mean?

Man: Pat has a point. If we want this company to continue to have a stock unlike the rest of these big companies in this looming economy, the rest of the projects need to be suspended.

Victor: Over my dead body.

Mr. Willowbrook: Be careful Victor, it almost happened.

Victor: (Not standing for it any longer; he stands up furiously) I don’t need a bucktooth, tie wearing hippie telling me to be careful or not. I been through hell and back these past months, and I’m not going let Wall Street buffoons tell me what is best or not for this company! This company is under my name! This is my company! I built sweat and tears to make this company what it is today, and I cannot nor I will not stand here and let decade’s worth of perfecting great projects for this city diminish in my eyes!

Woman: Calm down, Mr. Powers!

Victor: I will not!!

Man: Please, Mr. Powers don’t make a decision that we all will regret.

Victor: Trust me, Karl, the only thing I regret was to appoint all of you clowns. (Heading out)

Woman: We cannot let him drive this company down to the drain.

Mr. Willowbrook: Let him rot in his own cage, maybe seeing billions and billions of his hard earned money go down in flames might put a shock in that void of a mind.

(Cuts off as we see the board members continuing to question Victor’s psyche and his handling of the company)

  • Int. Victor’s Room

(Cuts to Victor’s room ten minutes later)

Victor: (Opening the door and slams it shut)

(Furious after what he heard from the board members, Victor takes off his suit coat and tries to loosen his tie to relax. He soon sits down at his chair near his desk and tries to pour some scotch, but see something shining near his bookshelf)

Victor: (Gets up to see what is it and notices a tiny red light near a portrait of the company)

(The camera shifts to the portrait’s POV as we notices it’s a hidden camera inside spying on Victor)

Victor: (Noticing he was furious from the meeting, now he is pissed off as he knows he is being spy on)

(We see him grabbing a crystal globe and he smirks, then he turns around and as the camera shifts to the portrait’s POV, he hurls the globe at the portrait holding the camera)

(Then we see the globe coming in the portrait’s way breaking the camera; then off to static)

(Fades to credits)
[Teaser ends]






[Act I]

  • Ext. Gotham City

(View to the city)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(Cuts to the same place as we see police everywhere surveying the apparent car bomb-suicide of Joseph Wilden; we see what is left of the bomb-ridden car and we then see Commissioner Woods, Det. Alder, and Det. Bourne investigating what happened just 48 hours ago)

Comm. Woods: Why in the world we had to wait 48 hours to survey this scene.

Det. Alder: This city is filled with crime. Just like any ordinary day in Gotham.

Det. Bourne: (Listening to Megan) Make me wanna move back to Metropolis.

Comm. Woods: But I don’t get it, first Robin Wilden showed up dead in this same area and now his son. This isn’t coincidence.

Det. Bourne: Well maybe younger Wilden tried to find his father’s killer, and in total irony he himself gets killed.

Det. Alder: Like the commish said, this isn’t coincidence.

Det. Bourne: Well I don’t know the guy, but I don’t think he wanted to kill himself. Besides where’s the driver?

(The camera then sees the stretcher carrying the body bag of Joseph’s corpse; the gang sees it as it rolls pass them)

Comm. Woods: (Answering Will’s question) That’s exactly what you and Megan are going to find out. (He soon walks away to another part of the crime scene talking to a fellow investigator)

Det. Bourne: Something tells me this is going be interesting.

Det. Alder: This is Gotham City after all.

(Cuts off to the detectives as we all know what happened to Joseph, but the detectives is trying to find the missing driver)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as we see Bruce coming downstairs and notices a few suitcases on the floor)

Bruce: (Seeing Alfred coming) Hey Al, I have to go somewhere?

Alfred: Actually sir, I believe it will be me.

Bruce: You have a family I haven’t heard about, besides it’s unlike you to suddenly pull a family emergency.

Alfred: Technically Master Bruce, it’s not a family emergency.

Bruce: (Confused) So what is it?

Alfred: Remember I told you about my proposition of a sabbatical.

Bruce: (Kind of laughing) I thought that talk was long but over.

Alfred: Actually sir, that talk we had was never over.

Bruce: I don’t believe it, you actually want a sabbatical.

Alfred: Yes, I need a much deserved vacation.

Bruce: I agree, but taking a sabbatical is hardly a vacation I considered.

Alfred: But Master Bruce, my sabbatical will recharge me. Days and days have just left me exhausted.

Bruce: Ever heard of taking a good nap.

Alfred: I always, sir.

Bruce: Well, I just don’t know!

Alfred: Give it time, Master Bruce. I’m not leaving until you confirm it.

Bruce: Well I guess, you just have to wait until I’m ready. (Heading to the kitchen)

Alfred: (Seeing Bruce walking off and he is thinking what to do change his master’s mind)

(Cuts off to Alfred)

  • Int. PowerCorp – Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside the company as we go back inside Victor’s office and this time we see Jason entering)

Jason: (Quickly seeing the mess of broken glass and looks back to his exhausted father) What happened?!

Victor: (Looking at the window we see him deeply exhausted after what happened earlier on while drinking his scotch, he notices his son’s voice) Look who wants to talk to me. If I reminded myself, did you say that I’m dead to you and you want to be free? What’s stopping your declaration of independence?

Jason: I was about free myself from you, but when I found out the company is heading into deep waters I just had to find out what’s ticking in that mind of yours. Guess every time I’m trying to break free from you, I always get back closer than before. I wonder why?

Victor: Maybe because I’m your father, you’re my son, and that I love you!

Jason: You can fool me once, and you can fool me twice, but not a third.

Victor: You think I’m fooling you?!

Jason: I don’t know what to believe! I had the best opportunity to get free from you in a long time, and when I was at Rome I was a different Jason. Not a trapped boy being held down by his egotistic father. But when I found out you got shot, I had to leave that new life to return to… (Seeing the room and his father) this.

Victor: I’m not blaming you son, I’m haven’t been an active father in your life.

Jason: How about never been? It felt tragic to see Bruce having a life without a father, and that’s at best is a positive thing. Bruce doesn’t have a father, nor do I. (He is about to head out)

Victor: Where’s your girlfriend?

Jason: I sent Anna to Zurich for a brunch with the Prime Minister.

Victor: Now you're selling off your girl to higher men.

Jason: Screw you!

(Jason immediately turns around and heads out)

(Victor sees his son walking off and then continuing to think about the earlier events and ponder who was spying on him)

(Cuts off to Victor)

  • Ext. Aunt Sue’s House

(Cuts to the view of the house)

  • Int. Dining Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Aunt Sue and a whole array of well prepared breakfast; soon we see Julie heading to the table)

Aunt Sue: Good morning sweetie, how was your first night in your bed since leaving the hospital?

Julie: Weird.

Aunt Sue: Don’t worry; it’ll take a while to get use to your normal schedule.

Julie: (Thinking about her dream-like visions) Remember, I told you about those dreams and that girl, I mean friend.

Aunt Sue: Is she okay?

Julie: I just need to know you told me those dreams meant something or will tell you something about the future. I wonder is there any way to stop it.

Aunt Sue: I have nothing plausible to say, but if your friend needs a way to stop those dreams to stop; she need to talk to someone about it. In my way, it’s the only way to let it go.

Julie: (Listening to what her aunt had to say)

(Cuts off to Julie as she is thinking she need help)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as we see Bruce coming back from the kitchen and then noticing the bags that were on the floor had disappeared either indicating Alfred left or he reconsidered)

Bruce: (Wondering where Alfred is) Alfred! Alfred?!

(Then the camera shifts to the message machine as it leave a beep; Bruce notices it and heads to the machine. He then answer one of the new messages and we suddenly hear a woman’s voice)

Woman (Voice): Mr. Wayne, Mr. Gideon Dobson request you to join him and the other board members for a meeting at 3pm at Wayne Industries; thank you.

(As the machine replays the message, Bruce stops it and erases it)

Bruce: (Doesn’t know what to do, seek Alfred or go to see Mr. Dobson)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Ext. PowerCorp – Front Doors

(Cuts to the view of the company then the camera shifts to a Black man wearing an expensive suit and then a 20 year old female staring at the building)

Man: Look it at this place, the scourge of our world.

Female: Come on Reggie, PowerCorp is a useless business empire and Victor Powers…

Reggie: Victor is a conniving son of a gun, but he’s no innocent. And the name is Reggie King, Mr. King to you, Carla!

Carla: After spending ten years working under you, I think I know the ways to pronounce you.

Reggie: And like I said, this scourge has been ripping off every person who has been contracting that Phoenix chemical.

Carla: And what you proclaim yourself as the savior of the Phoenix-infected.

Reggie: I’m no Lex Luthor, but I can tell you this as long as this company is standing no one who has these mutant abilities will be able to ever live a normal life again.

Carla: (Couldn’t believe it)

Reggie: And I’ll make sure Victor will pay for his crimes.

(Cuts off to Reggie King determined as the camera fades out)
[Act I ends]


[Act II]

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Corporate Meeting Room

(Cuts inside to a modern, sleek meeting room as we soon see five individuals sitting two on the left, two on the right, and the fifth sitting at the end)

(The camera shifts to the man at the end as he is starting to talk to someone)

Man: Welcome, I know this is probably the first time meeting us, so let me take things a little bit slowly.

(The camera shifts to person he is talking to and it reveal to be Bruce wearing a blue dress shirt, and beige dress pants)

Bruce: Well Mr. Dobson, I think I understand the procedure of how you and the board work.

Dobson: I know Bruce. It’s just that our subsidiaries are very enigmatic these days, and we need someone to balance it out.

Bruce: I thought my trip months ago to find you a new acting CEO went well.

(Another board member responds)

Samuel Craig: He failed the test.

Bruce: What kind of test was it?

(The female member responds)

Patricia Seville: The test questions the person’s efficiency to work under hard labor and crucial points of time.

(Another one responds)

Jacob Willis: If you don’t succeed, you fail.

Richard Hanson: And if you fail, you are out of the company.

Dobson: See Bruce, even though our rules are strict it’s the best way to make a sufficient impact through Gotham. We need leaders, not failures.

Bruce: And I wonder why I am here?

Dobson: You were called Bruce because even though you are not old enough to take this company, we do need your advice.

Bruce: What kind of advice?

Jacob: Advice of an entertainment company we are seeking from Australia.

Bruce: (Confused)

Richard: It’s not that hard Bruce, the company is about to be extinct, so we seek to buy the $10 million business.

Bruce: What does the company do?

Dobson: That is none of your concern, I…I mean we need to know do you like this or not.

Bruce: (Still confused) How can I agree and I don’t know what I’m agree or disagreeing.

Dobson: Just trust your gut.

Bruce: (Thinking about it) I don’t know.

Dobson: (Seeing there’s nothing he can do right now) I think that’s it for now. Thank you, Mr. Wayne. This meeting is adjourned.

(Most of the members except Dobson leaving their spot and feeling with much disdain about using the young Mr. Wayne for their decisions are exiting out of the room)

(Bruce is about to head out, but Dobson tries to stop him)

Dobson: Bruce, you don’t mind staying here for a few minutes.

Bruce: Why?

Dobson: I wanting to wait til everyone leave the room.

Bruce: Okay, I’m still here, so what do you want.

Dobson: I appreciate you coming here. I didn’t want to use you except for emergency.

Bruce: Emergency.

Dobson: It stated on the contract your father and Wilden constructed if something ever happen to your father.

Bruce: I know I have to be much older to take this company, but the reason I still can’t is because of this contract.

Dobson: Precisely. I would have thought Joseph Wilden would have help, but accusing you for his father’s death was unheard of. And because of that I apologize for his wild accusations.

Bruce: Where is Joseph; we kind of left on a sour note.

Dobson: You didn’t know. (Standing up and heading to the window seeing the city)

Bruce: (following him and stands right next to him) What happened to him?

Dobson: (Hesitantly trying not to say it)

Bruce: (Trying to understand, and then we hear it by Dobson’s voice)

Dobson (voice): He was killed in a car bomb; ironically it happened near the spot where they found Robin Wilden’s body.

Bruce: (Surprised) You think someone wanted to believe it was fabricated?

Dobson: In this field, Bruce, I consider anything as fabricated to believe it wasn’t a murder. I know it’s a murder, the shame is that no one knows who done it. We have different enemies, and when it’s your time to officially takeover this company. You need to watch out for these sharks hiding in clear water. This city is the vast ocean, and believe me we have more enemies than Donald Trump.

Bruce: I know I have to do this later, but right now I’m just lost. I’m going to enter my senior year in the matter of months and this upcoming summer I don’t have anything to do.

Dobson: (Listening to him) You know there is something you can do, Bruce.

Bruce: (Looking at him)

(Cuts off to Bruce)

  • Int. Building – Office

(We cuts to a office as we see Julie and she is talking to a person)

Julie: I been in this accident, and I almost died. But having a leg injury was a constellation prize I can take except dying.

Female’s voice: I understand.

Julie: After leaving the hospital, I been having these strange visions all of the sudden.

(The camera flashes to the scenes of the vision)

  • Int. Unknown (Vision)

(Cuts to the strange vision of Julie’s as she sees something)

Julie’s voice: I’m like standing on a street or something and then a car is there looking at me.

(The camera shifts back and forth to a woman as we see its Julie and then we see the car-like figure coming at her with the headlights on; Julie starts to run as she screams and she soon trips)

Julie’s voice: I think it’s coming after me like a metaphorical way of saying the car that hit me in the accident.

(She lifts her head up from the ground and sees a shadow human-like figure standing in front of the headlights; she ponders as who it is and then the camera zooms and views the shadow human figure’s hand coming right at her)

Julie’s voice: Then out of nowhere I fall down, and then when I look up there’s another person standing in front of the car. And then the person’s hand start coming towards me.

(Flashes back to the present)

  • Int. Office

(Flashes back to the office as we see Julie explaining as best she can)

Julie: And that’s it. This has been the same vision that has been coming after me for days ever since I came home.

Female’s voice: You think this person in your vision is the person who hit you, trying to help you.

Julie: I know who hit me, and I don’t think it was him. This person was standing in front of me, the person who hit me knows me.

Female’s voice: The person would have come closer and stand right next you.

Julie: This person didn’t. You have any suggestions what it might be?

(The camera shifts to the female revealing to be Dr. Leia Rivers)

Dr. Rivers: I think this person who was in your vision dream, is trying to say even though you don’t know that person, that person does know you.

Julie: I just can’t remember.

Dr. Rivers: Julie, what are you trying endure is what is known as PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is typically among people who have to endure dangerous, traumatic events. Have you endure anything traumatic besides your car accident?

Julie: (Trying to remember) The only thing I remember is my mother leaving me when I was five.

Dr. Rivers: Well, let’s talk about your mother.

Julie: (Trying her best to explain)

(Cuts of to Julie)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the Manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as Bruce enters and trying to see if Alfred is here)

Bruce: Alfred!?

(Then suddenly someone responds)

Alfred (voice): I’m upstairs sir! I’ll be with you in a minute.

Bruce: (Relieved that he’s here, then we he tries to walk further, he notices someone in the study room) Who’s there?

(The man turns around and its reveal to be Mitch)

Mitch: Hey Bruce!

Bruce: Mitch what are you doing here?

Mitch: I need to you something.

Bruce: Tell me what?!

Mitch: You’re the first person I’m telling this; I’m Phoenix-infected.

Bruce: (Shocked)

(Cuts off to Mitch)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts inside the office as the camera views Victor working on a few papers and then we see Reggie King coming along with Victor’s secretary, Katherine)

Katherine: I’m sorry sir, but Mr. King is here to see you.

Victor: I don’t have any meetings today.

Reggie: It’s okay, I kinda sweet talk her to let me in.

Victor: Well, sweet talk her more to let you out.

Reggie: I have a proposition; something about who might is the person spying on you.

Victor: (Thinking) Leave, Katherine.

(Katherine exits the office while closing the doors)

Victor: So who?

Reggie: Me! (Smiling)

Victor: Who are you really?

Reggie: My name is Reggie King.

Victor: Reggie King…I know you, but I can’t remember.

Reggie: Ah! Well let me enlighten. Ten years ago, I was your first subject in perfecting the Phoenix chemical you and your so-called doctor friend, Dr. Hughes, were the two that tortured me, proc me, and did whatever you want to me. However, I found a way to encounter that. For ten years, I been recruiting others like me and these followers understand the position I’m in. We were tortured and experimented for god I don’t know how long.

Victor: I didn’t know.

Reggie: You did know. That’s why I had been spying on you; unfortunately, Dr. Hughes disappeared without a trace, but I’ll find her. As for my people, they understand and follow my word.

Victor: Please, you’re a false prophet.

Reggie: And you Victor are a false idol.

Victor: I’m not going to stand here and let you raise these non-sense accusations of me torturing people for profit.

Reggie: I never say for profit, but I’m not leaving.

Victor: You want to kill me fine! You almost did once, but if you want to do it again next time don’t miss.

Reggie: I don’t know about that, but you are hardly worth priceless for me to kill you.

Victor: (Trying to understand)

Reggie: I need you.

Victor: For what?

(Reggie shows Victor papers)

Reggie: I drafted this, and now you are going to sign total amnesty for the infected.

Victor: You’re joking! I need them.

Reggie: You don’t need them; you want to experiment on them.

Victor: Well, I’m not doing it!

Reggie: Okay, have it your way. Albeit I’m proud you did experimented on me, I like my ability.

Victor: And what’s that the ability to get on people nerves.

Reggie: Hardly.

(The camera then sees Reggie touching Victor’s left hand; Victor then out of the blue falls in a trance)

Reggie: (While touching Victor’s hand; he says something in Victor’s mind) Now you’re going to sign those papers with your signature.

Victor: (Still in this strange trance, grabs his pen and signs the paper with his signature)

Reggie: (Grabbing the papers) Thank you, Victor! I knew you weren’t that gullible. (Smiling; then heads out) I’ll see myself out.

(A minute later Victor falls out of his trance and is puzzled what just happened)

(Fades out)
[Act II ends]


[Act III]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study Room

(Cuts inside as we see Leo entering and noticing why Bruce wants him)

Leo: Hey Bruce, you call me to come here for something important. What this is all about?

Bruce: Guess who’s here?

(The camera views Mitch)

Leo: Mitch Stone! What are you doing here?

Mitch: (To Bruce) You want to tell him.

Leo: Tell me what?!

Bruce: (To Mitch) This is about you.

Mitch: Alright.

Leo: What in the world…

Mitch: I’m Phoenix-infected.

Leo: I’ve must be in an alternate world. I feel this twilight zone door somewhere around here, or I thought I heard you got infected by the Phoenix chemical.

Mitch: Yup.

Leo: How?

Mitch: Like many others who been infected will tell you, that explosion a year ago at Wayne Labs caused something. (To Bruce) Have your father’s company done anything to find the source of the cause?

Bruce: Well I hate to upset you Mitch, but like many other cases in Gotham, it’s still unsolved.

Mitch: Well I can’t stand it.

Leo: Let me guess your abilities are weren’t you expect.

Mitch: No, I love my ability and I’m proud to be a phoenix-infected.

(Bruce and Leo look at each other in confusion)

Bruce: Well infected people we met either tried to kill, steal, and turn insane with those powers. And you’re saying you’re proud of being one.

Mitch: There are some people like me who are proud of their gifts. Name me one person who is proud of their gift, and weren’t that insane.

Leo: Mostly people I met were crazy.

Bruce: There was this doctor I met who had the power of projection. He loved his power, but he hated it the same.

Mitch: Well I’m not like him. I appreciate some people trying in this world to help our kind.

Leo: Your kind? It’s like you saying you aren’t human.

Mitch: Well am I?

Bruce: Mitch, I understand your desperation to be normal.

Mitch: (Laughing) Normal. You call this normal?

(The camera shifts to Alfred as he is walking with glasses and a pitcher of tea)

Alfred: I notice you have guests Master Bruce, so I decided to bring along a pitcher of…

(The camera shifts to Mitch as he is focusing his eyes on the pitcher, and then all of the sudden the pitcher turns ice cold and drops on the floor. The camera views the pitcher of tea frozen solid broken in pieces of ice)

(Everyone is stunned and bewildered)

Alfred: My word!

Mitch: Is that normal?!

(The camera viewing pieces of ice on the floor which unbelievably was a pitcher of tea)

(Cuts off to Bruce and Leo looking at each other in total bewilderment)

  • Ext. Alley

(Cuts to the alleyway as we see a man standing there and then sees the person he wanted to meet)

Man: Why you call me here?

(The camera shows its Jason who calls the man there)

Jason: Because I need you.

Man: I don’t have anything for you.

Jason: You are Henry Mendel, one of the highest members in Gotham’s black market.

Mendel: I don’t have what you seek.

Jason: I know you don’t have, but I know you know the person that has been spying on my father.

Mendel: You have nothing.

Jason: I have tape.

Mendel: Are you blackmailing me?

Jason: I thought blackmail is one of the staples in the black market; you should know never cross a Powers.

Mendel: (Can’t say anything else)

Jason: Now tell me, who is spying on my father. If you don’t, you going to see the reason why you don’t mess with a Powers.

Mendel: (Doesn’t know what to do, but to give in to Jason’s blackmail)

(Cuts off to a determined Jason)

  • Int. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s Office

(Cuts back to Victor’s office as we see Victor talking to his private investigator, Pete Bobson)

Victor: I don’t care Pete; I want you to find that Jesus Christ-wannabe and I want to punish him. (Hangs up as he sees Roberts) What now?

Roberts: Sir, Mr. Willowbrook wants to know the update on Project 813.

Victor: Well tell that upright Willowjerk, that the project is officially on hold until I find a way to reverse what I done.

Roberts: Reverse what you done, sir; what is that?

Victor: This Joel Osteen-wannabe did something to me and made me sign a petition giving all Phoenix-infected amnesty.

Roberts: What to do sir?

Victor: If King wants to prove a statement that he wants amnesty for the infected, he got one. I want you to find someone infected bring him to my house and I’ll invite King and we’ll settle this once and for all.

Roberts: Understand. (Heading out)

(Victor proud that he will get the better hand)

  • Ext. Street – Limo

(Cuts to a limo driving down the streets)

  • Int. Limo – Back

(Cuts inside as we see Reggie King drinking a bottle of beer while talking to someone on the phone)

Reggie: He talked to you. (Listening) Good! What about… (Listening) Fantastic. I want you to do exactly what he said. We’ll settle this once and for all.

(Cuts off to Reggie)

  • Int. PowerCorp - Elevator

(Cuts to the company’s elevator as we see Roberts is the person Reggie is talking to)

Roberts: Understand. (Closing his phone while smiling)

(However, as the camera turns a 360 we see something happening. We notices Roberts is actually Carla in disguise)

(Cuts off to a very smirky Carla)

  • Ext. GPD Headquarters

(Cuts to the headquarters)

  • Int. Interrogation Room

(Cuts inside the room as we see the man from the previous episode, Charles, Joseph’s driver sitting by the table waiting for the cops; then Detectives Alder and Bourne entering)

Det. Bourne: Mr. Ingles, that’s your name. It would be perfect fit for murder.

Charles: Please, I didn’t kill Mr. Wilden.

Det. Alder: How you know we were talking about him?

Charles: I’m or I should say I was his former driver.

Det. Alder: Former driver who was the last person to ever to see Mr. Wilden.

Charles: And you think I have some reason to be involved in his death.

Det. Alder: We don’t think, we know.

Charles: I didn’t kill him.

Det. Bourne: Alright, but what puzzles me is that he was killed in a car bomb and you were nowhere to be found.

Charles: I had to take break.

Det. Bourne: It must have been a long break. Where were you?

Charles: I was a mile away.

Det. Alder: You could have still witnessed the explosion and report it. Why it took 48 hours to finally come here?

Charles: I didn’t; you forced me here.

Det. Bourne: Listen up Charlie’o boy; we know you had a part in his death. You aren’t going admit, but we know you did it.

Charles: I still don’t know what you are talking about.

(Det. Bourne is about to speak as Charles look at the window knowing he sees someone he knew)

Det. Bourne: We got you as a accessory to murder, and when we have the evidence we are going to bust you.

(Det. Alder gets suspicious as she sees him looking at the observing window; she turns around to think what he is looking at as the only person she think she knows is on the other side is the commissioner)

(Then out of nowhere Charles trying to slip a pill in his mouth shadowy, but Bourne notices it)

Det. Bourne: What the hell was that!?

Det. Alder: (Trying to know what is going on) What is it?

Det. Bourne: He slipped something in his mouth! (To Charles) What you put in your mouth Charles?

Charles: (Smiling and then he begins to shake violently)

Det. Alder: Oh my god! (Getting up)

Det. Bourne: Charles! Shucks! (Getting up)

(Will tries to give pressure on Charles as he is continuing to shake violently and then his mouth begins to foam as Will holds his mouth)

Det. Alder: (Opening the door; screaming) We need a bust, now! (Looking at him) What he take?

Det. Bourne: It’s an L-pill; it contains Potassium Cyanide.

Det. Alder: Great!

(As Will tries to help Charles, what is left of him is gone as he suddenly dies in Will’s arms)

(Commissioner Woods and several Medics arrive)

Comm. Woods: (In total disbelievement and in utter shock) What happened?!

(Megan looks at Will thinking they lost their shot to nab the killer)

(Cuts off to Will carrying a very deceased Charles)

  • Int. Wayne Manor –Study

(Cuts to the manor then study as Bruce and Leo tries to help their friend from making a mistake)

Bruce: Mitch, you don’t understand that those powers are uncontrollable.

Mitch: I do understand, and I don’t have that kind of power.

Leo: Have you met the freaks we met. It seem they been harboring those kind of powers from the Sharper Image catalog.

Mitch: I’m not one of them. I won’t be insane. I can’t understand what is so hard about the power to freeze.

Leo: Do you want me to call Professor X?

Mitch: What I’m the human iceman.

Bruce: Don’t know what the powers you’re holding might turn you into the human snowman.

Mitch: I get it. I come here to let you know my gifts, and you treat me like trash.

Bruce: Come on.

Leo: You know those powers is a condition than a gift.

Mitch: I’m going to prove you wrong. My kind deserves the right to speak their freedom, and if you guys can’t appreciate it, I’ll find someone else who does. (Exits through the door)

Leo: What are we going to do?

Bruce: (Looking at Leo and doesn’t know what to do)

(Fades out)
[Act III ends]


[Act IV]

  • Int. Dr. Rivers’ Office

(Cuts to the office as we see Julie still talking to Dr. Rivers)

Julie: What my father told me about my mother before he left to move to New Zealand; my mother was a struggling actress. She tried so much to do what is best for me.

Dr. Rivers: Have you ever find out why your mother left you?

Julie: No. Til this day, I don’t know why she left me. My father was all I had left, but he left. My aunt on my father’s side is my guardian now. I recently met my uncle months ago, but I soon discovered he was an alcoholic.

Dr. Rivers: Let me guess, he was the person you know that caused the accident. Have you forgiven him?

Julie: I don’t know. But next time he comes to show up, remind me.

Dr. Rivers: Julie, I know how hard seeing your family that separated. Have you have friends to console you.

Julie: Yeah I do. Leo, Jason, Mira, and especially Bruce. (Smiling after she says Bruce’s name)

Dr. Rivers: I feel underneath that darkness you’re in, you found that one sparkle of light.

Julie: (Listening) What you mean?

Dr. Rivers: After you said Bruce’s name, you smiled. Something tells me, you found your light.

Julie: (Trying to understand)

Dr. Rivers: If you concentrate him more your relationship with him, maybe it might be possible for those visions of yours to disappear. However, the only way to make the vision go away forever is to find know who that person who wants you is. Understand that, and using Bruce as your light, I believe you might find your way back to normalcy.

Julie: (Listening to her clearly) Now I understand.

(Cuts off to Julie smiling)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the manor)

  • Int. Study Room

(Cuts to the study as we see Bruce and Leo still trying to figure out what to do about Mitch; then Alfred and Jason enters)

Alfred: Sir, guess who comes to embrace your service once again. (Then exits to the kitchen)

Jason: Thanks Alfred.

Bruce: (Surprised to see Jason) Looks whose back.

Leo: I thought you had a new life with the Romans.

Jason: (Smirking) When in Rome.

(Bruce and Jason reminisce in a friendly, brotherly-like hug)

Bruce: I know I didn’t call you when you came back, but I…

Jason: I understand. (Noticing some wet spots near him) What happened here?

Bruce: I spilled a drink, and it kinda of left a spot.

Jason: Listen, man I need your help.

Bruce: Anything.

Jason: I know this might involve my father, but it seems my father been spied on for days and I thought it was a common enemy. However, when I met with a contact on whose spying on him it leave me with this person. (Giving Bruce a file)

Bruce: (Looking at the file)

(The camera views the file as we see information and a headshot of Reggie King)

Jason: His name is Reggie King.

Bruce: I don’t recall.

Jason: Look at his work life.

Bruce: (Looking at the file and seeing something) Ten years ago he was a Wayne Industries technician, who was mysteriously moved over to PowerCorp and left the field.

Leo: And suddenly he makes a reappearance. That’s strange.

Jason: Yeah, and when my contact also tells me he’s been recruiting others like him, he was forming an activist group.

Leo: For what?

Bruce: (Reading the file) It seems here, King has been secretly involved with the Phoenix chemical.

(Bruce, Leo, and Jason look at each other)

Leo: He must be a Phoenix-infected.

Jason: I tried to access more files of his Pro-Phoenix clan, and all I can find is this file on this frequent follower.

(The camera views the file on Carla Dial)

Leo: It seems she has the power of shapeshifitng.

Jason: I tried to contact my father, but he couldn’t respond. I talk to the security to see where he went, and they tell he went home.

Bruce: (Thinking of something) Wait, you said King has been recruited others like him; you mean others who have powers like him and Carla.

Jason: Exactly. It seems King wants amnesty for all the infected; he want a better life.

Bruce: (To Leo) Just like Mitch said.

Jason: Mitch who?

Leo: He’s a friend of ours. Mitch did said he want to be a better person, and that his powers are gifts.

Jason: It seems he’s praising King’s word.

Bruce: And I think I know who Mitch going to see.

Jason: Let’s go.

(Bruce agreeing and heads out with Jason)

Alfred: What happened?

Leo: The dynamic duo strikes again.

Alfred: (Kinda confuse)

(Cuts off to Alfred)

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to Library as we see Victor drinking his scotch and then Reggie enters)

Reggie: So Victor, what do you want this time?

Victor: I finally agree with your propositions.

Reggie: What propositions? All I wanted is amnesty.

Victor: Yeah, but I look through your papers and you did had one proposition that I wouldn’t experiment on them.

Reggie: Well that is exactly I wanted to tell you.

Victor: You never say, to recruit.

Reggie: (Kinda confused)

Victor: Let me show, Roberts!

Reggie: (Thinking his plan is going to work)

(Roberts enters)

Roberts: I have the person you requested, sir.

Victor: (Pleased) Bring him in.

(Mitch enters and sees Reggie King and Victor Powers)

Mitch: I was here to see Mr. Powers; you were recruiting Phoenix-infected.

Victor: Indeed I did.

Reggie: (Smiling) Fool.

Victor: Me a fool. (Laughing) You want your stupid amnesty, fine. I will agree. You don’t have to persuade me do it for you.

Reggie: You left me no other choice. However, you’re a fool Victor. You should trust the people around you. (Seeing Roberts) Now.

Roberts: (Getting out his gun and then points to Reggie, and shoots)

(The gun fires hitting Reggie’s left shoulder; Reggie stumbles to his right knee on the floor as Mitch is confused)

Mitch: What is going on here?

Reggie: Carla, what in the world.

Roberts: I’m no Carla. But she is.

(Another security officer brings Carla, tied up and gagged)

Reggie: (Shocked and turns to Victor) How?

Victor: Never cross a Powers. I put cameras on the elevator for a reason.

Mitch: Reggie, do you want to save us well save us!

Reggie: (Looking at his potential follower; he holds Mitch’s arm) Protect us, kill Victor Powers.

Mitch: (In the same trance as Victor, grabs Roberts’ gun and punches him)

(Carla bobbles her head back to knock the other security guy out; and unties herself)

Mitch: (Turns the gun towards Victor)

Reggie: Do it! Do it! Make a point for the Phoenix-infected world, Victor Powers must die!

Mitch: (Still pointing the gun to Victor)

Victor: (Doesn’t know what do)

(Cuts off to a surprised and worried Victor)

  • Int. GPD Headquarters – Offices

(Cuts to the headquarters and then to offices as we see, the meds carrying the stretcher with Charles’ deceased body along; the gang watches and ponders what is going on)

Comm. Woods: What really happened in there?

Det. Alder: He took a pill and committed suicide.

Det. Bourne: He knew what happened. And he knew he had a hand in Wilden’s death.

Det. Alder: How can we prove he sabotage the vehicle? With the vehicle burnt without recognition and our main suspect killing himself, we’re deadlocked.

Comm. Woods: And no other leads, this case will be with other thousands of unsolved murders.

Det. Bourne: Even the Wayne murders are still unsolved.

Det. Alder: If I was Bruce, I would punch you. But yeah, it’s still unsolved.

Comm. Woods: There’s nothing for that murder or Joseph Wilden’s murder, so go to another case; and call it a day. (He leaves)

Det. Bourne: And that’s it!?

Det. Alder: Welcome to Gotham City, partner. (Heading to the desk to put other stuff on the Wilden case in the unsolved department)

Det. Bourne: (Disgusted that there is nothing else to do)

(Cuts off to Bourne)

  • Int. Powers Mansion – Library

(Cuts back to the library as we left off as we see Mitch been persuaded by Reggie to kill Victor Powers)

Mitch: (Still holding the gun and pointing at Victor)

Victor: Do it! You want to make a point, so do it! Make the point!

Mitch: (Struggling a little bit)

Reggie: (Touching Mitch’s left shoulder) I trust you; do what is right for our kind. Kill the one person that is trying to destroy it.

Mitch: (Focusing the gun on Victor and is about to pull the trigger)

(All of the sudden, the camera shifts to Bruce and Jason busting in)

Bruce: Mitch, stop!

Mitch: (Looking at Bruce)

Reggie: (Doing the same) Excuse me, who are you?

Bruce: I’m his friend, and I’m not going to let a fraud like you manipulate him to do your dirty work.

Carla: Reggie is no fraud. He’s our leader! He’s our only hope.

Jason: Oh lady, just shut up!

Carla: (Looking at Jason)

Reggie: I’m doing what is necessary for all the Phoenix-infected. We need amnesty from people (Seeing Victor) like him.

Bruce: There are other ways to make a point. You can’t take another person’s life to prove a point; (Seeing Mitch) come man, you’re better than this. I know you think your powers are great, but trusting Reggie is not. He’s willingly to save his own self, than you or Carla.

Carla: Excuse me?!

Reggie: I’m not going stand here to be insulted from a non-Phoenix like you.

Bruce: Want to persuade me. I know that’s your specialty.

Reggie: (Getting upset)

(Victor seeing his chance, he tackles Reggie to the floor; as Bruce tries to grab the gun from Mitch’s hands. Carla tries to save her leader, but Jason grabs her and holds her)

Carla: Let me go!

Jason: I don’t think so! (He tweaks her neck, putting her out unconscious)

(Camera views Reggie and Victor struggling)

Reggie: Leave our kind alone! I’m trying to save them.

Victor: You’re no Jesus.

(Victor then punches Reggie unconscious)

(Camera shifts back to Bruce holding Mitch, as Mitch goes out of his strange trance)

Mitch: What just happened?

Bruce: (Glad its over) Long story. (Seeing Jason)

Jason: (Still holding the unconscious Carla; as he looks to Bruce)

(Shifts back to Bruce)

(Fades out)
[Act IV ends]


[Act V]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts to the foyer as we see Bruce talking to Mitch)

Bruce: Sorry about what went down at the Powers Mansion.

Mitch: That’s okay. Actually it was fault. If I wasn’t so caught up with my fascination of trying to be a better person with these powers, I would have sense King was mostly trying to exploit us to profit himself.

Bruce: You didn’t know. And you should focus on being a better person, not trying to be a different being, but trying to be the same person you was before.

Mitch: I will. But what about you?

Bruce: What about me?

Mitch: Are you going to be same person before your parents died, or you going to be.

Bruce: I was eight. My life changed after that; I don’t know if I can ever be that same person again.

Mitch: If you were me, I would be a new person forget about the past and move on to the future.

Bruce: (Thinking)

Mitch: Well see you, man. (About to head out)

Bruce: Where you going?

Mitch: I’m heading back home trying to reconsider my life. Maybe you should do it too, the summer is almost here. Senior year is among us soon, and after that we are on our own.

Bruce: (Listening to what he had to say)

Mitch: Later. (Waving bye as he heads out)

Bruce: (Waving bye back, and then thinks about what Mitch said about reconsidering his life)

(Cuts off to a pondered Bruce)

  • Int. Dr. River’s Office

(Cuts to the office as we see Dr. Rivers and Julie finishing their meeting)

Dr. Rivers: So you feel that you will be back to normal soon.

Julie: I can and I will.

Dr. Rivers: I know you can. I hope your mother will understand too.

Julie: (Thinking about that and then suddenly flashes back to the past)

  • Int. Flashback

(Cuts to a flashback ten years ago as we see a woman and a twelve year old version of Julie)

(A woman waves at Julie, and then enters in a car and heads out. Julie trying to figure out what is going on and then a man appears next to her)

Man: Let’s go.

(Julie looks at the car carrying the woman away never to be seen again, and she wonders if that was her mother)

  • Int. Dr. River’s Office – Present Day

(Flashes back to the present day as we see Julie a little bit of shock)

Dr. Rivers: You’re okay?

Julie: (Looking at Dr. Rivers and then trying to figure what this flashback is about)

(Cuts off to Julie)

  • Int. Powers Mansion – Library

(Cuts to the mansion then to the library as we see Victor sitting near a fiery fireplace; then we see Roberts entering)

Roberts: Sir, I contacted Quinn from Blackgate.

Victor: Are Reggie and Carla sitting comfortably in their new digs.

Roberts: Precisely, sir.

Victor: Good.

Roberts: And about the papers regarding the Phoenix-infected amnesty…

Victor: I took care of it.

Roberts: Just wondering sir, will you ever consider thinking about it.

(As he heads out)

Victor: Tell Willowbrook, Project 813 is on track and as well Bastion.

Roberts: I will sir. (He heads out)

(The camera shifts to Victor as he looks to the flames of the fire, and then he holds the papers Roberts were talking about)

Victor: (Looking at them and saying something to himself) Amnesty, I don’t think so. (He then throws the papers into the fire)

(Cuts off as we see the papers burning rapidly, then to Victor smiling as the song “Second Chance” by Shinedown plays in the background)

  • Int. Wayne Manor - Study

(Cuts to the study room as we see Bruce looking at the portrait of his parents and his seven year old self as the song “Second Chance” continues to play)

Bruce: (Looking at the portrait and remembering what Mitch said about reconsidering his life)

(Then Bruce hears a voice)

Voice: You will never let that image go, huh?!

(Bruce turns around and we notices its Jason)

Jason: I figure losing two parents with a single gun is very hard to forget.

Bruce: That’s an image I will never forget. So what are you doing here?

Jason: Just to let you know Reggie and Carla will sing their “I’m your savior” act in Blackgate.

(The song continues)

Bruce: What about his persuasion power?

Jason: The prison docs got something special for him. I think he won’t persuade anyone from that prison to get him out or to join him. How’s Mitch?

Bruce: He’s doing fine. He knew he messed up, so he decided to reconsider his life. Which to me is not a bad idea?

Jason: What you mean? You want to reconsider your life?

Bruce: I have no happiness in my past; I felt I done things for my parents, and not for me.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Bruce: I want to move on, and the best thing to move on is taking an offer from the Wayne Industries board.

Jason: What offer?

Bruce: A personal executive advisor.

Jason: Just working in that field is not good. Bruce don’t take that offer; those are sharks in that water that is going to demolish you.

Bruce: First off, I know about the sharks. And second, I already decided.

Jason: (Smiling) You declined.

(The song reaching to the end)

Bruce: Actually, I took the offer. I want to reconsider my life, and I decided I’m doing this for myself, not for my parents.

Jason: Are you speaking crazy right now. If you go to that field, you will be a walking target for scrutiny; you not even old enough…

Bruce: I’ll learn.

Jason: You’re not ready. If your father…

Bruce: That’s the thing, like you, I’m not my father.

Jason: (Don’t know what to do, so he gives up shaking his head in disappointment and walks out)

(The camera zooms away as we see Bruce thinking he knows what he is doing as we see the portrait of his parents behind him as the song “Second Chance” ends)

(Fades out)
[Act V ends]


Featured music

  • "Second Chance" - Shinedown


  • Open means which is not closed; accessible; unimpeded; as, an open gate; public; as, an open letter, an open declaration; candid, ingenuous, not subtle in character.
  • In this episode, Reggie King opens up to the public trying to fight for the Pheonix-infected.
  • Bruce opens up about his future and makes a decision that could redefine him.
  • Julie opens up to Dr. Rivers about her dreams.


  • Antagonist: Reggie King
  • First time the Wayne Industries board has been seen in the series. They will have a more prominent role in this season starting in this episode.
  • By accepting the role offered by Gideon, this will be the first time Bruce has ever had a active role inside his father's company.
  • We also get to see an appearance of the PowerCorp board.
  • With Joseph Wilden's death happened back in Happenstance and his father's, Robin's death, back in Avalon, both the Wildens are both killed by assassins ordered yet from an unknown source.
  • This is the first time Julie sought counseling on her dreams and her accident. This is the second time Dr. Rivers has been the consultant. Dr. Rivers consoled Victor back in Degree.
  • Leo mentioned the dynamic duo describing Bruce and Jason's team-up. The Dynamic Duo is a term populated in the Batman lore regarding the relationship between Batman and Robin.
  • One of the theme's in this episode focuses on Bruce reexamining what his life could be and what choices he can make, while reminiscing his parent's death.
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