Clay Edward Pawntane, aka Pain was a mob-thug who worked for Ironik. He was later a test-subject for stolen Venom, but this Venom was unstable, so Clay became a brainless strong-man who worked only for Ironik and his gang, The King Kards.


Early Life

Clay's father was in the original King Kards gang, and one day, his dad was caught, and, watching from a far, 4-year-old Clay watched cops shoot down his dad. Clay promised himself he'd avenge his dad. After his mom had a heart-attack, he went to an orphanage. He was weak and the other kids picked on him, and the people who worked at the orphanage were always rude to him. One day, he ran away and became homeless. After 3 months on his own, Ivan R. Nikk, his fathers former boss and the mobster known as Ironik, took him in to train him to be better then his father. At the age of 20, he became an official member of The King Kards.

The Bat

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