this is a video-game starring batman & his origins.


  • 1- Bats goes to investigate a crime-bosses rampage, he accidently knocks him into a vat of acid maing... The Joker!
  • 2- Bats checks out this lab, a mad scientist creates an evil brute out of a scrawny young weakling, now known as... Bane!
  • 3 - A twisted young man gets no attention and needs it. craves it. obsessed with riddles, he names himself... The Riddler!
  • 4 - Joker returns and murders Robin, aka Jason Todd, but he comes back as... The Red Hood!
  • Note: 30 other levels are planned.


  • Batman
  • Nightwing - Playable for a few levels.

Rogues Mode

Batman or Nightwing have to take down classic batman villains. The missions are listed here.

  • The Croc's Wrath
  • Lets Celebrate
  • Scared?
  • The Cat's 9 Lives
  • Joke's On You
  • The Joker's Girl
  • The Bane Against Humanity
  • Under The Red Hood
  • Two-Faced
  • Plant Panic
  • The First Cut
  • Black Mask Unmasked
  • Clayfaced
  • The Final Mission - Take Down Darksied! (Cameos: Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Clue Master.)
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